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Undergraduate Advising

As required of all full-time faculty at EvCC, I am a Program Advisor, meaning that I help students choose academic courses appropriate for their goals. Most of my current advisees are pre-nursing students, who follow the top poster of the Shuksan Hall wall display shown below.

These pre-nursing students have two main pre-nursing pathway options, which I've summarized in a Google Doc called Pre-Nursing Options at EvCC. One option is for students who wish to take both their prerequisites and their nursing coureses at EvCC, winding up with an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN). The other option is for students who wish to take their prerequisites at EvCC and then transfer to a four-year school for their nursing courses, winding up with a Bachloer of Science in Nursing (BSN).

If you are one of my advisees and you wish to speak with me, please email me (gcrowther@everettcc.edu) with the following information:

  • what you want to discuss
  • whether you prefer to meet at my office (Shuksan 118) or in my zoom room
  • some upcoming days/times that you are available
  • anything else that you would like me to know about you