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STEM songs

Founded in February of 1999, this site offers songs I have written and co-written about various STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) topics. To view song lyrics, listen to MP3s, etc., please make a selection from the menu below. MP3 and PDF files can be downloaded to your hard drive by right-clicking (if you use a PC) or control-clicking (if you use a Mac) on the song title and selecting the appropriate option (usually "Save Target As..." or "Download Link to Disk...").

Or, for a slightly less Crowther-centric view of the STEM music universe, visit SingAboutScience.org.

Anatomy & Physiology Songs
29 Reasons [2002]: lyrics, MP3 (by Science Groove), video
Bones in Orbit [2014]: lyrics, score
Bones of the Human Limbs [2014]: lyrics, score
Calcium Homeostasis [2014]: lyrics, score
Cardiac Conduction Hoedown [2015]: lyrics, score
Cardiac Output & Pulmonary Ventilation [2015]: lyrics, MP3 (demo), score
The Cells of Connective Tissue Proper [2014]: lyrics, score
Countercurrent Flow [2015]: lyrics, score
Cranial Nerve Functions [2014]: lyrics, MP3 (demo), score
Electrochemical Gradients [2014]: lyrics, score
Erythropoietin [2014]: lyrics, MP3 (demo), score
Fick's Law of Diffusion [2014]: lyrics, MP3 (demo), score, video
Glucose, Glucose [2000]: lyrics, MP3 (by Science Groove), video (by mhoowen)
Glucose Homeostasis [2015]: lyrics, score
Heart Valves [2015]: lyrics, score
Henle's Water Music [2014/2015]: lyrics, MP3 (demo), score
How Muscles Contract [2014]: lyrics, score
Hypohypothalamus [2015]: lyrics, score
Hyperthermic [2015]: lyrics, score
In-Lever, Out-Lever (Station 8) [2015]: lyrics, MP3 (demo), score, video
Insecty Things [1998]: lyrics
Keratin and Melanin [2014]: lyrics, MP3 (demo), score
Maximum Jump [2002]: lyrics
Medulla Oblongata [2014]: lyrics, score
Meet My Threshold [2014]: lyrics
Moths In Love [1996]: lyrics
Muscles of the Face [2014]: lyrics, score
Myofibrils [2001]: lyrics, MP3 (by Science Groove), video
The Nernst Equation [2014]: lyrics, MP3 (demo), score, video
Orbital Groove [2015]: lyrics, score
Pennate or Parallel? [2015]: lyrics, score
Phototransduction [2015]: lyrics, MP3 (demo), score
The Place Principle [2014]: lyrics, MP3 (demo), score
Poiseuille's Law of Laminar Flow [2014]: lyrics, MP3 (demo), score, video
Quads and Hamstrings [2014]: lyrics, score
Right Heart, Left Heart [2015]: lyrics, score
Shoulders Versus Hips [2015]: lyrics, score
Smooth or Striated? [2014]: lyrics, MP3 (demo), score
The Sodium Jeer [2014]: lyrics, MP3 (demo), score
Squeeze Me Tight ... Or Squeeze Me Gently [2015]: lyrics, score
Surface Area-to-Volume Ratio [2014]: lyrics, MP3 (demo), score, video
Synovial Joints [2014]: lyrics, score
That's What Slugs Are For [1997]: lyrics, MP3 (by Jessica Raaum)
Theme from Bio 334B [2002]: lyrics
The Three Planes (Coronal, Sagittal, Transverse) [2014]: lyrics, MP3 (demo), score
Total Lung Capacity [2015]: lyrics, score
Unnatural Blues [2002]: lyrics
Veins [1999]: lyrics
Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels [2015]: lyrics, score
Where Are Your Fontanelles, Philip Crowther? [2015]: lyrics, MP3 (demo), score
Where Is That Sound? [2014]: lyrics, MP3 (demo), score
