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April, 2019

Kitty hawk, flying cars and the challenge of going 3D

Future growth of global pod taxi market for key players

Article about Micro Grids - fast growing interest and activity is being observed

Uber uses push alerts to crack down on fake driver problem

A jetson's future? Assessing the role of flying cars in a sustainable future

The smart transportation dispatch from Carnegie Mellon U

Micro transit for general public demand-responsive transit

Movel wants to create single transit appto use anywhere in the nation

March, 2019

The Green New Deal should be on wheels

Info about performance, profits and losses that compare Uber and Lyft

Masdar city unveils first autonomous transport system - fleet of 7 autonomous shuttles

The future for electric vehicles - a few opinions

Tesla and the Green New Deal point the way tio a sustainable future

How utility companies can lead the EV revolution and still make money

The potential pitfalls of sucking CO2 from the atmosphere to make a low carbon fuel

Boring company gets nod fromLas Vegas authorities

Policy and society related implications of automated driving: literature review and directions for future research

The unihabital earth - article about a new book by Wallace-Wells

Article: Deep Adaptation: a map for navigating climate tradegy

Carnegie Mellon'sSmart Transportation Dispatch

Green New Deal vs. a Carbon Tax: a clash between action options for reducing carbon emissions

Process for converting CO2 into a clean fuel for use in conventional cars showing great promise

30 reasons to buy an electric car

Masdar wins mobility award for innovative mobility initiatives, PRT ridership reaches 2 million trips since inception

Climate change is cutting deeply into the global fish catch and it's likely to get worse

February, 2019

Carnegie Mellon U, Smart Transportation Dispatch

Planning for autonomous vehicles: forthcoming short course, U of Toronto

Chinese government policies designed to stimulate purchase of electric cars

PRT solution for Glasgo airport attacked by train interests in Scotland

Real time integrated and connected: the bright, app-based future of public transport

As more EV's arrive, what's the future for gas-powered engines?

California high speed rail and the American infrastructure tragegy, explained

A tiny Swiss company (and others) hope to capture large quantities of CO2 from our air and help reduce the likelihood of catastrophic climate change - very long.

The future of air mobility will be a shared airspace

Final version of the Green New Deal resolution , 14 pages, transportation section on pages 8 and 9, scroll down to get to it

Passenger pods to replace Glasgo airport rail link

January, 2019

Glasgo airport to study adding a PRT link to connect with a nearby rail station

Link to Caltstart 2030 Clean Transportation summit,information and agenda,  March 2019

New transportation newsletter announced by Wired Magazine - signup available

Uber incentivies drivers to switch to EVs

as self driving cars stall, players revive an old approach

Transit's death spiral, by Randal O'Toole: about RTD in Colorado

Self-driving car company  targets retirement communities

Equity, teamwork, key to enabling flying taxis' in cities

TMC to fast track pod car project, study feasibility report (India)

Transit X PRT system could soon come tometro Atlanta

High speed trains coming to the US soon

9December, 2018

Presentations and proceedings from Maglev 2018, an international conference held in Russia

Pod taxis as metro feeders? Karnataka government revives controversial project

China races ahead with 5G installations and testing

Article about Elon Musk - Inside the giga factory (long)

Should you buy a hydrogen car? Answer these simple questions first.

Link to a video of a very fast ride in Musk's tunnel in LA - hoping to reduce surface congestion

LA Metro signs letter of intent to begin construction negotiations on Dodger Stadium aerial tram project

International Transport Forum report: mobilizing private investment in infrastructure, investment de-risking and uncertainty

The future of transit - PRT vs Maglev

Can the world produce enought cobalt for EV batteries?

Pod taxi project scrapped in Bengaluru, India

How the EPA rates an Electric Car

Coal is on the way out, natural gas is next

Solar-powered automated transit - its time is now

November, 2018

Solar-powered automated transit - its time is now

Evolutionary vanadium batteries showing promise for EV and other opplications

Autonomous vehicles are coming and there is no roadmap (yet)

7 interesting electric cars at Chinese auto show

Hamburg now en route to an emission-free bus fleet in 2030

Big and bold visions by the dozen: MTC and ABAG announce transformative project finalists (California)

Cities around the country are piloting low speed automated shuttles: Volpe state of the practice report

PodCar dreams: the new age commuting plan for Thane City (India)

Why automakers try to slow and stifle the EV revolution

Ford buys electric scooter company to provide customers a first-last mile solution

Graz declaration: starting a new era, clean, safe and affortable mobility in Europe

Automated transit applications: real world examples - Contact author at  rliu.njit@edu for a link to copy

Fossil fuel money crushed clean energy ballot initiatives across the country

China is crushing Europe's electric car dreams

Connected and automated vehicles news digest

October, 2018

EV charging infrastructure moves toward interoperability

End of driving workshop, DEc. 6, Missisauga, ON

Aare hydrogen-powered  trains likely in the future?  (already being used in Germany)

The world's leading electric car visionary isn't Elon Musk

Apple patents self-driving electric cars foorming peloton

Reliance expects to build India's first Sky Tran PRT project

The dirt on electric car batteries

REliance industries acquires a 12.7% stake in the SkyTrans PRT company

New BRT vehicles unveiled as operators call for fewer private cars

Bids wanted: Agency to study soon how to link Jewar airport with Delhi

Self-driving taxis hit the road in Dubai

Does Bell's eVTOL patent point to a coming patent war in new electric air?

WEbinar: Autonomous vehicle assignment and routing in congested transportation networks: Oct 25

Taping algae and plant waste to fuel a sustainable energy fture

Record breaking European mobility week participation in 2018

September, 2018

Inside the secret conference to launch flying cars

Californians to try to kill high-speed rail project by referendum

Skydrive: flying cars pique interest of Jpaenese Government

Ford's city of tomorrow challenge - funding opportunity

Self-driving cars can handle neither rain, nor sleet nor snow at present

World's first hydrogen powered electric train takes off - in Germany

To solve flying car's biggest problem, tie them to power lines

Fisker planning to bring fully autonomous shuttle to the US in 2019 for first/last mile service applications

Stackable 'cars of the future" unveiled in Scotland

Atanlata Airport leaders urge officials develop better transit service : PRT a possibility

Driverless trucks and the future of the American trucker

Skytran pod transport system approved in Netanya, Israel

White Paper: /The Future Car - driving a lifestyle revolution

Sanity in the Valley of the Sun: evaluation of rail transit in Phoenix

August, 2018

The location and design of intermodal stations for a high speed ground gransportation system

A day in the life of a Waymo driverless taxi

Press release: Freedom Transit update

Germany has proven that the modern automobile must die

Link to ultra high-speed ground transportation study, CH2Mhill did for Washington DOT, Feb. 2018, 93 pp.

New study to consider potential for one-hour trips from Seattle to Vancouver BC and Portland

A new way to store electrical energy - using a crane and concrete blocks - surprising efficient

Excellent video illustrating what a  Metrino PRT application could b e like inDubhi

Getting railroaded by the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce

Carnegie Mellon U: The smart transportation dispatch

Is geofencing the answer to cities electric scooter challenges ?

PRT at West Va U has resumed service after update

Rooting for scooters

The dispersed American city - beyond monocentric and polycentric urban forms - major transport implications

Update from the Swedish General Transportation System Foundation.

China's empire of money is reshaping global trade - including a new Silk Road

Can Waymo's self-driving cars help fix phoenix's public transit?

Shaxian, China, agrees to build a JPods solar-powered mobility network

July, 2018

City Lab: Parking has eaten American cities : five examples

Waymo hints at self-driving expansion into delivery and public transit

Transportation is now the third most vulnerable sector exposed to cyberattacks

First-Last mile solved: Free shuttle buses have found their place in busy cities

How cars divide America

Atlanta Aerotopolis CID's studying best transit options for next 20 years

EU Auditor's high speed rail criticisms: lessons for North America and Australia

4th international conference on future mobility, 7-9 November, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Hyperloop explained

Home from the honeymoon, the self driving car industry faces reality

Sunning and Baidu Appolo unveil a "micro Car" antonomous delivery van

Baidu just made 100th autonomous bus ahead of commercial launch in China

Toronto to experiment with driverless shuttle to connect residents to transit stations

Self-driving bikes in Seattle: another type of PRT

Autonomous vehicles will clog cities unless lawmakers step up: Study

We were told their would be Pod Cars - what happened?

June, 2018

Bengaluru's Pod Taxi Plan Gains Steam, but at the cost of a Metro line

New non-profit association launched to promote Mobility as a Service (MaaS) in the USA

Public transit is in decline in many wealthy cities

New booK,  End of Driving: Transportation Systems and Public Policy Planning for Autonomous Vehicles, 1st edition, 332 pages

Superway PRT video from engineering students at San Jose State University

How the Koch brothers are trying to kill public transit projects in the US

The bike share war is shaking up Seattle like nowhere else

Economist article: The market for driverless cars will trend towards monopoly

Atlanta takes a gamble on transit expansion despite declining use

Transit workers take concerns about driverless busses to City Hall in Columbus Ohio

Larry Pages flying car project suddenly seems rather real

The Smart Transportation Dispatch: Carnegie Mellon University

It's decades past time to get a transit project rolling in Miami region

Harvard Business Review: How Ford is thinking about the future

May, 2018

Transportation in the age of AI and predicitive analytics, June 4, presentation at the Volpe Center

Enjoy the lines at Disneyland? You'll love Elon Musk's idea for transit

Opinion: Amtrak is in turmoil, Randal O'Toole

Opinion: Mass transit is collapsing everywhere, Randal O'Toole

Link to Terratrans Transit and Terraplane website

https://www.wired.com/story/vehicle of the future is a bike

FTA's Strategic Transit Automation Research Plan, 262 pp.

Why Nashville said "no thanks" to public transit proposal

Texas gets it first self-driving car service

Gothenburg, Sweden - first self-driving bus  being tested in real traffic

How IoT- enabled infrastructure will revolutionize public transit

Should supply and demand determine the price for a fast commute?: about tolling policy

April, 2018

WSJ - States that raise taxes and tolls may have an edge in getting US DOT funds

Frst/last mile pod car project proposed in Indian city, Metrino PRT technology suggested

The smart transportation dispatch from Carnegie Mellon Univ.

Self driving Pods to be trialled in the Lake District National Park in the UK-using upgraded Ultra vehicles

Koch brothers group begins ad blitz against Nashville transit referendum week before election

Automated Driving Systems conference, Washington, D.C. June 19-20

FHWA makes available $60 million for advanced transportation technology grants

Nashville's hopeless rail transit proposal

Autonomous parking at Hamburg Airport aims to take stress out of  finding a space

Roadmap 11 - nations largest and most advanced conference on electric and smart mobility, Portland, OR, June19-20

Largest ever ($4.9 billion) city pact for LAX people-mover, Bombardier technology

The CA high speed rail 2018 business plan - a classical model of deception

China's built a solar road so smart it will be able to charge your car

25th ITS World Conference, Copenhagen, 17-21 September, Theme: Quality of LIfe

Self-driving pods could be the future of urban transport in Greenville, S.Carolina

March, 2018

Austran's rapid transit vehicle prototype sold at auction in Australia

Tolls on downtown streets? Seattle mayor pushes plan to cut traffic, greenhouse gases

Sun Trax test facility for testing a variety of innovative transport and mobility concepts is underway in Florida

Bestmile platform enables multiple mobility services - new website provides details

Orange County, Calif, looks to microtransit to bridge ridership gaps in LA

Pod taxi project for Bangalor put on hold for now, as an election is pending

Emerging Technologies: Impacts on Transportation and Development, Pittsburgh, PA, July 15 -18

Secrets of flying cars, hyperloop tube travel,  google's driverless fleet  and PRT revealed at SXSW in Austin, TX

Elon Musk does a 180 on mass transit and makes Hyperloop buses his first priority

China's new maglev train, designed for urban and regional applications,  to roll off production line

Charging large numbers of electric cars is likely to challenge grid capacity in some cases

California's bullet train is going to be way, way more expesive

How a new transit system  could hobble Montreal

What's a proton battery? Three things you need to know

New video from Sky Tran, 2.4 minutes, quite different from previous videos.

Renault's new EV concept car, EZ-GO, hopes to change car-pooling forever

The future of public transportation could be tested in Leominster or Fitchburg, MA. with transit X PRT

Why we should fix existing infrastructure first

Climate leadership awards - lots of funding opportunities for low-carbon transport developments, testing and eventual applications

ITS America urges Congress to prioritize Intelligent transportation technologies

New California bullet train business plan will show higer costs


February, 2018

Miami-Dade now plans Personal Rapid Transit for beach link

10 breakthrough technologies - the list for 2018 by MIT's technology review

Tech envisions the ultimate start-up, an entire city

Moovit, Mobileye to transform transportation together

Studies are increasingly clear: Uber and Lyft congest cities

Autonomous cars are about to transform the suburbs

The Future of Mobility - extensive website by Deloitte.com

German court defers ruling on banning diesel cars in cities

German cities to trial ambitious free public transit plans to improve ridership and reduce air pollution

Moovit raises $50 million to expand it's global urban mobility operating system

Is Autonomous transit ever going to be a reality?

Next-Future transportation - autonomous, modular and electric - link to their website

Dubai tests the world's first autonomous mobility pods, from Next-Future

The hydrogen economy may become feasible after all

Didi Chuxing took on Uber and won. Now its taking on the world

Arrivo, a startup located in LA, promises the end of traffic in Denver and other cities

Trump's infrastructure plan is out and controversy is rampant!

D.C. mayor lays out the welcome mat for self-driving cars

Two barriers that keep pop culture from embracing public transportation

World transport convention, Beijing, June 18-21, submit papers for presentation by March 15

AXIOS scoop: Read  the draft White House infrastructure plan (see part II).

Uber, the "metropocalypse", and inequality in D.C.

Uber-Waymo trial reveals curthroat race to control future of transportation

Calstart Clean Transportation Summit - California 2030, Sacramento, CA. March 260-27 (see agenda)

Climate leadership conference, Denver,CO,  Feb. 28 (see agenda, Track 3)

January, 2018

Ford patents driverless police car that ambushes lawbreakers using AI

Five reasons  for a driverless car slowdown

 Experts give blessing to 600 km/hr maglev project in China

Proposal for high speed, 16 lane, 100 mile freeway in China

Soaring costs threaten California's bullet train

267 million available to support transport projects in the EU

The potential pitfalls of electric cars, in 5 charts (Wired magazine)

Producing hydrogen from sea water could benefit the use of fuel cells in Japanese EVs

Masdar and Dept. of Transportation to conduct study of autonomous transport options

On demand car-sharing project, Poppy, launches in Antwerp

Mountain View, California, considers driverless transit system to fight traffic congestion

Automakers and policy makers may be on a path to EVs, but consumers aren't

Agenda: Calstart Clean Transportation Summit, Sacramento, Ca., March 26-27

The Coming Transit Apocalypse (by R. O'toole from the Cato Institute)

Safety advocates say not so fast on driverless cars

Japanese automakers fight for hydrogen fuel cells, instead of lithium batteries

Beijing's 608 km of subway lines (one is driverless) strive to meet rising public demand

Work begins on Central Chine maglev test line

More tenders to be floated for pod taxies: BBMP chief

How an automated car platoon works

Bengaluru PRT project update: ties with George included in single bid considered a liability

King George's partner makes a silent bid for Bengaluru's pod of gold (India)

Navistar aims to have more E-trucks on the road than Tesla by 2025

Denver mayor's anti-car agenda doubles down on failed policies (O'Toole)

Will autonomous vehices be able to handle all diriving conditions?

How could AI help to alleviate major traffic congestion problems?

