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As a biology instructor, I take pleasure and pride in creating worksheets that students can use to actively process the material they are learning. My worksheets are in the general spirit of "POGIL" (Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning), though they do not strictly follow all of the POGIL tenets, such as limiting each group member to a specific defined role. Examples (in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint format) are below. They were originally created for use in introductory anatomy & physiology courses, either for biology majors or for pre-clinical students. Answer keys are available upon request; send requests to gcrowther@everettcc.edu. I welcome feedback and other comments.

Cardiovascularblood; the heart
Digestivedigestive disorders
Integumentarywhy is hair straight or curly?
Nervousmembrane potential; how neurons communicate
Skeletalstress fractures in young runners; exercise and arthritis
Urinary the nephron