PRT circulator sketch for Perimeter Center, located in suburban Atlanta, Georgia

On June 3, 2009, an informal presentation was made to some Perimeter Center stakeholders
including the Perimeter Transportation Coalition, requesting that PRT be considered as an
option in long-term planning efforts. The presentation was relatively vendor neutral, as any
US PRT system that eventually moves forward with government funding must go through
an open, competitive procurement.

Perimeter Center is one of the largest employment centers in the southeastern US
It is  a major high-rise edge city within metro Atlanta,  located about 15 miles north-northeast
of downtown Atlanta

Perimeter Mall is at the center of a large collection of buildings housing a variety of activities.
There are 115,000 jobs in the corridor, with 213,000 jobs expected by 2013. Overall, it
represents a $3 billion real estate investment, which includes 4,000 businesses, 248 office
buildings, 40,000 residents, 26M square feet of office space (16M is Class A), 6M square
feet of retail, and four MARTA rail transit stations.

Georgia's statewide Investing in Tomorrow's Transportation Today (IT3)
partnership is lead by Governor Perdue, GDOT, and GRTA. (http://

PRT for Perimeter Center represents an investment in reliable, connecting infrastructure,
as called for by IT3 and identifies the need for premium circulators.  PRT is world's best
first- and last-mile circulator and is faster than a car. No other circulator approaches
the speed and ridership potential of PRT.

A PRT circulator for Perimeter Center would help to better match infrastructure investment
and real estate development, as called for by IT3. IT3 calls for additional investments in the
densest centers. Perimeter Center is the largest job center in the southern U.S., hence justifies
additional investment. provides an initial sketch-level PRT
network alignment, additional details and aerial photos of the area covered in the PRT

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Last modified: August 16, 2015