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A & P

by Greg Crowther


This is a sentimental song about saying goodbye to my students at the end of a course in human anatomy and physiology ("A&P"). It was originally written for the UW-Bothell pre-nursing students I taught in summer 2017. It consists of spoken verses and a sung chorus, and may be performed with Shawn Mullins' "Lullaby" (1998) as a template.


Like a mammary gland
During months of lactation,
Iíve been feeding you facts
Throughout this course.
But like synovial joints
With a single axis of rotation,
You'll soon be pivoting
Toward a different source.

My sinoatrial node
Keeps my heart beating;
My medulla oblongata
Keeps my breathing rate high.
But, deep in my cerebrum,
My amygdala is grieving.
Yeah, even physiologists
Find it hard to say goodbye.

Take this knowledge with you to the clinic;
You will see . . . A and P!
Save your textbook, and understand what's in it!
You will see . . . what you need: . . . A and P!

You've observed a lot of slides
With your retinal rods and cones;
You have heard a lot of terms
With the hair cells in your cochlea.
I hope transmission was great
Through cranial nerve number eight
When I shook the vocal folds in my larynx
To talk to ya.

And if your hippocampus
Has been getting things done,
You'll retain a lot of this
For years to come.