Comparing aircraft safety issues with driverless car safety issues (Bloomberg article)

December, 2017

Yes, smartphone use is probably behind the spike in driving deaths (Slate article)

Link to the sustaniable city website - located in Dubai

Driving the future - on the cusp of a car revolution - San Francisco Chronicle series

Pod taxis in NCR (India) useful, but no magic pill for decongestion due to limited capacity


Navigation apps are turning quiet neighborhoods into traffic nightmares

Rethink X: forecasting the most likely consequential disruptions of transportation in history, between 2020 and 2030

Leveraging the  space above our heads and the emergent eVTOL market

Eight smart transport start-ups selected for new intelligent mobility accelerators in the UK

Pod Taxis: Indian government to call for fresh expressions of interest this month

Gulf region sparks hybrid airship renaissance at Dubai 2017 airshow

Elon Musk vs. the Monorail (from Slate magazine, lots of comments

Noida, India, seeks green modes of transport for airport link

Ban the bike from cities? - have cities made a big mistake promoting cycling?

IVU and Best Mile Launch Autonomous Mobility Solution for Public Transit

Prospects for a short ride home in Bengaluru, India

https://newscenter.io/2017/12/transportation-startup-closes 6.5 million $ investment

$560 million project for aerial cabs mooted for Turango, New Zealand

Nissan to trial robo-taxis in Japan

California legislator working on a bill that would ban gas-powered cars by 2040

Update on the Honolulu light rail disaster - proposal to stop it now in the middle and use other connecting technologies to complete the route

November, 2017

LA Councilman wants to expidite the permits needed for Musk's underground high speed transport system

To see the future of cities, watch the curb - yes the curb

Arizona tech towns open to AV testing on city streets

A bus-shunning Texas town's  big leap to Microtransit

Uber orders 24,000 autonomous cars from Volvo

India to float tender for driverless pod project in December  for New Delhi

Denver has a coming transit apocalypse

Pod taxis to be a reality in Bengaluru by 2019

Taxi Pods may come to Bengaluru faster than BBMP can fix the potholes?

The owner of Volvo just acquired a flying car company

LST Urban: specialist in cable transport, French company, website in English

Bengaluru to have futuristic pod taxis? BBMP floatestender

Some Uber drivers in Lagos using fake GPS app to inflate rider's fares

Bill Gates is buying land in AZ for building a "smart city" west of Phoenix. with about 80,000 housing units

It's the last stop on the Light Rail transit gravy train, Op Ed by Randall O'Toole

Self-driving taxi service from Waymo to begin shortly in Chandler, AZ  (Phoenix region)

Uber's plan to launch flying cars in LA in 2020 really could take off

Forecast by Bob Lutz: Everyone will have 5 years to get their car off the road or sell it for scrap

Personal Rapid Transit, current systems, outlook and pros and cons

Link to Volumes.com - The electric vehicle world sales database

Uber's goal is not to operate alongside public transit, but to replace it

The infinite suburb - they must be joking - book critique

World's first virtual train track unveiled in central China - includes a video

October, 2017

Seattle's Sound Transit accused of deceiving voters and in new State Senate report

LA looks to rideshare to build future of public transit - seeks proposals

The many problems with Autonomous Vehicles

Alphabet invests $1 billion in Lyft

Conference announcement: International Conference on Automated Peoplemovers, Tampa, Florida, Apr. 29-May 2, 2018

Richard Branson's group invests in Hyperloop 1 - some observers are quite skeptical and offer their criticisms

Read about industry trends in the fuel cell technologies market, numerous transportation applications under study

Autonomous bus trial starts in Cambridge, Enngland

How Artificial Intelligence will impact transportation

PodCarCity Conference Newsletter, #3, Las Vegas, November 8-10, includes full program info, 10 pp.

Link to new website for System 21, lower-cost, two-way travel on an elevated  Monobeam,uses mid-size vehicles

What kind of collaboration does there need to be between operators, authorities and 3rd parties to ensure MaaS becomes a widespread reality?

PSA of France's Free2Move is a prelude to a full-blooded U.S.return - starting in Portland and Seattle

Bangalor Mirror article: BBMP gets IISC OK, will roll out the PRT pods

Webinar: Learn how INREX roadway analytics improves mobility with highly granular transportation data - Oct. 18

Press Release: NVIDIA announces world's first AI computer to make robotaxis a reality

Of moon shots and shuttles: introducing Olli, it's ready to change the way we view urban transportation

Inrex study of traffic contgestion hot-spots in 25 American cities

Bay Area Monitor article: Autonomous Vehicles Gain Momentum in CA, see pages 3 -5

September, 2017

The Rise of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) - includes details of an ongoing demonstration in Finland

Forward Pinellas, Florida, transportation form features a SkyTran project

Associate Administrator Vincent Valdes, Federal Transit Administration of the US DOT: Research, Demonstration and Innovation

Video: National Press Club: Transportation Experts Envision City of the Future

Trump administration slams the breaks on self-driving cars

The future of transportation was once a PRT system in West Va., by poorly informed author

World's largest airplane fires up all six engines for the first tiime

Link to: PodCar City conference newsletter #2 with lots of details, Nov. 8-10, Las Vagas

US DOT announces $500 million funding opportunity through TIGER program, Oct. 16 is deadline for applications

Gurugram, Vatanasi and Nagpur in Indian competition for pod taxi pilot

China to ban sale of fossil fuel cars in electric vehicle push - may join France and the UK

China's planned supersonic maglev transport in evaculated tubes

U of TExas_Austin_PRT_Study now available for your review_ 118 pp.

"Netflix of transportation" is a trillion $ market by 2030 - Finland startup leading the way forward (Transportation as a Service)

RethinkX report: Rethinking transportation 2020-2030, disruption, implications and choices, 77 pp,

August, 2017

Elon Musk is about to test his tunneling tech under LA - also see the Why Tunneling FAQ from the Boring Company

Metrino calls off partnership with Indian firm on pod taxi project

Pod car project in India solves funding problem to begin evaluation of PRT proposals from three contenders (Bengaluru)

Link to Transitx Handbook with details for those interested in the specific attributes of the technology - 27 pp.

Will Donald Trump expose america's great MASS TRANSIT hoax?

Hawaii legislature wants the truth about the seriously over-budget  light rail project - will have public hearing - hoping to find it

IISc scientists to decide fate of pod taxis for Bengaluru, India

Beijing's first maglev train goes into trial operation, set to open to public by end of 2017

How the internet of things is transforming transit - enabling mobility on demand

GM's robocar service drives employees around SF fo free

New generation medium-low speed maglev train completes 120 kph speed test in Cnina

NHAI to program to put city on fast track includes 13-km PRT project, RFQ's issued and under evaluation

TransLoc simulator helps cities test the feasibility of on-demand micro-transit

How driverless cars could generate reduced revenue for cities from parking tickets and meters

Link to video: How to Fix Traffic forever, 684.216 views so far, 11 minutes

Jacksonville Transportation Authority summary report on their Urban Circulator project - shows interest in a dualmode capability

July, 2017

The  Great Train Robbery - discussion of the future funding and future of conventional transit, 44 pp.

Announcement: 24th International Maglev conference, Sept. 4-7, St. Petersburg, Russia

Sky Way (formerly Unitskiy String) video displays current status - in English

Update 1.9 provides some new capabilities for the Podaris PRT system design planning software

Railplane test achieves a zero headway exit of the middle vehicle in a three vehicle consist - a historical first ; see video and Railplane website for details

Conventional transit's precipitous decline, by Randal O'Tool

Amaravati (a planned city in India) team visits and studies Chinese maglev trains

Some cities are subsidizing Uber rides to cut public transportation costs and to better serve firs/last mile (door-to-door) travel

White paper that describes and illustrates the Superway suspended and solarized PRT development poject at San Jose State University in California, 24 pp, 2017-03-04

Study paints perilous future for 50 credible automakers competing to make driverless cars

US DOT, FHWA:  2016 Report on urban congestion trends, includes comparisons with 2015

Business Insider: 11 futuristic vehicles that could fundamentally transform how we travel; SkyTran is included

Call for papers, 9th International Monorail Association Annual Conference, Beijing, China, September 8-9

Automation and smart cities: are expectations realistic?:  2getthere white paper, 7 pp.

Special issue on Low Carbon Mobility, International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, 6 articles

Comparing the effectiveness of automated shared taxis and an existing bus transit system in Ann Arbor, MI

Traffic congestion is counter-intuitive, and fixable, Access magazine, U of CA, Berkeley

Ridesourcing's impact and role in urban transportation, Access magazine, U of Ca, Berkeley

Moovit wants its crowdsourced mapping data to transform public transportation

Flytrex planning to to manages drone delivery from store to door

China's vision for a straddling bus dissolves in scandal and arrests

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) app aims to fulfill customer's mobility needs (e.g. how to get from A to B) with a monthly subscription service

Ajman, United Arab Emirates,  aims to build the world's largest PRT/GRT transport system: vehicles to be built in India

June, 2017

How to reduce congestion, an idea that will not die, by Ed Anderson

BART completes $1.4 million installation of security cameras on  every train

Finding Dora: the EU sponsored door-to-door travel app for airline passengers

Conference announcement: Pod Car City and Advanced Transit, Las Vegas, November 8-10

$7,800 electric microcar coming soon to Europe from China

Preparing for the Infinite Suburb: a Q and A with Joel Kotkin and Alan Berger about a book they are writing

A first look a our Waymo self-driving Chrysler Pacifica hybrid minivans

MIT launches new 3-year study entitled Mobility of the Future, 8 focus areas, global scope, part of the MIT Energy Initiative, overall goal is reduction of GHG emissions

3 Reasons why ultramodern transportation technology isn't practical: article in US News and World Report

Call for papers, Monorailex, 2017, International Monorail Association, Sept 7-9, Bejing Jiaotong University

Patent infringement is being investigated by Canadian company, regarding BYD's Skyrail Monorail

Link to short video that shows BYD 's Chinese Skyrail monorail in operation - selling well in China, 28 Chinese cities have indicated interest, world-wide market anticipated

Why monorails are the future (really this time) - Bloomberg

LA Mayor Garcetti thinks a monorail over the 404 Freeway could tame traffic gridlock - planning trip to China to evaluate Chinese monorail

Transportation Infrastructure: Notice of Review of Policy, Guidance and Regulation : from the US DOT, opportunity to submit suggestions for revisions

Pod Taxi for an Indian City: A reality or bubble? - SkyTRan, Jpods, 2gethere and Metrino have expressed interest to RFI

World's first rail- less train unveiled in Hunan, China, triple articulated bus

Alphabet is making a drone tracking system to one day manage a sky full of flying robots

MIT's Climate CoLab has opened 7 new competitions, one is focused on transportation, submissions accepted until September 10, 2017

US  DOT discussion paper: Early Involvement of private investors in long-term public-private partnership concession options

Boston discovers Bus Rapid Transit - dramatic station design competition results provided

Beach Tran proposes a PRT system for Clear Water, Florida, as solution to difficult access problems, favors Sky Tran technology

World's largest airplane rolled out - designed to fling satellites into orbit, a Paul Allen project

Dendera and Beach Tran sign a MOU for PRT Transit in Florida - also looking for projects in other cities in the US

May, 2017

The death of diesel: has the one time wonder fuel become the new asbestos?

Video: World's first all electric VTOL Jer Tested - are flying cars here?

Pod Taxi back on track, BBMP in India, issues a global tender, deadline for bids is June 1.

Mapped: The top 263 companies racing toward autonomous cars

Link to: Rethinking transportation 2020-2030: The disruptiion of transport and the collapse of the I-C vehicle and the oil industries

TEd TAlk video - an Elon Musk interview - about 41 minutes, on boring tunnels  for underground high speed vehicles under urban areas

Report: Three revolutions in urban transportation - how to achieve the full potential of EVs, automation and shared mobility, 41 pp

A jobs-centric approach to infrastructure investment - rating projects by their jobs-producing potential

Report on Measuring and Communicating Mobility situations and Issues in Washington D.C., 21 pp

Ontario's Solutions 2030 Challenge Accepting Applications, up to $7 million in total funding available

Congress should approve Trump's effort to stop funding transit boondoggles

Open the window? No, close it - discussion of in-vehicle air pollution - much worse that you probably know

April, 2017

Two videos from Elon  Musk's Boring Company (tunnels to reduce urban congestion). Click HERE and HERE to see them

Japan bets on a hydrogen-fueled future, from Scientific American magazine

Searching for a sustainable fleet of driverless taxis by simulating and evaluating alternative fleet management strategies - 89 pp

Waymo's early rider program to begin operations with driverless cars in the Phoenix, AZ, region

BART train takeover by swarm of 50-60 teens, passengers robbed

Practices for evaluating the economic impacts and benefits of transit, 85 pp.

Honda will do nearly anything to get you into a hydrogen car

Middle-to-low speed Chinese maglev trains scheduled to be delivered this year, for domestic applications

New patent obtained: Feather Rail - for vehicles that use a single rail at ground level

The Last Mile, connecting workers to employment locations that conventional bus/rail transit doesn't serve.

Moyers and Company: A better way to fund infrastructure?

American Council of Engineering Companies, Annual Convention, Washington, D.C, April 23-26, to get ready for massive infrastructure effort

More details about JacksonVille's interest is extending their Sky Way system to provide service to many additional locations using dirverless buses

TRB's Transit Ideas program to provide funding support for transit innovations with  grants up to $100,000

Jacksonville, FL, considers dual mode approach to upgrade their old  Sky Way, elevated,  people mover

Link to information about French Sea Bubble designed for use in rivers

Futran news from South Africa - PRT system under development, envisions applications in many African cities

Reduce SF Bay area commuting by 25% - a winner in the FAst Company World Changing Ideas competition

Just released: 2011 PRT study for the U of Texas at Austin, 118 pages, 43 MB, pdf format, very extensive and detailed

16th TRB National Transportation Planning Applications Conference, Raleigh, NC, May 14-18, (see program)

March, 2017

Travel in Britian in 2035: future scenarios and their implications for technology innovation: RAND research report, 4.6 MB

Hover Train development announcement (translation from Dutch)

Why will self-driving cars fail?

UC-Davis academics discuss three revolutions they claim are turning the transportation world upside down

Hyperloop Technologies - Crowdstorm Documention - extensive examination of key issues that require solutions, 76 pages

How pedestrians will defeat autonomous vehicles - Scientific American article

Superconducting maglev train concept between  D.C. & Baltimore -- and beyond, still active

Video: Hyperloop 1 planning to offer dualmode service - using autonomous vehicles for first/last mile connections (see last 5 minutes for this news)

Advanced Transit Association newsletter for March

Dubai set to  get 2getthere 2.5 k automated shuttle bus system

Elon Musk envisions digging lots of tunnels as the "only" way to reduce urban roadway congestion

Robot cars with no human driver could hit California roads in 2018

How a a failed experiment in Kansas City could still represent the future of public transit

2016 Republican Platform includes their intentions to phase out Federal transit programs and end Federal support for California's high speed rail boondoggle - see page 5.

USDOT Secretary Chao says US drivers may face more tolls to raise infrastructure funds (scroll down for article)

Ann Arbor, Michigan, is fighting traffic congestion with software - and winning

Central Chinese cities to build more maglev lines

HoverDNA: New online magazine launched for self-balancing bikes, scooters, electric bikes and electric skateboards

February, 2017

Tiny 'engine' turns natural gas into hydrogen

2getthere press release: Delivering the first autonomous vehicle on public roads without a steward - scroll down to 1st on public road for the link.

Arrival of electric cars likely to be far faster than previously forecast -  preparations needed - click on Topics > Business

West Coast Rail Conference, LA, Feb 28-Mar 2.

