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This part of the website is a potpourri of stuff that doesn't quite fit under Basics, Courses, or Research. This includes everything listed under the Miscellany header in the navigation bar at left, plus the external links listed below.

Quasi-random links

Altitude Camp (2000)
The all-too-human side of a scientific study on endurance performance.

Biology Education Research Group (BERG)
This dynamic, diverse bunch meets weekly at the University of Washington (Seattle).

DNA Illustrated
The scientific illustration side business of my colleague Steve Nakazawa Hewitt.

National Center for Science Education
An organization devoted to the defense of teaching evolution in public schools.

Science in the Classroom
Papers from the journal Science, made accessible to advanced high school and early college students.

Team-Based Learning
A compelling model of pedagogy developed by Larry Michaelson at the University of Oklahoma in the 1970s.