Hyperloop Information, Commentary and Related Concepts

Link to full details from the August 13, 2013, 57 page announcement:

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Links to Commentary and Similar Concepts

Beyond the Hype of Hyperloop: An Analysis of Elon Musk's Proposed Transit System , by Brian Dodson with 30 comments, published in Gizmag



Link to Evacuated Tube Transport website - similar concept - has been under development during last 20 years, some joint activity with a research project in China. (for information about Chinese activity, click here)

Link to website for the Rohr Aerotrain, a tracked air-cushion vehicle, designed and demonstrated about 40 years ago (1973).

Links to other transport concepts that make use of automation and  pipelines for transport of people, autos and cargo

Summary of the National Maglev Study that examined the feasibility of using Interstate Highway routes for maglev trains - and found
that the geometric alignments were not suitable in most cases for higher the higher speeds proposed for maglev technology.

Hyperloop Technology: extensive documentation of issues and solutions needed, 76 pages



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