To win the war aginst cars, San Francisco "weaponizes" real estate

Chariot commuter service competes directly with conventional mass transit, now in several cities, recently acquired by Ford

Ford's new "hub" beneath the World Trade Center highlights a transport future beyond cars

SkyTran plans to finance and build 1 km demo system in India with its own funds

The Self-Driving Car's bicycle problem

Virigina Beach residents explore post-light rail options including PRT

January, 2017

Three PRT companies invited to conduct a 1 km demonstration of their system in India: Metrino, SkyTran and ULTra Global

Winners of student level hyperloop contest announced: Delft University team won first place

Hyper Loop 1 is working with Dubai's Road and Transport Authority to explore the case for an ultra-fast levitating system  in the UAE

Implications for Public Transit of Emerging Technologies, National Center for Transit Research

New Alliance for Transportation Innovation launched in Washington, D.C.

Alston (French world leader in integrated railway systems) invests 14 million in Easy Mile's autonomous shuttle vehicle business

Huge Federal Panel asks today: Why Waymo?

EV scooter offered as solution for first/last mile problems not served by conventional bus/rail systems

Masdar to examine sustainable transport options in relation to expansion plans - formal participation info to be available in February

Mt. View, CA, City Council funds a $250k  innovative transport study - be sure to read the comments

Moovel, now located in POrtland, OR, is developing the Rid Tap app for analyzing various ways to get from A to B in your city.

Japan bites bullet with very high speed maglev trains

Update on Greenwich autonomous vehicles Gateway demonstration, London region, December, 2016

Moving to Access: Is the current transport model broken?, Brookings Institutuion, January 11

December, 2016

European Transport Conference, Barcelona, Spain, 4-6 October, 2017 - call for papers and more

Link to Next Future mobility website - concept for large-scale innovative autonomous transport system, has obtained significant global press coverage

Beijing's first Maglev Line to begin operating in 2017

Link to PAL-V extraordinary sneak  preview - dualmode driving and flying car, expected global commercial launch in 2017

Looking for a green personal rapid transit technolgy? Check out this current market leader

Dubai's Autonomous Transportation Strategy aims to make 25% of all trips driverless by 2030

World's first cloud platform for the optimization of autonomous vehicle fleets, based in Switzerland

Link to City Mobile 2 booklet, EU Cities Demonstrating Automated Road Passenger Transport: Experiences and Recommendations, 52 pp.

New book, entitled Automated Transit, Planning, Operations and Applications, by Rongfang Liu, at major bookstores  - here is a link to the Table of Contents - three operational PRT systems are included.

CarTube - proposal for the Future of Urban Mass Transportation

Collection of Comments about the CarTube concept from other innovative inventors

Fast lane to the future of transportation

US DOT seeks proposals for creation of Beyond Traffic Innovation Centers - from non-profits, only

French Easy Mile driverless bus to begin first N. American demo in California - press release

U.C. Davis granted $14 million over 5 years to do research on sustainable transport, by the US DOT

How a 70 year old idea could make auto engines much more efficient

November, 2016

San Francisco transit system hack could have been far worse - cities must prepare for more such attacks

China to develop the world's fastest maglev train, capable of 600 kph,  by 2020

Link to videos of the presentations at the recent PodCar City conference in Antwerp, now available, on-line

Link to most of the papers presented at the recent PodCar City conference in Antwerp are now available on-line

Link to list of all US Transportation State/Local Funding  approvals and rejections by voters

FHWA unveils national alternative fuel and electric charging network - includes 35 states

D.C. Study finds Georgetown-Rosslyn gondola link to be feasible - urges implementation

All ABoard the coming infrastructure boom - WSJ OP Ed - Cost-benefit analyses needed

University of Michigan may test new kind of on-demand transit system called "hub and shuttle"

Driverless Cars Ahead: Ontario, Canada, Must Prepare for Vehicle Automation, 76 pp.

October, 2016

10 Chinese cities currently planning maglev projects

Chinese firm launches R&D on 600 km/h maglev train

New Book: Door-to-Door: The Magnificent, Maddening, Mysterious World of Transportation - see Amazon for reviews

Seattle Times newspaper urges voters to reject massive Light Rail expansion plan

Issue Brief: Transporting Masses in Urban India: Policy and Fact Disconnect, 12 pp., by Anupam Vibuti.

Link to Autobots PRT concept, under development in India, includes video from the inventor

BYD launches its budget monorail, called SkyRail, for widespread deployment in smaller Chinese Cities

PRT shuttle link proposed for Glasgow airport, decision due in December, 4 minute ride from rail station.

Autonomous vehicle demonstrations on public streets underway in the UK

Transportation technology grants awarded to several US cities

Autonomous bicycle being developed at the U of Washington, Bothell Campus

Chinese Tubnet Transit full scale test network now in operation, see awesome video, available only in Chinese at this time

Podaris releases software version 1.5 for real-time collaborative infrastructure planning, based in London

Link to paper entitled Potential of PRT to Meet the Urban Transport Deficit, from India

Massive Airlander 10 airship being built and tested in the UK -  could be helpful when ground transport is impossible

Selangor aims for 446 km of public transit by 2035 - PRT component mentioned

Link to article about pilot GRT, 12.3 km, project in India that is approved , four tenders being reviewed

Hays "Out of the Box" competition, seeking transportation policy solutions, cash prizes, deadline Oct 30th

September, 2016

Link to Spiri, Danish startup, features unique, shared, carpooling service, using electric vehicles, to launch in 2017

Link to Supraways suspended PRT/GRT concept website (Solar Urban Personal  Rapid Automated System)

Link to new POD Transit concept, by Seattle inventor, tube system, see extensive website for details

Link to Maglev 2016 Conference Program, Sept 23-26, Berlin, Germany, includes Hyperloop content

Sound Transit (Seattle Region) makes $800,000 media buy to persuade voters to support 62 mile light rail expansion plan

Who owns the cars? The Billion $ Problem with Autonomous Taxis

Podcar City & Advanced Transit conference, September 19-21, Antwerp, Belgium, Newsletter #2

Work to start on Pod Taxi pilot project in three months in Gurgaon, India area, Polish Metrino system mentioned

Sion - a solar electric car that uses embedded solar panels to keep batteries charged

Can we achieve 100 million plug-in cars by 2030?

Door-to-Door: The Magnificent, Maddening, Mysterious World of Transportation, by Edward Humes, widely available from booksellers

August, 2016

Link to the National Online Dialogue on the Federal Transit Administration's 5-year Strategic Plan for Research

Uber and Lyft to provide personal rapid transit services?

Fairwood joins hands with UK's ULTra for applications in Indian cities

Link to Hybrid Air Vehicles in Britan, developing very large airships for a variety of applications

Imagineactive - mission is to inspire people to create the future of mobility - 200 concepts - submit your ideas

Future of Urban Mobility - fly over the traffic in an air taxi - concepts by AirBus Group

And then, there is the autonomous bicycle from the Netherlands

Modified ULTra  PRT vehicles ready for demo on the street in Greenwich Gateway area

Link to the program for Maglev 2016, Berlin, Germany, Sept. 23-25

Update on the Mexican GRT ModuTram system, 118 photos of Guadalajara test facility and people now available, nearly market-ready

China builds elevated bus (straddles cars that drive under it) and initiates a demonstration facility - click here for a link to the Chinese company that is making the straddle bus.

July 2016

Link to new cTrain (Caterpillar Train) concept - individualized, elevated, transit - from Jacob Innovations in Boston - click here for a more detailed presentation developed for the the CoLab competition at MIT, includes many excellent renderings

Driverless cars threaten to crash insurers earnings

Transport System Catapult Report: Mobility as a Service (MaaS), 52 pp.

Dealing with Cyber Security Threats in Critical Transportation Systems

Transit Columbus (Ohio) lauches petition urging city not to "leap-frog" light rail investments

Link to the US DOTs Build America Bureau - includes Build America Transportation Center (BATIC)

Columbus, Ohio, hopes to "leap-frog" light rail transit with autonomous cars - a first for an American city

Richard Garriott makes a PRT presentation to the Urban Transport Commission in Austin, TX

Greenville, S.C. airport commissioners delay approving a $24 Million PRT system, 2getthere and Modutram competing

OpEd: Seattle's Sound Transit $54 billion development plan will be obsolete before it's built and in operation

PodCar City 10 conference announcement, September 19-21, Antwerp, Belgium

How the media screwed up the story on the fatal Tesla crash incident

Analyses of Germs on Mass Transit Systems

Texas A&M, TTI Seek Transport Technology Innovations for its campus transformation vision, RFI available now

June, 2016

Press release: 2getthere obtains two large investments to deepen technological capabilities

The End of Traffic: How the Smartest People in the World are Fixing Your Commute, 22 min. video

Sky Tran to provide service to island in the UAE

Secret Alphabet division funded by Google aims to fix public transit in the US

Link to Cargobeamer website - built and in operation,  moving freight from Germany to Italy

Uber now profitable in hundreds of cities globally - but is still #2 in China, behind Chinese competitor

The Future of Transportation: Volpe Thought Leadership Series underway

Sideways elevators could  ease London commuter crowd problems: MULTI Elevator from Thyssenkrupp

A powerful, yet tiny, engine inches close to powering EVs and drones

Link to update from SkyTran that contains some news

Link to new ATRA video

Link to Washington Post article about the US DOT Smart City Challenge - easier to comprehend

Link to the initial proposals from the seven finalists in the US DOT's $40 million+ Smart City Challenge

8 Lessons for Fixing the Cities of the Future

2016 Innovations in Transportation conference: Are you Ready for the Future?, Ames, Iowa, August 16, 2016

Link to new TRB website on Transformational Technologies - focus is on transportation technologies

Link to 2  reports from the Federal Highway Administration of the US DOT, from a Novel Transport Workshop that includes assessnents of presentations from 14 innovative transport inventors (scroll down to Novel Modes Workshop and Novel Surface Transportation Modes)

Link to new dualmode concept: Overland Automated Transport System, intro video, details and FAQ

May, 2016

2016 WAVE Trophy Rally and competition in the EU to Promote wide variety of ZEVs (w/video)

Ex. Summary: A New Way Forward: Envisioning a Transportation System without Carbon Pollution - Frontier Group report, 116 pp.

Boston wants voters to indicate preferences from a list of  48 projects (selected from a list of 3,700 ideas) - for possible implementation by 2030

Mobility 2050: A Vision  for Transportation Intrastructure, report prepared for the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, May, 2016, 168 pp, see Ex. Summary and Table of Contents for guidance.

Austin, TX and Rocky Mt. Institute (RMI) undertake a Mobility-as-a-Service project designed to reduce auto use and emissions while saving energy

New type of monrail concept announced - uses suspension bridge technology for minimalist guideway

Watch this Chinese straddle-bus eat cars as it speeds down the highway - working scale model and computer animatiions

Press release: SkyTran update - includes limited details on demonstration project in Tel Aviv and contact info.

Maglev Systems - it's time to rethink the utility of conventional railroads

How 'gamification' can make transport systems and choices work better for us - see Singapore successful example

How cities can use autonomous vehicles to increase transit ridership and reduce household vehicle ownership, prize winning paper, 8 pp. (especially see Autonomous transit and Transit Leap sections, pages 6-8)

Google's waze takes aim at hellish Silicon Valley traffic

Soon you will not have to be rich to back a startup

Driverless cars and the future of transit - includes results from several simulation studies

Link to Disney's E.P.C.O.T (new planned city) video, which shows extensive use of a PRT- ike urban transport concept, announced 50 years ago, (10:45 to 25:48 section is particularly relevant)

Why is Germany's largest railway interested in driverless cars for providing first/last mile service?

Population growth in suburbs much greater than in downtowns, major implications for future urban transport patterns

Automated bus vehicles might provide first/last mile service in Singapore by the end of the year, includes good video

Sky Tran plans to build first system in Lagos, Nigeria, undated, but  appears to be current news

Moovit's transit app connects Uber with public transit to provide first/last mile service in 131 cities

April, 2016

Excellent Lofty Taxi PRT presentation given at recent APM conference in Toronto, slides and text, 40 pp

Can New Transportation Technologies Improve Equity and Access? Center for American Progress report

Making Better Places: Autonomous Vehicles and Future Opportunities, WSP/Parsons Brinckerhoff/Farrels, 26 pp

Connecting  personal to mass transit,  slide presentation, 44 pp, by Ingmar Andreasson

The future of integrated transit - our apps can connect with your apps

Press release: Sky Tran PRT Unveils its Technology Demonstration System

Ultimate PRT concept, includes design for lowering/raising vehicles to reduce number of stations required.

Driverless pods may run on Singapore's roads by the end of 2016

2getthere-Asia Joint Venture announced - see press release at 2getthere website

Transit's Dim Future, by Randal O'Toole

Report.pdfNYCity transit pulls the plug on the American Public Transit Association - withdraws annual dues of $400k

Link to - System Overload - problems of deferred maintenance, New Yorker magazine

Conference announcement: 2016 Energy Efficiency Global Forum, May 11-12, Washington, D.C.

New Infrastructure Protection Center established at the U of Illinois

Final Conference Program: Innovation in a Rapidly Urbanizing World, Automated People Movers and Automated Transit Systems, Toronto, April 17-21.

Link to National League of Cities report: City of the Future, Technology and Mobility, 36 pp.

Driverless City project underway at the Illinois Institute of Technology, funded by the Nayar Prize

Link to website for Next Future Mobility, dualmode concept, designed in Italy, new office and staff now located in California

CityMobil2 final conference, June 1 and 2, Spain, demonstrations provided

An analysis of why transit ridership is down when population growth is up, in Santa Clara, California, 49 pp.

Making the transition to a completely zero-emission global auto fleet, White Paper, 48 pp,

Link to the the International Zero-emissions Vehicle Alliance - focus is on achieving a fast, global, transition to zero-emission autos

March, 2016

Challenge Seattle - long range (2035) vision for transportation infrastructure and establishment of Mobility Innovation Center

Automated small bus from France, for first/last mile, public service, now being demonstrated in the EU and elsewhere

How not to measure traffic congestion - once again

Link to article in Bloomberg BusinessNews about the TEV project - has generated lots of interest

US DOT (FHWA): Notice of Funding Opportunity; Advanced Transportation and Congestion Management Technologies Deployment Initiative, $60 million/year, proposals due 06/03/2060, cost sharing required.

News about William Alden's approach to improving in-airport mobility, from parking to the gate. Includes excellent video.

Link to video that describes an Airport PRT technology, being developed by William Alden in Boston

Transit is dead. Let's Prepare for the Next Mobility Revolution

Transit Leap - Autonomous Vehicles and Transit

End of Driving and What Happens to Transit?

Link to: City Mobil2 Newsletter, #7, Feb. 2016 - reports on a number of driverless vehicle demonstrations in the EU

BMW races to build autonomous cars but sees significant roadblocks ahead

23rd International Conference: Maglev Solutions for People, Cities and Regions, Sept. 23-25, Berlin

Slovakia is a natural 1st stop for the hyperloop - no joke

Metrino sale in India announced

February, 2016

Link to some recent photos of the PRT installation at WVU in Morgantown, WV.

 DOT announces $500 million available in current round of TIGER grants

The Road Not Taken - an extensive history of various efforts to develop and deploy several PRT concepts

Hate your commute? - It's going to get worse

MIT's Climate CoLab competition now soliciting proposals for transportation solutions

Will Masdar become the world's first green-ghost town?

California proposal to shift funds from bullet train to a variety of water projects gaining support

Link to a description of a three-phase upgrade project for the Morgantown WVU PRT - at an estimated cost of $120-$130 million.

