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This part of the website is a potpourri of stuff that doesn't quite fit under Basics, Courses, or Research. This includes everything listed under the Miscellany header in the navigation bar at left, plus the following links, which represent various biology education-related groups to which I am (closely or loosely) connected:

  • APS (American Physiological Society, Teaching Section)
  • HAPS (Human Anatomy & Physiology Society)
  • NABT (National Association of Biology Teachers)
  • PALM (Promoting Active Learning and Mentoring)
  • PMIG (Physiology Majors Interest Group)
  • PULSE (Partnership for Undergraduate Life Sciences Education)
  • SABER (Society for the Advancement of Biology Education Research)
  • UW-BERG/BLT (Biology Education Research Group/Biology Learning and Teaching)
  • VAuLTS (Values-Based Academic Leadership Trajectories for Women in STEM)