Alden DAVe (Dual-mode Autonomous Vehicle) System

The DAVe (Dual-mode Autonomous Vehicle) System consists of a fleet of DAVes which can operate three ways:

  • autonomously
  • under operator control
  • under remote control from the CCC (Control and Communication Center)

DAVE is a truly personal means of transportation, but it goes far beyond the capabilities of the Morgantown and other, present Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) systems.

Users can call a DAVe to their location with a mobile or landline phone and activate a DAVe with a credit or debit card. A DAVe follows a virtual map in its computer.

 There are two presentations and one video available that provide some addition details about the DAVe concept:

  This YouTube video is a presentation about a DAVe application concept at Logan Airport, in Boston, MA

  Substantial details about the DAVe concept are provided in this pdf file

  Alden's response to a Request for Interest from the Minnesota DOT

  Alden's response to a Request for Interest from Santa Cruz, California

  Another presentation entitled "WASTE" is available here.

Last modified: March 14, 2012