Jacksonville, Florida, might modernize its 1980's Sky Way peroplemover system

South Korea opens it's maglev line to the airport for public service

January , 2016

London's first driverless cars - will be modified Heathrow (ULTra) Pods for street level projects in Greenwich, Coventry, BRistol and Milton Keynes

Transit ridership slumps in LA region despite heavy investment in rail transit lines

Results from 2015 Senino Survey of Mayors, conducted by Boston University Initiative of Cities, 46 pp.(top priorities: roads, mass transit and water/waste water treatment

Link to Transportation Futures report from the Minnesota DOT

Link to: Mexican Modutram Group Rapid Transit (GRT)  presentation at recent Pod Car City 9 conference

Program info: International Conference on Automated Peoplemovers and Automated Transit systems

Trends among young people not getting driver's licences terrify automakers

US DOT Director position available - fosters devlopment and deployment of innovative technologies

Obama administration proposes a $4 billon, 10 year effort to provide national guidelines for driverless cars

New Information  sessions and fact sheet on the Smart City Challenge - $40 million prize to winner from US DOT

Link to Transportation Research Board Committee on Transportation Issues in Major Cities (AEB 30)

Could Computer-Controlled Pods Alleviate our Choked City Streets?

December, 2015

The race to create a hyperloop technology heats up - January 13, 2016 will be a milestone meeting.

New book announcement: Monorails, trains of the future arriving

Driverless cars, including PRT vehicles, give lawyers a bottomless list of defendents

Floating gondolas could be solution to Mexico City's traffic problems

Link to an updated and expanded website for Solar Tublar Transit concept

Updated website for 2getthere, automated mobility for sustainable mobility, in the Netherlands

2getthere's PRT system at the Masdar ecocity in Abu Dhabi sets record ridership highs

Transmodal capsule concept - has its day in the sun arrived?

Cracking the Gordian Knot: Advancing ATN Development and Deployment, by Catherine Burke

Multi-year FAST Act signed by Obama - here's a summary of transportation bill's contents

November, 2015

Research at University-based Consortium to Drive Singapore's Transport Future Forward

Danish RUF system announces its Dual Mode concept, will focus initially on Maxi-RUF vehicles and service

Fortune magazine: This Futuristic Maglev Pod Transit System Will Soon Be a Reality

Numerous presentations from PodCar City 9 conference are now available on-line

Driverless electric shuttles are coming to cities around the world - first/last mile solution

Injecting Innovation into Public Transportation: $1 million for nine Transit Center grants announced

The ACCEL moving sidewalk from ThyssenKrupp - a dream come true

Disrupting Mobility, A Global Summit Investigating Sustainable Futures, MIT, Cambridge, MA, Nov. 11-13

An urban vehicle for the future under development at the Media Lab at MIT

Hyperloop technologies raises $26 million in convertible notes

Hperloop project construction of test facility about to get started in California

Link to a "lessons learned" evaluation of the potential utility of High Speed Rail projects in the US, from the Reason Foundation

October, 2015

Arcimoto EV about to launch - 3 wheeler (for the masses) from Eugene, Oregon, estimated price about $11,000

Update on proposed PRT network for U TExas in Austin - making some progress

GTS - A Foundational Breakthrough for Mobility - proposal awaiting results of a competitive evaluation in early 2016

Link to Danish RUF dualmode system's analysis of its many capacity options

Honda's moving its hydrogen fuel cell car into production

2016 Grants from the Transit Center: Injecting Innovation into Public Transportation

Must driverless cars be programmed to kill?

Podaris website: Collaborative Feasibility Planning for Transport Systems software

Transport Systems Resilience and Climate Change, TRR Report 2532, 18 papers

House Surface Transportation Reauthorization and Reform  Act of 2015 (STRR)- brief content description

Arx Pax Hover Board technology suggested for 1/12 scale Hyperloop vehicle prototype

FHWA study examines first/last mile problem (access to MASS TRANSIT stations), ignores PRT, favors driverless cars

 Robo taxis to be tested in Japanese town

Will Jones, TEVproject inventor, nominated for "person of the year award"  by the Smart Transportation Alliance in the EU

Link to the Build America Transportat Investment Center (BATIC) of the US DOT

September, 2015

Link to a Hyperloop article from the LA Times - considerable detail on that status of development activity

Link to Federal Transit Administration administrative guidelines for evaluating transit investment proposals

City Mobile 2 Newsletter (EU) - lots of progress with automated vehicles, 8 pp.

National Public Radio  story about PRT - focus on SkyWeb Express, produces lots of comments

Google wants to increase bike use in the Silicon Valley - to be more like Copenhagen

Excellent PodCar City 9 conference program now available, 4-6 November, 2015, San Jose, CA

Lofty Taxi update, Ottawa, Austin network concepts and additional technical page

Simulation study finds that a fleet of driverless cars would be a much better investment than a LIght Rail project
in Canberra, AU.

Press Release: SkyTran obtains an investment from Google's Innovation-Endeavors fund

Urban Mobility Scorecard - congestion data for your city, from Texas A&M University

Conference announcement: International Urban Freight Conference, Oct. 21-23, 2015, Long Beach, CA

New E-book announcement: The End of Traffic and the Future of Transportation (available from Amazon.com)

August, 2015

Link to the Advanced Transit Association website (ATRA) - see/subscribe to the ATRA Pulse newsletter, upper right corner

Conference announcement: Leading force in advancing public transit -- APTA

Potential for a PRT network for Univ. of Texas at Austin getting some attention from private sector investors

Expediting Future Technologies for Enhancing Transportation System Performance, 119 pp. , TRB publication

2getthere announces partnership with German company to design and build 3rd generation GRT vehicle

New video from EcoPRT showing recent progress, about 10 minutes

July, 2015

Conference announcement and call for papers: Disrupting Mobility, Nov. 11-13, 2015, Cambridge, MA

Egypt-Canada partnership to build a 1.5 billion monorail line in Egypt, using Bombardier technology,

Hackers remotely manipulate the operation a Jeep SUV on a public highway

Conference announcement: 13th National Light Rail and Streetcar Conference, Nov. 15-17, Mlps, MN

Videos and discussion of a rider's experience with the SkyCube PRT at Suncheon Bay in S. Korea

Link to TED talk about Google's driverless car development progress

New German PRT concept features suspended vehicles that can be lowered to the ground, eliminates need for stations

Greenville, South Carolina,  PRT project terminated - maybe be initiated again in the future

Remix - a data intensive transit planning startup, based in San Francisco

Google could reinvent commuting?

Future TRIP Act introduced in Congress by Ranking Democrat Lipinski of Illinois- wants significant reform of  transportation capabilities in the USA.

June, 2015

Shell to co-engineer its first concept City Car - will run on liquid fuel - expected later in 2015, called Project M

Link to Automated Vehicle Insights selected for you by CATES

Seattle survey results: What would it take to get you out of your drive alone commute in your car?

TRB conference announcement: Surface Transportation System Resilience to Climate Change Impacts

Link to ATRA's Lowson Award paper: PRT Application in Retrofitting Edge Cities - Macquarie Park Case Study in Australia, 17 pp.

Call for Papers, Monorailex, Las Vegas, CA, Nov. 12-15, abstracts due by June 30th

Swift Tram - suspended GRT concept, switchable with off-line stations

Powering trams with fuel cells - goodby to overhead wires?

Link to new suspended PRT , called TransitX, based in Boston, MA

May, 2015

Call for Abstracts, ASCE Automated People Movers conference, Toronto, Canada, April 17-20, 2016, deadline June 3, 2015.

ITS World Congress, Bordeaux, France, Oct 5-9, 2015, Towards Intelligent Mobility - Better Use of Space, Early Registration now open

Minneapolis planners weigh likely land development effects of streetcars vs. bus rapid transit investments

Google gets permission to test self-driving cars on Silicon Valley streets this summer

Link to an excellent update on the status of the RUF dualmode system (46 pp) - worthy of emulation

World's first solar roadway in the Netherlands produces more energy than expected

Link to Leitner Ropeways website - includes detachable capability for chairlifts - also has built an urban application in Italy

Link to a new PRT website for Lofty Taxi, from Canada

US DOT: A Guide to Transportation Decisionmaking, updated 4/15, 24 pp.

Link to an Interesting editorial about emergency evacuation from elevated monorail installations

April, 2015

Bridj - another competitor for Uber, Lyft and Gett, (and PRT?) now in operation in Boston and Washington, D.C.

Honda executive presents keynote vision of how a high speed highway could be a "better" investment that high speed rail lines or the Hyperloop concept at SAE's 2015 Global Congress

Link to a video that shows NASA's autonomous vehicle in operation at the Johnson Space Center

Link to the most recent US transportation annual statistics report from the US DOT

Aeromovel's very exceptional presentation provides considerable detail about this pneumatically propelled people mover, 53 pp.

Kickstarter effort underway to raise funds to develop a PRT-type airport circulator system

Proterra's electric bus leaps into the limelight

Webinar: Securing Transportation Systems, April 28, 1 pm, EDT

March, 2015

Link to video that describes Bie-Bus mass transit concept from India, 5 minutes

Link to video: HAMO - Toyota's New Urban Transport System, 3+ minutes.

Conference announcement: ITS 25th Annual Meeting & Expo, Pittsburg, May 31-June 3, 2015, Bridges to Innovation

Video of Korean maglev train in operation, now undergoing final tests prior to opening for public service

Egypt unveils plans to build new capital east of Cairo - an innovative transport opportunity?

Measuring What We Value: Setting Priorities and Evaluating Successes in Transportation

Conference announcement: Disrupting Mobility: A Global Summit Investigation of Sustainable Futures, November 11-15, Cambridge, MA, includes call for papers

LUTZ driverless Pods to be demonstrated in Milton Keynes in the U.K. - see video

The Purpose, Function and Performance of Streetcar Transit in the Modern US City, 421 pp.

Conference announcement: International Conference on Automated People Movers and Automated Transit, Toronto, Canada, April, 2016 - Call for Abstracts, due May 16, 2015

Greenville (S. Carolina) County Economic Development Corporation, PRT Evaluation Study, 76 pp.

February, 2015

Link to a Request for Proposals, for a 4.2 mile PRT system, from Greenville, South Carolina

CityMobile 2 workshop on socio-economic impact of road automation

Company intends to build a five mile Hyperloop test facility in California

PodCar circulator being considered for Domtar site in Canada

Fact-finding tour: visit 8-10 driverless transit systems in S. Korea, June 5-9.

Quantum leap for PRT - Metrino wins government approval for project in India

Seattle Task Force created to examine future transportation issues in Puget Sound Region

ORSKI's Innovation Briefs - Financing transportation infrastructure - better solutions needed

Transport Research News: Performance Management in Practice - what works, what doesn't

NREL Report: Fuel Cell Buses in US Transit Fleets: Current Status in 2014

How to make Infrastructure Sexy-- by the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP)

Update of Study of the Future of Urban Mobility - includes ratings of needs in 84 cities

Forecast estimates congestion problems will be significantly Transport Research News: Performance Management in Practice - what works, what doesn't reduced for 700 m drivers

Conference Announcement: American Planning Association, April 18-21, Seattle, Washington

Link to Highway-Boondoggles report from the U.S. Pirg education fund

Link to Frontier Group's website transportation research studies page

Commuting in America 2013: National Report on Commuting Patterns and Trends

Volpe report on intermodalism - a 20-year perspective, includes video

Google planning to offer a driverless version of the Uber concept - maybe

January, 2015

2getthere signs a MOU that may lead to an installation of a 55-vehicle GRT feeder system in Taiwan

PRT: The Revolution that almost happened in the Chicago suburbs

Morgan Design's Large Single-Piece Composit Structure for SkyCube (aka Vectus) PRT Vehicles

Urban rail troubles: Hawaii and Maryland, by Randal O'Toole

Automated Vehicles: The Coming of the Next Disruptive Technology, 72 page report from
The Conference Board of Canada

2getthere introduces newly designed GRT vehicle

Musk to build hyperloop test track for companies and student teams to use for testing their pods - probably somewhere in Texas

Citymart - a business that helps cities identify and evaluate innovative urban systems, currently working in 80 cities around the globe - website has a TEDx video that provides details and examples

High Speed Rail is a Waste of Time and Money

A streetcar named Deception

Ground broken on controversial high speed rail project in California

December, 2014

Link to article about the subway system in Beijing - still expanding rapidly as is roadway contestion

Link to a basic wiki about Carsharing

Link to four January TRB presentations on car-sharing - one is about "free-floating" car sharing, abstracts provided

Link to a preview article on a forthcoming book: The End of Driving

China's High Speed Rail:Rapid Growth of New Travel Optiion

Video of some rider reactions to test runs of Google's fully functional autonomomous car

Google announces development of fully functional autonomous car - test program underway

US DOT video explains connected vehicle technologies that are reaching demonstration/deployment phase - 7.22 minutes

Danish RUF dualmode system one of five  winners in Russian competition    Link to RUF's winning submission

Know your customers! - Recent Changes and Future Directions in Travel Behavior

Nationwide group of engineers developing Elon Musk's Hyperloop hight speed transport concept

US DOT releases Strategic Plan for 2015-2019, included an "emerging technologies" category of activity

Link to 2015 annual TRB meeting, detailed program information

November, 2014

Updated website for the Russian Unitran concept, in English, many videos

Updated Shweeb Sky Smart website - human-powered bicycles, elevated, suspended,  PRT

Link to CargoFish website - for automated, area-wide, distribution of small goods in cities

Re-programming Mobility report, focus on impact of emerging digital technology on the future of urban transportation, 60 pp.

Debunking myths about the viability of fuel cell autos, powered by hydrogen fuel

Los Angeles: Rail for Others (analysis of work trip mode shares over past decades)

City Science Initiative at MIT Media Lab - includes update on MIT's foldable city car

Trains and driverless cars headed for a collision in Florida (trains defeated badly Nov. 4 election)

October, 2014

MISTER changes name to Metrino-PRT, incorporates in New Zealand, updates website

LInk to especially good driverless auto video, from Volvo

GM demonstrates EV-N micro car for use in dense city environments at Detroit ITS conference

Link to Tianjin Eco-City in Singapore -  A Model for Systainable Urban Development

Reimagining the auto - interview with futurist

Link to website for the Chinese Tubenet Transit PRT concept, now undergoing test track development

Link to report: Re-Programming Mobility: The Digital Transformation of Transportation in the U.S.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries offers Crystal Mover APM for high speed, off-airport, urban applications

Town Being Built for Driverless Cars in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Link to a CityLab article about the future of freight movement in the US

Cybertran International named Semi-Finalist in Clean Tech competition

September, 2014

Link to new PRT advocacy website: Get Over Traffic

Link to a BBC radio interview, TEVproject (dualmode) explained in less than 4 minutes

The empty car convoy, video from Hundai

 Link to City Mobile2 website - describes several automated vehicle developments and demonstration projects in EU cities

Canadian maglev concept aims for network switching capability

Link to multiple presentations from the PodCar 8 conference in Sweden

Report: Automated Transit Networks, State of the Industry, Mineta Transportation Institute, 256 pages.

Evidence in support of the case for urban PodCar applications in the future, PodCar 8 presentation, 21 slides

Review of three years of experience with the Heathtrow Pod service, PodCar 8 presentation, 21 slides

From Personal to Mass Transit, paper by Prof. em. Ingmar Andreasson, 42 slides

New website for ROAM system, previously known as MegaRail

August, 2014

Benefit-cost analysis of a RUF dualmode network for the Copenhagen region, report and data used in spreadsheet form, a good example for other dualmode advocates to emulate

ZoomHydro-WaterBeads - a new way of transporting water from wet locations to those experiencing a severe drought

3D animation firm in Manchester, U.K. has done excellent work on transport systems

Conventional transit systems finding ways to save/generate electrical energy - Scientific American article

New video of maglev system at Incheon Airport in Korea - 11.5 minutes

PodCar City 8 newsletter #2 with information about conference, September 3-5, Arlanda International Airport, Stockholm, Sweden

July, 2014

Summary of Transit and Public Mobility Activities at the 2014 Automated Vehicle Conference, by Stan Young

Intelligent Transportation Systems World Congress, Detroit, September 7-11, 2014,  August 15 deadline for participants

FBI brands autonomous cars as "lethal weapons" and a grave security risk

Korean Rotem maglev system makes sale to St. Petersburg

Helsinki "mesh" plan for  integrated areawide mobility

South Korea begins service with domestically developed maglev train at Incheon airport

Will driverless cars help us drive less?

