My filing cabinet

My filing cabinet ...

The large collection of figures linked to from here is my filing cabinet of work in progress. (In fact, much of it never progressed anywhere beyond these pages, in some cases for good reason ....). Instead of the large piles of printouts I used to have on my desk and tables and in physical folders, I now keep this stuff electronically. It's easier to organize and keep track of that way, not to mention saving paper. Most of it is intended for myself or collaborators, and generally will be hard to rummage through and make sense of without guidance. In addition, many of the figures are experimental tests and don't necessarily represent anything real.

View with caution!

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Upper case links are secondary figure lists, lower case are gif files.

Pacific circulation

PACS (East Pacific) work

PUMP pages

El Niño stuff

(This is a rather miscellaneous collection of figures made over the years ...)

Salinity, etc

Model Output and Comparisons

TAO data figures

(Pretty old stuff. More recent figures are in other pages according to the topic)


OK, call it leftovers!

"A scientist should use statistics the way a drunk uses a lamppost: not for enlightenment but just for orientation". (George Philander)

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