Moore, Kloosterziel and Kessler 1997 Abstract

Evolution of Mixed Rossby Gravity Waves

Moore, D.W., R.C. Kloosterziel and W.S. Kessler, 1997

Journal of Geophysical Research, 103, 5331-5346.

A Green's function is derived which can be used to study and predict the evolution of the velocity and pressure fields associated with the mixed Rossby-gravity wave component of the totality of motions due to forcing on an equatorial beta-plane. Also initial value problems can be solved with the aid of the Green's function. Since energy associated with this mode always travels east, the Green's function can be employed to predict what signal should arrive to the east of a given location if the time history of the fields are known at that position. Various simple analytical examples are discussed. A numerical ocean generial circulation model is used to assess the usefulness of the Green's function formalism.
The paper is available at the AGU website, but it is a 47Mb pdf file. Try the library, or e-mail me for a copy.

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