SkyTran signs contract for pilot application in Tel Aviv, Israel - (press release)

3rd Automated Vehicles Symposium, San Francisco, CA, July 16, 2014

Center for Advanced Transportation and Energy established in Seattle, Washington - research, education, integrate, accelerate

June, 2014

Link to a new Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) website, group located in the Netherlands, offering an extensive planning and analysis workshop

Spartan Superway Automated Transit Network (ATN) project at San Jose State University in California: some early results

TRB Conference Summary, Sustainable Energy and Transportation, Strategies, Research and Data, November, 2012, 80 pp.

Smart Sustainable Mobility: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, 78 pp

Country plans to convert conventional scooters to electric 3-wheel scooters, in massive transition

Conference Announcement and Newsletter - PodCar City, Stockholm, Sweden, September, 2014

City Mobile Newsletter #3 - describes a number of automated vehicle demos in several EU cities

The future of transportation - CityLab - series of special reports

More thoughts on Google's self-driving car

How Google self-driving cars might affect our cities, pro and con, with links to many similar articles

May, 2014

Google invents a small driverless car for urban circulation applications - 100 ordered for testing and demonstrations

San Jose State University students unveil operational scale model of a suspended PRT concept

NCHRP Report 570: Vol. 3, Expediting Future Technologies for Enhancing Transportation System Performance, RAND Transportation, Space and Technology Program, Santa Monica, CA.

China's Ascent in World Transport - Facilities and Use Data

Link to a new video from POSCO about the Vectus (SkyCube) installation in S. Korea

Is Electricity a Clean Transportation Energy Source?

Link to website for Swift Tram, suspended mass transit concept, based in Colorado, under development

April, 2014

Launch expected summer of 2014 - Podaris, a toolkit for planning and designing Automated Transport Networks (ATNs), from the U.K.

Link to new very low cost PRT concept called ecoPRT, based in North Carolina

Link to a new mass rapid transit concept from India, called Leadrail's_Bie_Bus 2014, focus on high capacity transport service,

Link to updated ModuTram Mexican GRT webpage -  now includes 118 photos - can be translated into English.

Link to new website: HER - Hybrid Electric Roadtrains, by McHenry Enterprises - very good animations provided, submitted to FHWA's novel systems competition

US DOT wants your opinions on the Administration's Open Government initiative

March, 2014

Updated presentation aout the Swedish General Transport System - full screen view suggested - use arrows at bottom to advance, includes update
of the very popular Bubbles and Beams video at the end of the presentation.

Aberdeen, Scotland, takes delivery of first 4 of 10 hydrogen buses for demo project - scroll down to see artlcle

Flying cars - link to ongoing work at MIT

New transportation library initiated at George Mason University at their Center of Transportation Public-Private Partnership Policy

Maglev 2014 conference, Sept. 28 - Oct. 1, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, 192 days left

Create the Future contest - $20,000 prize, both products and concepts eligible

City Mobile 2 overview - demonstrations involving driverless cars may supplement existing transit systems
in lower density urban areas in Europe - collaborative approach being used with numerous partners

Automated Cars: A Smooth Ride Ahead?

February, 2014

20th International Conference on Urban Transport and the Environment, Call for Papers, 28-30 May, the Algarver, Portugal

Ten, six-coach maglev trains to be delivered to Beijing's subway system by end of 2014

 Buckminster Fuller Challenge - $100k prize available, proposals accepted starting February 14.

Link to 20 things to like about biking in Groningen, the Netherlands - profusely illustrated with photos

Automated Vehicles Symposium announcement: July 15-17, Ancillary Meetings, July 14 and 18, San Francisco airport, CA

January, 2014

Technology that would enable police to remotely disable cars being developed in the EU

California High Speed Rail project  - facing new legal, fiscal and political uncertainties - see Vol. 25, No. 2 of Ken Orski's Innobriefs

Link to Transportation News - daily update focused on alternative transport events and activities

Want to have a partnership with the Ford Motor Company? Inventors and Patent holders welcome, but not marketing or advertising messages

Conference: Transforming Transportation, Washington, D.C., January 16-17, 2014 - Program information

Link to the website of the International Transport Forum of the OECD in the EU

December, 2013

London Mayor plans to build much safer bike lanes, called Quieteways, to sharply reduce conflicts with autos and buses

Self-driving cars and future of robotic automotives, WIRED presentation by Brad Templeton, 26 minute YouTube video

CityMobile2 newsletter from the EU, describes planned demonstrations of automated road transport in 12 EU cities supported by a very good methodology for testing and evaluation for future deployments

Masdar blogging contest - Smart Cities and Sustainable Development - win a trip to Masdar with your entry.

Update on the demise of the Better Place electric vehicle effort in Israel and Denmark

Link to Energy Futures magazine - from MIT, - very uplifting, includes new focus on methods for moving inventions into production and use

Link to Transportation News - focused on alternatives that use clean energy

Updated YouTube video for the PRTproject concept now available - street level PRT concept that runs on rails with electric propulsion.

Megabus plans expansion in the U.S. - primarily for inter-city travel services

Study of traffic congestion in a wide range  of cities around the globe using new measurement methods, by Wendell Cox, produces surprising results

ULTra Global PRT announces their participation in a major study of PRT in Taiwan, results expected in August, 2014

November, 2013

Link to article about self-driving planes, trains and trucks

Link to article about a pilot project in Geneva using a very quick-charging articulated bus

Link to YouTube video that shows multiple Vectus PRT vehicles in operation at Sucheon Bay, S. Korea

Link to op-ed item in support of the Portland Streetcar System

Link to a critique of the Portland Streetcar System, by John A. Charles, Jr.

Link to Citi-transmitter Community Vehicle System design study, by Vincent Chan

EU and China engage in joint effort to improve urban mobility in Chinese cities

Initial reports from the new Commuting in American study, free to download

Article summarizing testimony at a Congressional Hearing on Driverless Cars, from the Detroit News

October, 2013

Update on North American Car-Sharing Market Trends, 2013 - substantial growth is revealed

Conference announcement: Transforming Transportation, Washington, D.C. at the World Bank, January 16-17, 2014 - focus on business investments in sustainable transport.

Link to the Facebook page for the Center for Advanced Transportation and Energy Solutions (CATES) in Seattle - good way to keep up with breaking news from around the globe

Swedish request for comments on reasons why people wont discuss innovative transport opportunities - click on Traffic Blog

Link to presentations from the Stanford Road Vehicle Automation workshop held in July, 2013

Korean pilot project features electric buses and inductive charging testing

Link to a new dualmode concept called Netway in an article entitled "The Future of Roads: No Driving, No Emissions, Nature Reconnected

September, 2013 

Conference announcement: Innomobility: Connected, Sustainable, Multi-modal Transportation, Greenville, S.Carolina, Nov. 6-7

Link to ET3 article in the Denver Post  

Link to Big Think interview with the inventor of the SkyTran PRT concept, Doug Malewicki, March, 2010

The Modular Bus - link to an article by Tyler Folsom, published in Traffic Technology Internation magazine

August, 2013

Operational scale model of Mexican PRT system called Modutram - YouTube video, 1.06 minutes, uploaded in 2011     Modutram now has a full scale test track in operation

Link to TRB publication: Transit Capacity and Quality of Service Manual, 3rd edition (includes chapter on demand-responsive modes)

Link to TEV concept website - features autonomous dualmode vehicles on an elevated guideway for high capacity, high speed travel within and between cities.  Downloadable 71-page booklet with considerable detail on all aspects of this concept is also available, in English and Chinese (see the bottom of the main website page). TEV = Tracked Electric Vehicle.

 Link to US DOT ITS Joint Program Office ITS Newsletter: August 2013

TAXICOL, new French dualmode system, elevated, GRT type vehicles, prototype vehicles shown at recent Geneva Auto Show

Spanish suspended PRT system obtains US Patent 8375865, high capacity pods, steerable, no switch required

Link to a new webpage about the Hyperloop concept for very high speed travel in a tube

Link to a paper entitled Self-Driving Tricycles, by Tyler Folsom


Final Report: MagneMotion Urban Maglev demo project at Old Dominion University, July, 2013

Two million US licensed drivers over age 85 now, many more in the future

Transportation  and Development Institute Congress, Orlando, Florida, June 8-11, 2014 - abstracts due July 31, can be done on-line

Link to an impressive video presenting a Straddling Bus concept - from China

Conference announcement: Innovations in Sustainable Transportation, Broomfield, Colorado, October 10-11, 2013

June, 2013  

New Center for Advanced Transportation and Energy Solutions (CATES) established in Seattle

Link to program information for the TRB  Vehicle Automation conference at Stanford U

Review of presentations at the recent APM conference in Phoenix - quite a lot of interesting material, especially about the Vectus application in S. Korea, by Will Ackel - currently, see the third item in this blog.

TIDE - Transport Innovation Deployment for Europe Newsletter #1

2013 World Transit Research Newsletter from Monash University in Australia

Central Japan Railway Co. unveils new high speed maglev prototype, testing program to begin

New report on declines in driving in the U.S. Link to critique of this report by Wendell Cox

May, 2013

Doppelmayr ropeway carries autos on a suspended platform - YouTube video shows how it works.

TRB Summer Wordshop: Transportation - Driving a Sustainable Urban Environment, New Brunswick, NJ, July 22-25, 2013

German rail system to test foldable electric car for feeder/distributor system in Berlin

Mexican ModuTram PRT now operating a large test track, aerial photo available at their website (click on Productos)

Spanish company, Hiriko, designing and producing City Cars expected to be for sale in the near future - lots of photos

Update on City Car development and plans included in an article in the Financial Times, May 5, 2013. Includes a photo of the current vehicle design and plans to offer it for sale in the EU next year.

The Growing Transit Communities Strategy: Public Review Draft, Puget Sound Region

April, 2013  

Vectus APM presentation.pdf

Moving Freight in Metropolitan Areas - Volpe Transportation Systems Center webinar in May

ATRA's response to San Jose's Automated Transit Network Studies - an open letter

Urbanaut monorail You Tube video now available, 10 minutes, illustrates Korean project: See  http://www.urbanaut.com/ for more details

Link to a TED talk: How to Solve Congestion Problems, the experience of Stockholm, Sweden

Ingenuity Awards 2013, Urban Ideas in Action, transport systems entries wanted

Workshop on the Future of Road Vehicle Automation, July 16-19, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

Energy for Tomorrow, conference sponsored by the New York Times, includes Future of Transport and Traffic on agenda, April, 2013

Link to article: Beyond Widgets- Envisioning a Real Transportation Revolution

Conference announcement: 14th National Transportation Planning Applications Conference, May 5-9, Columbus, Ohio

Link to a paper by Wendell Cox on Transit Policy in an Era of Diminished Federal Aid

Link to article entitled The End of Transportation Funding As We Know It

Chinese automakers race to Latin America's hot auto market, preparing to enter US market

Link to Forbes article (Part 5) entitled Here's How Automakers Can Still Win Against Google's Driverless Cars, by Chunka Mui (Links to Parts 1-4 are included, Part 6 is planned but not yet published)

February, 2013 

Link to a New Vectus PRT presentation   

Smart Cars newsletter from the Princeton Autonomous Vehicle Engineering project

Conference announcement: 14th International Conference on APMs, Phoenix, AZ, April 21-24, 2013

Construction of Beijing's 1st urban maglev train to start soon

Link to a youtube video of a very interesting airport baggage handling system, from a German company

Heathrow announces plans for an additional PRT system

Every new car connected to the web by 2014?

Update on the Vectus PRT project in S. Korea - expected  to open to the public in April

 Emirates Air Line Cable Car, built by Doppelmayr, crosses the Thames River in London, select view to take a sride

Link to information about electric bikes for a variety of urban applications

January, 2013   

New website - SMT Rail - includes an outstanding video, suspended GRT+ concept, also has dualmode capability

Toyota is testing autonomous vehicles in Michigan

Link to new JPods video - funds available, ready to build theme.

Side-by-side router compares driving, walking, biking and transit for A to B trips - Mobility Lab blog article

Exploratory Advanced Research solicitation from the Federal Highway Administration of the US DOT

ET3 (Evacuated Tube Transport) selected as finalist for Katerva sustainability award - needs your vote to win

Link to Quarterly report: National Transportation Statistics, from the US DOT, includes 269 tables

Link to Automate Dualmode Newsletter, #5 - includes a link to a new SkyTran video from Plum TV

US DOT seeks stakeholder input as part of preparation of it's next strategic plan

New PORT PRT concept website eliminates need for stations, includes 6+ minute video

Pocket Guide for Transportation for 2013 now available from the US DOT

Presentation by Prof. A. Kornhauser (Princeton Univ.) on ITS, including PRT and Automated Highways (robotaxis).

December, 2012

Why driverless cars will trump transit rivals - especially PRT, by Richard Gilbert

Link to a review article about various electric car companies during 2012

Update on the Mexican Modutram GRT project, good video shows test facility and full scale prototype vehicle in operation

JPods and UK-based Equity Capital Ltd sign a letter of intent to build  a large scale PRT system to help ease congestion in the Atlanta, GA region.

Copenhagn aims to be the first carbon neutral capital in the world by 2025

Link to the latest MicroWay presentation, featuring use of natural gas to generate off-grid electric power for operations

November, 2012

Link to a development study of a pneumatic path-guided transportation system, called TubeWay, from Germany, English available.

Link to a presentation that makes the case for an Automated Transit Network (ATN) application in Mountainview, California, by Rob Means

Call: Ecocity World Summit, Nantes Metropole, France 25-27 SEptember, 2013 - see the "shaping" category

Description of RITA's Technology Scanning and Assessment program

Link to New Vectus PRT overview article

Link to an update on the Vectus PRT project under construction at Suncheon Bay in S. Korea

October, 2012

Link to the Executive Summary of the Aerospace Corporation's ATN report to the City of San Jos, 4 pp.

Link to the Official ARUP and Aerospace Corporation Automated Transit Network (ATN) Feasibility Study,  10/17/2012 for San Jose, California 

Aerospace Corporation's report to the San Jose ATN study released - 421 pages. Executive Summary a good place to begin a review.

iMobility Challenge consortium to promote safe, smart and clean mobility in the EU

Link to new Cities for Mobility video - in English, 6 minutes

Expanded information source for the 3G Roadway concept, including a copy of a book by Roger Davidheiser.

Monomobile dualmode system newsletters #5 and #6 now available

September, 2012

MegaRail website update now available

New slide show provides more detail about the Puget Pullway dualmode concept, being developed in Seattle

12th National Light Rail Conference: Sustaining the Metropolis, LRT and Streetcars for Super Cities, Salt Lake City, Novermber 11-13-2012

Auto Shuttle dualmode concept wins competition sponsored by Bombardier for new urban mobility ideas.

Link to article about privacy concerns stemming from California's robocar legislation

Major Parts of the Supplier's Technical Proposal, by Jeff Davis

Link to Automated Transit Networks, 46 slides, by Peter Muller, PRT Consulting

IEEE experts expect driverless cars to dominate the roadways by 2040

Link to the website for the Public Automated Cart Transportation (PACT), a maglev concept from India

19th ITS World Congress, Preview, Vienna, 22-26 October, 2012 (20 pp).

