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What cell is this?

This parody (written by Greg Crowther) is sung to the tune of "What Child Is This" (words by William Dix; traditional English melody).


What cell is this in the microscope?
What form of life have I noticed?
Perhaps a plant or animal,
Bacterium, fungus, or protist.

But look, look at the chromosome!
Within the cell, there's one alone.
And no, no organelles in sight --
It must be prokaryotic!

What cell is this in which I see
The ribosomes a-floating?
All forms of life depend upon
These tiny makers of protein.

But look, look -- there's a nucleus,
Surrounded by an outer crust!
Yes, yes, there are organelles --
It must be eukaryotic!


An introduction to the key differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, written and performed for students in Biology 212 in the spring of 2003.