Biochemistry Songs
A is for Alanine [1999]: lyrics
Amino Acid Jazz [2012]: MP3 (demo), score
Building a Histidine [1999]: lyrics, MP3 (by Jessica Raaum)
Come On Down (The Electron Transport Chain) [2000]: lyrics, MP3 by Sam Reid, MP3 by Science Groove
Delta G [ca. 2000]: lyrics
Necessary But Not Sufficient [2002]: lyrics, MP3 (by Science Groove), score, video
Oxidative Phosphorylation [2002]: lyrics, MP3 (by Science Groove)
Polymerase [2013]: lyrics, MP3 (by DNA's Child), video
The River of Enzymes [2002]: lyrics
The Schiff Base Riff [1998]: lyrics, score
Semiconservative Science Dude [2002]: lyrics, score
Sphingo [1995]: lyrics
Thermal Melt with You [2012]: lyrics
The Waltz Of The Ribosomes [2002]: lyrics, MP3
Microbiology Songs
Good Bacteria [2012]: lyrics, score, video (by UWTV)
M. extorquens, Metabolic Superstar [2005]: lyrics
Modes Of Transmission [2012]: lyrics, video (by UWTV)
Methylotrophs [2005]: lyrics
Money 4 Drugz [2011]: lyrics, MP3, video (by Ryan Choi)
Plasmodium falciparum [2012]: lyrics, score, video
Viruses Are Comin' To Town [1987]: lyrics
Zombies Versus Trypanosomatids [2012]: lyrics, score, video
Miscellaneous Songs
3.14159/Pi [1998]: lyrics, MP3 (by Joel Tetreault)
Anteater [1996]: lyrics
Baby Studies Bio [1999]: lyrics, score
The Ballad of Roy G. Biv [1996]: lyrics, score
Blowin' in the Wind [1997]: lyrics
Brad Moon Falling [2000]: lyrics
Calibration [1999]: lyrics
Cell Division [2014]: lyrics, score
Erica [1999]: lyrics, MP3 (by Joel Tetreault), score
Figure (Needs A Legend) [2003]: lyrics
Genotype Versus Phenotype [2005]: lyrics, score
Help Me Rhombus [1998]: lyrics
Hooray For NMR Spectroscopy! [2001]: lyrics, MP3 (by Science Groove), score
I Love the Lab [1997]: lyrics
I Saw You With His Lab Coat On [1999]: lyrics, score
Knockin' On Kevin's Door [2011]: lyrics
Lactose Bends the Protein [2015]: lyrics, MP3 (demo), score
Leaving For The Membrane [2012]: lyrics
MTA [2012]: lyrics
Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Chemists [1999]: lyrics
Mitosis [2005]: lyrics, score
The Nucleus I Like Best [2001]: lyrics, MP3 (by Science Groove), score, video
Okazaki Fragments [2013]: lyrics
Old Marc Binder Had A Lab [2001]: lyrics
Organic Chemistry [2001]: lyrics, MP3 (by Eric Chase)
Passionate Fishes [2000]: lyrics
The Phantom Of The Copper Coil [2001]: lyrics, MP3 (by Science Groove)
Photosynthesis Calypso [2004]: lyrics
The Professor And The Punk [1999]: lyrics, MP3 (with Do Peterson), score
Regeneration [1998]: lyrics
Science Geek Like Me [2013]: lyrics
Scientific State of Mind [2011]: lyrics, MP3 (by David Newman), video
Show Me The Data! [2003]: lyrics, score
The Solution [poem] [1996]: lyrics
Stayin' Alive [1997]: lyrics
The Swedish Thing [2000]: lyrics
Take Me to the Liver [1996]: lyrics, MP3 (with Do Peterson)
Ten Percent Chance [2011]: lyrics
These Cells Are Your Cells [2003]: lyrics, video (by UWTV)
Twinkle, Twinkle, T2* [2002]: lyrics, MP3 (by Science Groove), video
The Two-Law Ditty [2004]: lyrics
Two Main Types Of Cells [2005]: lyrics, score
Vestigial Organ [1997]: lyrics, score
What's The Frequency, Kenneth? [1999]: lyrics
What Cell Is This? [2004]: lyrics
You Don't Wash My Glassware [1998]: lyrics
You're My Null [2014]: lyrics, MP3 (by Will Crowley), video