August, 2012

Discussion of Control System Attributes Relevant to Personal Rapid Transit Control Requirements, by Jeff Davis

Link to a paper entitled Energy and Autonomous Urban Land Vehicles, by Tyler Folsom

Will Robot Cars get Stuck in Policy Traffic?, by Joseph Coughlin, MIT Age Lab Director

Discussion of Brick Wall Stop issues, by Jeff Davis

Link to article about some possible future impacts of driverless cars on the status quo

Link to Borroni-Bird's Personal Urban Mobility presentation at the 2012 TRB Highway Automation conference

Link to Martin Lowson's presentation at the 2012 TRB Highway Automation conference

Implementing PRT: Client's Requirements that a Supplier Must Meet in a Proposal Review Process, by Jeff Davis

Financial resources requirements for a PRT project, by Jeff Davis

Michigan DOT prepares to test driverless cars

July, 2012

  Link to article about the new Vectus PRT vehicle design by Pininfarina of Italy.

Link to an article about why urban transport innovation is so important in India, by Nathan Koren

Initial Korean maglev project at Incheon International Airport nearing completion

Current PRT projects and studies in India

Link to new website for the Northeast Corridor future rail improvement concepts (Boston - Washington)

June, 2012

Link to blog post by Peter Muller: Some paths to US personal rapid transit implementation

Link to the Transport and innovation Portal in the EU

Conference announcement: 6th Pod Car City, Berlin, September 18-21, 2012

Information about a Feasibility study, now  underway, for the Colorado DOT I-70 project

Information about the process of certifying an innovative technology prior to opening it to the  public.

Link to a website that describes a 2nd generation, high speed, switchable, maglev technology

New book: The Fight for Maglev, by Danby and Powell, available from Amazon.com

May, 2012

Link to the 19th Annual ITS World Congress, Vienna, Austria

Link to Driverless Car HQ

Review of three major transport technology studies for the USA during the past 44 years

Link to FeatherRail updated summary paper

MLab, which stands for Mobility Thinklab: is a new think lab for sustainable mobility and innovation in transport

High Speed Rail Conference, San Francisco, May 22-24

Link to the Flightrail website - uses atmospheric propulsion, 1/6th scale model in operation in California

April, 2012

Link to PRT article in Discover Magazine, by the Impatient Futurist

City Alternative Transport Systems (CATS) - EU project aimed at developing driverless taxis for urban applications

Link to video about MIT's City Car development and applications, driven with joystick

Link to a new video from the Danish RUF dualmode system

Link to new website for continuously moving belt in a tube for high density urban applications

 IEEE Unveils Transportation Electrification Web Portal

TEDx video about a three-wheel EV being developed in Eugene, Oregon (15 min.)

TRB paper on a new approach to solving the empty PRT vehicle redistribution problem

Technology Strategy Board in the U.K. establishes a Transport Systems Catapult group

March, 2012 

Three approaches to dealing with the PRT capacity issue

ULTra PRT wins a London Transport Award

ITS International launches new website  

FasTran cantilevered monorail update - excellent technical brief

PRT industry status report: 2getthere, ULTra PRT and Vectus PRT

New book published: The Fight for Maglev, by James Powell and Gordon Danby

Publishing opportunity - Journal of Modern Transportation - based in China

"Mass transit gets personal", article in Discover magazine, April, 2012, currently print edition only, pp. 24-25, digital copy available in April.   http://www.innovateuk.org/

Updated Bubbles and Beams video from Sweden, dualmode concept, 15,946 views to date

Elways - a Swedish electrified roadway concept - dualmode capability - funds for test track in Sweden have been obtained.

February, 2012

Beem Car - a suspended GRT vehicle under development in the U.K. - makes use of composites

PRT Developments, seminar presentation by Martin Lowson at the University College London 

From Generation Gap to Mobility Gap: Preparing for New Transportation Policy Challenges in an Aging America

Information about the US DOT's Small Business Grant Program that supports transport innovations (next solicitation April 2, 2012)

Mixed-mode PRT and GRT needs to be examined and analyzed - here's an initial commentary

New  excellent YouTube video  about Vectus PRT

January, 2012 

MIT City Car, Renamed Hiriko, Is Headed to Production

Modutram of Mexico   has now opened the third operational PRT test track in the world 

What People Really Want from Transportation Systems, by Peter Muller (2012 TRB presentation)  

Ridesharing Methodology for Increasing PRT Capacity, by Peter Muller (2012 TRB presentation)

Barriers to Entry for advanced transit systems, by Sam Lott (2012 TRB presentation)

Updates on MagneMotion's Urban Maglev efforts at Old Dominion University and future M3 system plans

Link to a new dualmode concept description: Tubular Guideway Transit, by Jon Bogle

Conference announcement: Sustainable Mobility and Cities: Marrying Technology and Policy, Berkeley, CA., Feb. 23rd

A New Architectural Design of Elevated Small Group Automated Rapid Transit, paper published in the Journal of Public Transportation

An Assessment of City-Wide Applications of New Automated Transport Technologies, 13 pp, 5 authors

December, 2011  

 Compact, updated, description of three market-ready PRT systems (ULTra, Vectus and 2getthere)

ATRA Workshop: Maximizing Airport Landside Value, March 22, 2012, Baltimore-Washington Airport

World's largest urban PRT system announced for Indian city

Conference on Electric Roads and Vehicles, Park City, Utah, Feb. 17-17, 2012

Third International  Summit on the State of the Connected Vehicle, Troy, Michigan, Jan. 18-19, 2012

New paper published on empty vehicle redistribution algoritms for large scale PRT and taxi systems

New book announcement: The Road Ahead:  "Why Are We Driving 21st Century Cars on 20th Century Roads with 19th Century Thinking?" by Phil Tarnoff , link to a YouTube preview

November, 2011 

SkyTran PRT (aka Unimodal) wins award in national innovative concepts contest

Better Place to start operations in Israel and Denmark in 2012, after 4 years and investments of $750 million

Evacuated Tube Transport wins award from DaVinci Institute (Best Commercial Product of the Year) 

Conference announcement: 3rd International Monorail Conference, Las Vegas, NV, December 14-16, 2011

October, 2011 

Link to a paper titled The MaglevTube Puckpodcar for mass urban transportation, from South Africa

Link to a new dualmode concept called AutoMate, from Israel

Link to a Maglev 2011 keynote presentation: Status of Maglev Projects in the USA, by Larry Blow

Link to new dualmode concept called Bimodal Glideway

September, 2011

Link to slide show about Vectus PRT, entitled From Uppsala to Suncheon City, by Jrgen Gustafsson

Link to an excellent video presentation of the EV-N electric vehicle prototypes and deployment concepts from General Motors

PRT system called ModuTram being developed in Mexico, prototype under construction

ULTra PRT officially opened to the public at Heathrow Airport in the U.K.  

Link to updated website for Magne-Force's LEVX system

Link to Specifications of the Korean Urban Maglev system

August, 2011

Link to PodCar City Conference Newsletter #3, Stockholm, Sweden, September 6-8, 2011

Link to Future Transportation YouTube video - briefly shows 52 innovative concepts

Link to paper titled The Autonomous Tricycle, submitted to the 2012 meetings of the Transportation Research Board, by Tyler Folsom

Link to PodCar City Conference newsletter #2, 5.5 meg, Stockholm, Sweden, September, 6-8, 2011

Link to new Heathrow Airport video showing ULTra vehicles in operation

Link to Fontinalis Partners website - venture capital firm focused on innovations in transportation, based in Detroit. MI.

Link to paper titled Reallocation of Empty Personal Rapid Transit vehicles en Route, by Ingmar Andrasson

July, 2011

Conference announcement: 4th Annual Forum - Roads for Tomorrow, Rome, November 9-11, 2011

Link to an Early View abstract for a paper titled Simulation-based analysis of personal rapid transit: service and energy performance assessment,
by Katharina Mueller and Sgouris P. Sgouridis, forthcoming in the Journal of Advanced Transportation

Link to new, compact description of current Personal Rapid Transit system attributes, prepared by ATRA Industry Group, 2 pp, illustrated.

Link to a paper titled Modelling and Simulation of a PRT Network, by Castangia and Guala, 2011, 13 pp.

Link to new Personal Rapid Transit information source, several languages provided

Update on MIT's CityCar project

Link to report from the MIT Energy Initiative's Symposium on Electrification of the Transportation System, April, 2010, 156 pp.

Position Paper: Urban Mass Transit Administration's Program of Development and Deployment of Automated Guideway Transit, by J.E. Anderson, June 1979, 25 pp.

June, 2011

PodCar City conference Newsletter #1 now available (Stockholm, September 6-8, 2011)

New partnership announced: Roadway Electrification and Automation (PREA), centered at Utah State University

Link to new video from Santa Cruz, CA, about their congestion and a range of PRT solutions, 14 minutes

Link to article about global land use trends of importance to future transport planning:  The Dispersionist Manifesto, by Joel Kotkin

Link to report: Potential Viability of Advanced Transit at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport, Center for Transportation Studies, U of Minnesota

Conference announcement: 5th PodCar City: Tomorrow's Lifestyle Today, Stockholm, Sweden, September 6-8, 2011

Link to Skyway website - concept features dualmode vehicles using an electrified guideway

May, 2011

Link to Final Report: Review of potential radical future transport technologies and concepts, from the EU, June 2010

Link to a report by Princeton U students on their study of a state-wide PRT network for New Jersey, 318 pp

Link to the Thinking Highways magazine - North American edition

Free ATS/CityMobile PRT network design and simulation tool for the ULTra PRT technology now available

Future mobility takes centre stage in Germany in May

April, 2011

New book: The Third Generation Roadway: Metropolitan Transport for the 21st Century,  by Roger Davidheiser - quite inspirational,  good graphics, paperback, 287 pp. Information about the content of the book and several pictures are
available here.

Link to the Electric Drive Transportation Association

Shanghai 2030 video - featuring EV-N dualmode vehicles from General Motors China

13th International Conference on Automated Peoplemovers and Urban Transit Systems, Paris, May 22-26, 2011

  Bubble Motion PRT concept from BMDesign in Finland

March, 2011

Link to new PRT video featuring ULTra PRT, from India, 7 min. (withdrawn, no longer available)

Link to white paper: Preparing the EU Transport Area for the Future, 31 page roadmap to 2050

Link to new portal for urban transport mobility solutions launched in the EU

Link to a Cellular Mass Transit concept - devised by some people in Austin, TX

Link to the facts about Daventry's PRT investigations (a U.K. community)

Link to Pillar Track Regional People Mover concept, from Austria

February, 2011

An Invitation to a New Transportation Mode, by Tyler Folsom, 8 pp.

Ridership Effects of PRT with Mass Transit, by Ingmar Andrasson, 16 pp.

January, 2011

Link to Hiriko website in northern Spain - building MIT's CityCars - excellent illustrations

Link to new website for Freedom Transit - a dualmode concept for passenger and freight travel on electrified guideways. Additional details are provided in a 1 page WhyFT? statement and a 30 page paper.

Sky Ride Technology offers a suspended monorail -type human powered personal vehicle

Masdar launches an electric vehicle pilot study

Personal Rapid Transit presentation to the New Jersey Transportation Planning Authority, December 16, 2010, by J.E. Anderson (slides  used)

December, 2010 

Link to the long range plan for the PRT system at West Virginia University in Morgantown (401 pp.,  takes a while to download).

Link to paper entitled Social Ramifications of Autonomous Urban Land Vehicles, by Tyler C. Folsom

Link to website in northern Spain that describes work on MIT's CityCar, includes video

Presentations and videos from the PodCar conference in San Jose, CA., now available

Video of Masdar City personal rapid transit (PRT, Podcar) system in operation  

Video from MISTER PRT shows ground level station concept-- other recent videos also available

Link to Trains of the Future:  a Popular Science archived 10-slide show of 20th century concepts

Passenger Terminal Expo 2011, March 29-31,  Copenhagen, Denmark (programme includes a session entitled PRT for Airports and Cities with 14 presentations, March 30th (billed as a World Class Airport Conference).

November, 2010

Masdar's first building complex opens, podcar picture, top row, right side, click to enlarge

From Italy to China on Autopilot, Wired magazine article about an autonomous vehicle trial

Brief description of the Suncheon Bay Project in South Korea, by Vectus PRT

A Summary Report from the Personal Rapid Transit Workshop, Minneapolis, Minnesota, August 18, 2010 - Sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, 20 pp. (link on left side of page)

New website - People-Express Thruway - the PET Solution, based in Hawaii

Link to GM Blue Paper: Roadmap to 2030 - GM Sustainable Urban Mobility, 11/2010, 32 pp

Link to reports from the Ithaca, NY, PRT study

October, 2010

Link to a YouTube video about an autonomous taxi project in Germany

Link to Guidebook for Planning and Implementing Automated Peoplemovers at Airports, 229 pp.

Link to news about ULTra PRT

Link to an article that offers some explanation of the decision to limit PodCar deployment in Masdar

Bike Metro - new Danish invention features dualmode bike network for sustainable urban travel, video also available

September, 2010 

Link to the new website for the Labis train for high speed and intraurban applications

Shweeb monorail wins $1 million from a Google competition about improving transportation in cities

Link to new MISTER  YouTube video

Link to new website featuring TOD and Smart Growth news

Information about William Alden's  DAVe (Dual-mode Autonomous Vehicle) System being developed in Massachusetts

Link to a new mass transit concept called Fastran - a cantilevered monorail

Link to a new brochure for the General Transport System Foundation in Sweden, 12 pp. Also, see the Bubbles and Beams video that is very similar to the GTS concept.

Link to new publication from the U.K. - Guidelines for Implementers of Personal Rapid Transit (PRT)

August, 2010

ACCESS magazine (Spring, 2010 issue) now available in digital form, published by the University of California Transportation Center in Berkeley

Reinventing Transport blog from Professor Paul Barter in Singapore

Back to the Futurama with cooperative mobility (two Futurama videos and one Intel video)

July, 2010

Link to a major update of website for Modern Transportation Systems Corporation - an innovative maglev approach

Sustainable Urban Mobility 2020, July-August Futurist article, by Ryan Chin of MIT's Media Lab

Maps of home-based work trip patterns, within and between subregions, in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, 1990 forecast data

Link to the website for the PRT conference at Heathrow airport, September 21-23, 2010

Newsletter about forthcoming 4th PodCar City conference,  San Jose, California, program and early registration information

Link to new 21st century "superway" presentation by MegaRail

June, 2010

List of 21 responses to Minnesota DOT Request for Interest on PRT

Excellent thesis presentation of a PRT study for Eskilstuna, Sweden, by Thomas Hjemo (supervised by Goran Tegnr)

ITS America Transportation Technology News - subscriptions available

Dual Mode Transportation - A Revolution in Motion, by Andrew Andrusko

Link to new report that analyzes the Danish RUF dualmode system's capacity

Link to Pod Car 4 conference website, San Jose, California, October 27-29, 2010 - early bird registration ends in July

May, 2010

Link to new personal  website for Francis D. Reynolds - includes his e-book about dualmode transportation

Link to summary of the Modern Mobility conference held in Kansas City, Kansas - focus was on a PRT study.

Link to a video that provides some images and details about the PRT system at Masdar, now under construction

Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) - Automated People Mover (APM) Comparison, by PRT Expert Peter Muller

Link to a description of a deployment roadmap (strategy) for Robocars

Link to update of the US DOT's ITS Strategic Research Plan

Amberglen PRT network study, Portland, Oregon suburb

Link to a US DOT white paper: Achieving the Vision: From VII to Intellidrive 

April, 2010

Conference announcement: PodCar City, San Jose, California, October 27-29,2010

Honda invents Segway-like scooter that could help with first/last mile problem - excellent  YouTube video provided

Link to new website: FHWA Livability Programs Initiative

New General Transportation Systems foundation established in Sweden

Call for Papers: @LHR2010, 21-23 September, 2010, Heathrow Airport, deadline for Abstracts, 14 May 2010

Link to the latest ULtra PRT Heathrow video - features multiple passenger testing

Link to new webpage focused on MIT's Mobility-on-Demand project at their Media Lab

Passenger Terminal Expo 2010 Summary of PRT Presentations

March, 2010

Short course announcement and illustrated flyer: Modern Mobility: What is PRT and Why Should You Care?, April 23, 2010, Kansas City, Kansas

Urbanaut releases specifications for its PRT version

Bigger is not always Better, article in Passenger Terminal World, March 2010, pp 64-68, by Peter Muller

Article about PRT in Cities-for-Mobility e-magazine, pp 11-13, Vectus PRT photo on the cover

Link to paper entitled "Development and Evaluation of Traffic Management Strategies for PRT", by Pengjun Zheng, David Jeffrey and Mike McDonald, U of Southhampton, U.K.

The Gondola Project - a cable-propelled transit primer

February, 2010

Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT) proposal in India - PRT being considered as a transport component - very impressive concepts

The Transport Research Knowledge Centre (TRKC)  is a free database featuring up-to-date information on European transport research activities. It enables policy makers, researchers and other stakeholders to access results of EU or nationally financed transport research in the European Research Area (ERA).

Link toa Summary of Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) Papers and Presentations at the Transportation Research Board meeting, January, 2010

Link to a report on the 2010 ATRA Technix meeting, held at the U of Maryland, by Stan Young. Includes an excellent BBC video that features the ULtra PRT project at Heathrow airport.

Link to Strategic Research Directions, Priorities and Performance Metrics for Implementing Personalized Transit in Urban Areas, submitted on behalf of the Advanced Transit Association to the Research  and Innovative Technology Administration of the US Department of Transportation, 7 pp.

Minnesota DOT issues a Request for Interest about Personal Rapid Transit, 10 pages

Links to a new website for Zesttrans - a Russian dualmode and PRT concept, English version provided

January, 2010

Link to a paper entitled "Improving Transportation Requires New Solution", by Peter Muller (10 pp)

JPods releases long-term deployment plan

Masdar video from Gulf News - walking tour

Winona, Minnesota, City Council agrees to apply for $25 M to develop a PRT demonstration

PRT vehicle testing underway at the Masdar eco-city in Abu Dhabi

Conference announcement: High Speed Rail 2010: Bringing HSR to America, Orlando, FL, March 4-5, 2010

 Podcars - new travel on track: A sustainable travel option (summary of Swedish Government study, in English)

How to design a PRT guideway, by J. Edward Anderson

December, 2009

Link to news and a new video from String Transport in Russia

Link to Monocab VRT in Australia, patents pending

PRT Niche Options for Minnesota, including Edina, St. Paul and Rochester network illustrations

Link to new dualmode concept from Switzerland - a microcar-train combination - forthcoming in 2010

Link to a thesis that describes a Dualmode concept called Speedway, by Christian Foerg of Germany (English version, well -illustrated)

Link to CNN video on the Masdar eco-city status

Link to Notes on the content of a PRT Symposium held in Rochester, Minnesota, enhanced with contact links for various
participants and agencies

Link to a major update of the ULTra PRT website

November, 2009

Adaption of a Harvard Business School teaching case on PRT, by Prof. Ben Edelman

Link to PodCar conference newsletter #4

Link to new website for the Masdar eco-city in Abu Dhabi - lots of videos and an image gallery

Link to PRT brochure from Winona, Minnesota - Winona is Ready!

New Shweeb website now available - a suspended, human-powered monorail, with switching and off-line stations

New blog that's relevant to dualmode interests - initial entry describes ITS-Park, an automated parking concept.

October, 2009

Link to Zest PRT (Russia) website - new videos have been added

Evolution of  PRT, by J. Edward Anderson

San Jose, California, releases a Request for Proposals for their PRT project (54 pages, proposals due December 18, 2009)

Conference announcement: Innotrans 2010, Berlin, Germany, September 21-24, 2010 (see marketing movie, available in 10 different languages)

weekly transportation seminar underway, includes overview video presentation by Associate Dean Barnhart.

Conference announcement: Polis - EU Cities and Regions Networking for Innovative Transport Solutions, Brussels, December 10-11, 2009 (Lowson, Lohmann and Jan Van Dijke, TNO are presenting)

Link to Intrago Mobility website - personal electric vehicles - on-demand

Link to conference announcement: Transportation Summit 2009, Portland, OR, November 4-6.

Link to a new MegaRail presentation - describes and illustrates its high-speed cargo system

Conference announcement: 3rd METRANS National Urban Freight Conference, October 21-23, 2009,  Long Beach, California

Link to new website by group interested in encouraging PRT in Austin, TX.

Invasion of the PodCars - link to article in Boston.com - Ideas section

Link to 3rd International PodCar Conference Newsletter #3

September, 2009

Summary of Swedish PodCar Study, in English

Are They Ready? - Mega-Regions Growth and Transportation Investment in 22 American Mega-Regions

World's first city-wide PRT system underway at the Masdar eco-city in Abu Dhabi

New book information: Automated Transport Systems for Sustainable Urban Mobility, by Tom Voge, August '09 (see Amazon.com for details, Paperback, $75.

Link to the International Monorail Association, based in  the Netherlands

SkyTran (aka Unimodal) partners with NASA on development of control software

Conference announcement: Sustainability, Social Responsibility, Energy Conservation, & Fall Maintenance,
October 4-6, '09, St. Louis, Missouri (agenda only)

August, 2009 

Conference announcement: 21st Annual Public Private Ventures in Transportation, Sept. 24-25 '09, Washington, D.C.

Conference announcement: PodCar City COP 15, December 9-10, 2009, Malm, Sweden

TRANSvisions: Final Report on Transport Scenarios with a 20 and 40 Year Horizon, March, 2009, 244 pp.

Consultation on the future of transport in the EU

Editorial: Mr. Kasai goes to Washington (Japanese High Speed Train - rail and maglev - experiences)

CargoTunnel - an underground system for goods movements to/from various locations within a city

The Buckminster Fuller Challenge winner for 2009 - MIT Media Labs City Car and Roboscooter: Sustainable Mobility and Mobility on Demand Systems

July, 2009 

Integrated Urban Transportation Network Congress, 2009, Shanghai, China, 9/3-4/2009

3rd PodCar City conference newsletter #1, Malmo, Sweden, December '09

Hyundai Rotem (So. Korea) urban maglev webpage (go to Rail Systems > Products > MAGLEV'S)

Chinese video clip shows the new Beijing maglev prototype running on its Tangshan test track.

Speedway: a new dualmode concept from Germany (website and video)

ULTra PRT at Healthrow Airport begins final series of tests before opening to the public in late 2009

An Intelligent Transportation Network System (ITNS): Rationale, Attributes, Status, Economics, Benefits and Courses of Study for Engineers and Planners, by J. Edward Anderson, 35 pp.

Link to new Sky Tram website - a suspended mass transit concept that uses old airplane fuselages

June, 2009

Mott MacDonald appointed lead designer for Masdar infrastructure

 Boeing's Personal Rapid Transit history

China develops low speed maglev system for applications within urban areas

Link to paper about  implementation the PRT plan for the Masdar eco-city: Introducing PRT to the Sustainable City, by Lohmann and Guala - a very extensive description of the plan, 15 pp.

Link to Brick Wall Stops and PRT, by Richard Gronning

Link to a Summary of the 15 PRT papers presented at the 12th International APM '09 conference in Atlanta, GA,
June '09, by Peter Muller

PRT Plans in several Swedish Cities, by G. Tegnr, extensive review of current PRT planning studies in Sweden, 21 pp
Links to two additional analytical papers regarding PRT in Swedish Cities, by G. Tegnr

Extending PRT Capabilities, by Ingmar Andreasson -
explores ways to increase the capacity and speed of PRT

Link to the official blog of the U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Ray La Hood

May, 2009

ULTra PRT circulator network presentation for the Perimeter Center major activity center in Atlanta, Georgia

New website for sustainable transport interests: Thecityfix - global scope

      Air Car update - inventor Guy Negre with Airpod compressed air-powered cars

FTA report on low speed maglev research program - focused on lessons learned, March, 2009, 47 pp.

The Tipping Point? - PP presentation at the Heritage Foundation, May 13, '09, by transportation analyst Alan E. Pisarski

Conference announcement: Cities for Mobility, Stuttgart, Germany, June 14-16, 2009

Open PRT specification project: Rethinking PRT design - a blog

Conference report: , April, '09, PRT at Heathrow Airport, by Peter Muller

Conference announcement: International Conference on Sustainable Urban Transport and Environment, Paris, June 24-26, '09

Link to an ATRA report about the Carbon-Free Mobility conference held in Oakland, CA,

Link to PP presentation from America 2050 - Visualizing the Future - a national megaregional-based transport vision

Updated description of the PRTsim software system for planning, designing and analyzing the operational attributes of PRT networks

Major update of ULTra PRT website: information about Heathrow airport project, proposals in San Jose, Santa Cruz and Alameda Point, implementation customization, details on vehicles, guideway, stations, control,  capacity, environmental benefits, safety certification, solar, ATS staff, partners and history

April, 2009

  Link to a RUF concept that makes use of PUMA-like vehicles

Three new marketing presentations from Megarail: Low carbon alternative to traditional Texas turnpikes and Commuter Rail proposal for the Dallas-Ft. Worth region (applicable to other large metropolitan regions), Near-term I-25 & I-70 Mountain Corridor Solution (Colorado).

APM '09 conference PreProgram now  available: Connecting People, Connecting Places, Connecting Modes

Proposal for a solar-powered new town in SW Florida at large Babcock Ranch site - includes electric transportation

Link to some good PUMA information at Segway's website

General Motors announces its Personal Urban Mobility and Access (PUMA) concept (a joint venture with Segway)

Link to new English version of Schmid Peoplemover website

Conference announcement: City Mobil, Finland, May 8, '09 - program info in English

March, 2009

   PRT conference at Heathrow Airport in April , 21-23 '09 - Final Program and Registration Information

Link to historical document: Lea Transit Compendium on PRT, 46 pages, 1975 (includes 11 system descriptions)

Link to historical document: Lea Transit Compendium: PRT Supplement, 21 pages, 1975 (updates on two systems)

Link to Intransition magazine - look for article entitled "Unconventional Transportation: Reinventing the Wheel", Winter '09, pp 11-18

Photo update on Magplane project in Inner Mongolia - construction of a maglev coal transport system is underway

Link to a new Sky Taxi website, mostly in Russian but has some content in English

Link to a 60 minute video on Transrapid maglev history and Shanghai installation - very instructive

Press release:  MIT to take on global transportation challenges - will generate 21st century solutions

February, 2009

Link to planned research program of the Federal Transit Administration, Fiscal Years 09-13

President Obama's Urban Policy agenda

Link to: The Transit Wire - information about emerging transit technologies

Japanese HSST urban maglev brochure used in Honolulu, HI, now available on-line

Abu Dhabi public transport plan revealed - includes three PRT projects

Can We Transform the Auto-Industrial Society? , New York Review of Books

Preliminary program: Carbon-Free Mobility conference, Oakland, CA, March 6, 2009

 PRT study by Ingmar Andreasson for Sdertlje, Sweden - contains superb graphics

January, 2009  

Link to new website for the Multi-flow Air Car

SkyTran gets letter of interest form Marin County, California, supervisors, regarding a possible project

Link to new website for Vehicle-Infrastructure-Integration (VII) activities

Conference announcements: Carbon-Free Mobility, March '09, Oakland, CA and ATRA Heathrow, Heathrow Airport, April, '09 

Link to Newsletter #5 which provides an update on the City Mobil projects in the EU

Automated Electric Transportation objectives at Utah State University elab

Presentations at the ATRA (Advanced Transit Association) 2009 Technix meeting are now available on-line

Car-free Masdar City will run on green cars  

PRT gets another chance at life, article in Venture magazine

Link to paper by Dr. Mogge of CH2M Hill about the Masdar PRT project

Link to National Journal Transportation Blog, contributions by Expert Insiders

Photos of Masdar PRT vehicle from the World Energy Forum exhibition in Abu Dhabi 

Article about Masdar, located in Abu Dhabi - site of the first areawide PRT application in the world

Transforming America's Transportation Future, Automated Electrified Transportation (AET) vision paper

Virginia DOT report to the legislature on the status of PRT systems

Urbanaut monorail project underway in Incheon, Korea

Rail Meets the Road with the TriTrack   http://tinyurl.com/bqh5fe

December, 2008  

Eulogy to Dr.  Jack H. Irving, PRT pioneer at the Aerospace Corporation,  by J Edward Anderson

New Vectus PRT videos on YouTube; one is a new animation, the other shows operations in the snow, in Uppsala, Sweden

Conference announcement: 12th International Conference on Automated Peoplemovers, Atlanta, GA, May31-June 3, 2009

Link to website that describes an AirCar venture

Link to information about City of San Jose's interests in an Automated Transportation Network

Link to the EU's #1 web portal on urban transport and mobility - now in its 10th year

Call for Papers: PRT at LHR (Heathrow airport) conference, April 21-23, '09

Link to illustration of several innovative systems for getting around town in the future: Forbes magazine, December 22, 2008 issue

Link to a collection of recent ULTra PRT pictures at Heathrow Airport in the U.K.

Link to a new Russian website that illustrates PRT-Zest and Tram-Zest concepts - both have dualmode capabilities

NICHES + Newsletter: New and Innovative Concepts for Helping European Transport Sustainability Towards Implementation,
December, 2008, Issue 1.

EU Video: The Hands-Free Future for Transport, 8 minutes, includes City Mobil and Heathrow Airport

MonoMobile and Monofreight Newsletter #4 - describes new development funding prospects

Link to new company called Fastransit - working with Applied Levitation (see videos) on a switchable Maglev GRT/PRT concept

November, 2008 

Florida Solar Energy Center to support solar-powered monorail system (SkyTrain) development (press release)

Conference announcement: Intermodes, February 4-5, 2009, Brussels, Belgium

Link to: Mobility on Demand: Future Transportation in Cities, Smart Cities, MIT Media Lab, June, 2008

MIT Mobility on Demand Implementation Study Reports, 2008: Florence, Lisbon, Shanghai and San Francisco

Entire SeaTac Major Investment Study is now available on-line - resulted in a PRT network being selected as the preferred alternative

New website for PRT International launched - J. Edward Anderson is Managing Director.

What happened at the PodCar conference in Ithaca, NY, September, 2008?

October, 2008 

Automated Transit Network Demonstration Project Request for Interest and follow-up Q&A, San Jose, California

Maglev 2008 conference program now available, December 15-18, 2008, San Diego, California

Santa Cruz, California, solicits RFQs for a PRT study, pre-submission conference October 30, proposals due Nov. 13, '08

MegaRail prototype vehicle video now available on YouTube (click here for background presentation)

Table of Contents for the Daventry PRT Scoping Study,  and link to the entire document, 160+ pp.

Daventry District Council (U.K.) issues Prior Information Notice for procurement of a PRT pilot project

September, 2008

Link to City Gondola website - suspended GRT concept

   Link to Beamways website, a suspended PodCar system under development in Sweden 

Link to SkyTrolley website, suspended bus, good video available (DVD or YouTube), under development in British Columbia, Canada

Link to Metrail monorail website - low cost monorail system.

Link to pictures of  Rotem's Daejeon maglev monorail 1-km demo site, in Korea. Inchon International Airport project being planned for 2012.

Automated Road Vehicles website

Korean urban maglev project described in Railway Gazette article

Update of the ATI - Advanced Guideway System website

  1978 video of 1/10 scale PRT model developed by the Aerospace Corporation

August, 2008 

Some details on the Dual Mode Vehicle (road and rail) development effort in Japan

Conference Announcement: Monorailex 2008, How to Move the People, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Dec. 10-11, '08

  Work begins on the Monometro suspended monorail application in Saudi Arabia

International Seminar: Automation for Urban Transport, Sept. 19 '08, La Rochelle, France

PodCar City conference newsletter-2 now available

2008 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) vehicle demand and systems analyis update study released by the FTA

Self-funding Commuter Rail that Really Works, a presentation by MegaRail Transportation

Beyond Oil, Transforming Transportation - Agenda for the Annual TransTech Conference, September 4-5, '08 - Microsoft Event Center, Redmond, WA

MicroRail passenger & cargo monorail/LRT/BRT + freeway alternative - presentation

20th International Conference on Magnetically Levitated Systems and Linear Drives, 15-18 December, '08
San Diego, California

Offer of Participation for novel German maglev system - Details at website, currently only in German

July, 2008

New PRT website - concept only, features vehicles operating on the street on rails

Futrex System21 monobeam system offered for sale

MISTER suspended PRT system investor offering document now available

Transportation for America, new coalition of advocates for transportation improvements

Pod Car City conference newsletter, #1, July 25, 2008

European Transport Conference 2008, October 6-8,  Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands

Seminar announcement: Smart Campus Mobility using PRT, Harvard Graduate School of Design, August 22, 2008

Robosoft delivers three driverless vehicles using autonomous GPS guidance - includes YouTube video

15th ITS World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems, New York City, November 16-20, 2008: ITS Connections: Saving Time, Saving Lives: Conference Program details, 80 pages. Technical sessions and demonstrations planned.

12th International Conference on Automated Peoplemovers, May 31-June 3, 2009, Atlanta, Georgia - call for Abstracts and Program Information

Hydrogen: Hope or Hype? - Design News Special Report

News regarding Swedish SkyCab PRT activities

New BAA Heathrow ULTra PRT video on YouTube 

Scope of National Academy of Sciences study: American's Energy Future, report with transportation content, final report expected in January, 2009

 Guideway Transportation System with Integrated Magnetic Levitation Suspension, Stabilization and Propulsion Functions, USPTO Patent Application 20080148991

Personal Rapid Transit: Preempting the Need for Oil in Urban Transport, by Bill James

Futuropolis 2058: Creating Sustainable Urban Environments Through Innovation, Singapore, October 21-22, 2008

June, 2008 

Some details about the Masdar eco-city in Abu Dhabi, now under construction

Call for Papers: Cities and Climate Change: Responding to an Urgent Challenge, Marseille, France, June 2009

Dual Mode System Design "Absolutes", by Kirston Henderson of MegaRail, formulated initially in 2000, with additions in 2008 

Proposed System Design Requirements for a Dual Mode Transport System - derived from the CEETI study of dual mode transport

Low Carbon Vehicle development to receive major boost with funds from the U.K. government - 13 projects currently underway,
three more planned
(press release)  For overview, go to the Technology Strategy Board > Innovation Platforms > Low Carbon Vehicles

May, 2008

RUF publishes an Investor Prospectus - good summary of current status  

Full report: Dual Mode Vehicle and Infrastructure Alternatives Analysis, by Christine Ehlig-Economides and Jim Longbottom, Texas A&M University and Texas Transportation Institute, April, 2008. 136 pp.  Also available on-line is the Executive Summary and Table of Contents
These latter two pages also provide CEETI's  definition of Dual Mode, a link to a video that illustrates one type of dual mode system and a link to descriptions of a wide variety of other systems currently being developed around the world.

Link to a new Dual Mode concept called Railbus, being developed in the Netherlands

PRT Activism: Strategies and Attitudes Toward Conventional Transit, by Nathan Koren, 5/2008, 21 pp

Fundamentals of Personal Rapid Transit (the complete book), by Jack Irving, et al, 1977, now available on-line

17th Annual ULI Conference: Developing Master-Planned Communities, Washington, D.C., June 12-13, 2008 

Simulated fly-through of Masdar eco-city, with NPR article, by Foster+Partners, 5 minute video

PRT Applicability to Sustainability, by Peter Muller

April, 2008 

Link to European Local Transport Information Service - aims to be the #1 portal on clean urban transport in Europe

Cities-for-Mobility publishes first eMagazine, contains lots of relevant articles

Link to a website about folding bicycles - deals with first/last mile problem

New Aerotrain website - provides history of this effort by Rohr Industries in early 1970s to develop a tracked air cushion  vehicle
(TACV) for 60 passengers with a speed of 150 mph.

Conference Announcement: Opportunities in Transportation Infrastructure, Washington, D.C., May 14-16, '08

Scomi Transportation Systems now marketing its second generation monorail to SE Asia and the Middle East 

2008 Pocket Guide to transportation statistics, now available on-line

International Transport Statistics Database website launched, includes all G8 nations and others

A New Business Model for Urban Transportation, illustrates a transit utility concept using a PRT application example in the Dulles Airport Corridor in Northern Virginia, by Paul Hoffman, Booz-Allen-Hamilton, January '08, Power Point file, 14 megs

Conference Announcement: Cities-for-Mobility, World Congress, June 1-4, 2008, Stuttgart, Germany, English version

March, 2008

Program of the National Hydrogen Association conference, Sacramento, California, March 30-April 3, 2008

Link to an Automotive X-Prize competition blog for current information

Conference Announcement: The Pod Car City: Sustainable Transportation, Sept. 14-16, 2008, Ithaca, New York

New MegaRail presentation describes their Commuter Rail product - has dualmode capability

MegaRail's proposal for the Trans Texas Corridor concept

Relaunch of Intransition magazine: Transportation Planning, Practice and Programs

Link to the Transport Research Knowledge Center in the EU

February, 2008  

3rd Annual Texas Transportation Forum, Austin, Texas, April 20-22, 2008 (includes session on the "future")

Link to a large and excellent collection of innovative transport videos at a website in Norway

Added new subsecond-headways page at ITT website

Magplane signs $1.9 M design contract with Inner Mongolia (see Latest News for press release)  

ULtra PRT/Heathrow project update, includes several ground and one aerial photo of built guideway

High Tech Monorails - 2 disc DVD set now available, world wide coverage of operational systems, includes Shanghai Transrapid maglev

Conference announcement: Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure Systems, March 31 - 1 April, Amsterdam

Link to "Some History of 32 PRT Simulation Programs", new paper by J.E. Anderson

Aerobus gains final approval for completion of high profile project in Weihai, China

Link to a PRT-focused website based in New Zealand

January, 2008

Link to a paper entitled A PRT/Airport Automated Peoplemover (APM) Comparison, 9 pp, by Peter Muller

Comparative Visualization: PRT & Conventional Mass Transit, by Peter Muller (Power Point presentation, reader needed)

Link to a small electric vehicle concept from Switzerland, called Acabion  

Conference announcement: Maglev 2008, 15-18 December '08, San Diego, California

Forum 2008: Transport and Energy: The Challenge of Climate Change, Leipzig Conference Centre, 20-30 May 2008

MagneMotion receives $6.9 M award from FTA to continue urban maglev development work (press release)

Using PRT for goods movements - concepts and illustrations 

Update on ULTra PRT installation at Heathrow Airport, includes construction pictures and videos  

Link to new Australian Skyrail monorail website  

Links to two excellent student project reports; one deals with the design of RUF junctions, the other deals with the design of a RUF route. Both are very impressive examples of what talented and motivated students with good direction can do.
PRT - the connective tissue of better mobility, by J. Schneider

Link to a new RUF movie, mostly animation but also shows prototype vehicle in operation

December, 2007

2nd Annual City Logistics Expo, Padova, Italy, 27-29 November 2008

Transportation blog initiatied by French student - contributions and comments welcome

New contribution to the Dualmode debate page: An Interface Standard for a General Transport System, by Bengt Gustafsson

New contribution to PRT debate page: Fitting PRT into an Existing Multimodal Environment, by Richard Gronning

New book entitled Transport Revolutions: Moving People and Freight without Oil, by Gilbert and Perl, Table of Contents, forthcoming, January, 2008

Severe shortfalls in current public transport - and why podcars may make the difference, by Gran Tegnr

November, 2007  

Transportation Research Board publication: Intelligent Transportation Systems and Vehicle-Highway Automation, 2007

New brochure from Vectus PRT now available on-line

HOVER - High Occupancy Vehicles on Express Routes  -- ride sharing concept from New Zealand

Link to Cities-for-Mobility website - a global network of cities dealing with urban mobility issues

Link to A General Transport System - paper from the Swedish Institute for Transport and Communications Analysis (SIKA)

Link to Automated Transport Systems website - describes preferred attributes of a dualmode system

October, 2007

TRB Session on Dual-Mode Transportation: Benefits and Challenges

Link to City Mobil project website - a large scale effort in the EU to develop automated urban transport systems   

Videos of presentations at the October PodCar conference in Uppsala now available on-line

Updated SkyWeb Express website now available

Vectus PRT Quicktime movie that shows one vehicle being operated on Uppsala test track

BBC CyberCar demo video from the Daventry PRT conference

Updated, excellent,  Bubbles and Beams PRT video from Sweden on YouTube

Conference: Sustainability - the Future of Transportation, Anaheim, CA, Dec. 2-5, 2007

Magplane to build maglev pipeline in Mongolia

September, 2007

Book: Transit Systems Theory by J. Edward Anderson, 1978, now available on-line, 20 MB download

Announcement: Transportation Research Board, Annual Meeting, January 13-17, Washington, D.C.

ATRA 2008 Call for Papers for January '08 meeting (date changed to January 12)

Major feasibility study from SkyWeb Express - includes results from several  large scale simulations - 43 pp

National Geographic video report on Transrapid Maglev development and initial application in China 

New ULTra PRT animation on YouTube

Two new videos now available for Ollie Mikosza's MISTER PRT system from Poland

Updated Tubeway website from Germany, now features thin film PV for solar energy collection

New marketing brochure from SkyWeb Express: Product Introduction

Updated invitation to The Podcar City conference and details of the conference program, October 1-2, Upsalla, Sweden

CargoRail Port Operating Plan presentation for Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles assessment, 9/2007, 10 pp.

Two PRT articles are published in the September issue of Transport Times in the U.K. > click on Current Issue

August, 2007

Conference announcement: 1st World Forum on Sustainable Mobility, Nantes, France, December 9-12, 2007

Austin, TX,  inventor of TriTrack to be included in the Automotive X Prize competition

Update for the Flyda monobeam technology - patents have expired and are now in the public domain

National Automated Highway System Consortium Reports from 1997 now available online -
includes details from San Diego automated vehicle technologies at Demo '97.

July, 2007

New System 21 blog, illustrations, technical details and general discussion,  by Larry Edwards

Conference Announcement - Daventry Transport, September 26, 2007 (located in the U.K.)

Compendium of Innovative Transport Design, Planning and Operational Simulation Software Packages - update

PRT Standards conference, Minneapolis (Fridley), MN, September 19, 2007, sponsored by ATRA

PRT simulation software course by Ed Anderson now available

June, 2007 

Collaboration among Mutually Dependent Players is Required to Achieve Large Scale Change in a Ground Transportation System, by Jim Longbottom

Development of the Containerization Industry as a Close Analogy for PRT Advocates, by Nathan Koren

Video that explains Masdar Initiative in Abu Dhabi, includes PRT circulation system > go to media centre > video files

PRT article in Business 2.0 magazine, June 1, issue, now posted at CNN website (it's mostly about the ULTra PRT project at Heathrow Airport)

Customer Response to a Dual Mode Personal Rapid Transit System, MBA Thesis by Yonas Jongkind, Simon Fraser University, 2006, 74 pp.

International PRT Conference, October 1-2, 2007, Uppsala, Sweden - information now available

Report on the Feasibility of PRT in Santa Cruz, California, by Jeral Poskey  

New eco-city project in Abu Dhabi will be auto-free and use a PRT technology for internal circulation > go to NEWS, page 3

Applicability of Tax Increment Financing or Business Improvement Districts to Building Personal Rapid Transit, by Jeral Poskey

Video from Swedish TV showing Vectus PRT test facility in operation, with English translation

New dualmode animation from Qwiklane, 9+ minutes

May, 2007 

Bubbles and Beams - a delightful PRT/dualmode animation from Sweden

Paper on linear motor design for close and secure control of numerous vehicles on a guideway now available

New website: Next generation of mass transit - NOWAIT Transit of Sweden 

Report on a PRT seminar held in Lule, Sweden

Call for Papers, 2nd Annual National Urban Freight Conference 2007, December 5-7, Long Beach, California 

Call for Papers, Chinese conference on Urban Transport, Beijing, August 2-4, 2007

New Jersey PRT Study Final Report released, 144 pp, pdf format

New PRT system concept, called Y-Rail from Austria

April, 2007

City of Lule, Sweden, encouraged to consider a PRT application (located 940 km north of Stockholm)

PRT consulting firm launches new website, focused on PRT applications in So. California.

Japanese Dual Mode Vehicle,  works on roads and rail - YouTube video 

TEXXI - the taxi you text with a cellular phone for a shared ride

Conference announcement and call for papers: 11 th International Conference on Mobility and Transport for
Elderly and Disabled Persons (TRANSED): June 18-21, 2007;  Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Call for Papers, Challenges and Opportunities Towards More Sustainable Transportation, Taipei, 4-6 December 2007

Marketing Strategy of the HSST Maglev System

Cabintaxi video now available on YouTube

March, 2007

Recent Q&A session with J. Edward Anderson, regarding Personal Rapid Transit

Urban Life with PRT - ATRA's Second Morgantown, WV, Seminar, May 4-5, 2007

Where Transportation is Going: Transportation in the CLIOS Era, Seminar by Prof. Joseph Sussman, MIT, at Portland State University, Portland, Oregon

Future by Design - website includes cities, energy, construction, transportation, space ideas, by Jacque Fresco - Futurist

Ideawicket - Open Source Innovation Portal for novel ideas, designs, innovations and inventions; transportation category is provided

ITS America Annual Meeting, Palm Springs, CA, June 4-6, 2007, 35 page conference brochure now available provides program details

February, 2007

Toy maglev train video on YouTube - in German, high temperature superconductor, simple device, absolutely amazing.

Call for Papers: Fifth International Symposium on Underground Freight Transportation by Capsule Pipelines and other Tube/Tunnel Systems, University of Texas at Arlington, Texas, March, 2008

Link to Edmontonians for PRT website (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

Paul Hoffman's PRT presentation at the TRB meeings, "Personal Rapid Transit, Strategies for Advancing the State of the Industry, Washington, D.C., January, 2007 (requires PowerPoint reader), 7 megs

Illustrative PRT network design for Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, by Eric Baumgartner

S.A.T project features small vehicles that can move horizontally, vertically and on a sloped guideway.

The State of Urban Transportation, by J. Edward Anderson (written in 1970 but the problems are still the same, only much worse).

Transporting Freight Containers by Pneumatic Capsule Pipeline (PCP): Port Security and Other Issues, TRB paper by Henry Liu, July 2006 

Draft report on the feasibility of Personal Rapid Transit in Santa Cruz, California, 52 pp  (listed under Transportation Planning Program header)

TEXXI - the taxi you text with a cellular phone for a shared ride - operating now in Liverpool and San Francisco.  A 13 MB video
is available that describes how the system is operated at: http://www.texxi.com/pro/texxi.nsf/videoviewer?OpenPage&video=driversbys

High Capacity Personal Rapid Transit, Rationale, Attributes, Status, Economics, Benefits, by J. Edward Anderson, January '07, 20 pp

January, 2007 

Preliminary Proposal for a PRT Network for Daventry, U.K. (press release)

Link to MegaRail's updated and extended CargoRail presentation to the Gateway Council of Governments Board of Directors and two COG Cargo Transportation Study Groups for Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, January 17, 2007

Link to a paper entitled "Major Activity Center PRT Circulator Design: Hacienda Business Park" (California), by Steve Raney

Link to a study focused on the design of an extensive PRT network that could assist the solution of some transportation and air pollution problems in the Melbourne region

Link to Open Source (OScar) project website - a group working on the design of a simple and functional auto concept
to spread mobility, using Open Source principles

JPods PRT signs agreement with Swiss company to commercialize its automated transit concept in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
-- Link to JPods website


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