Yanai wave model figures

Yanai wave model comparison figures

Comparisons between a GCM run and theoretical calculation for Yanai waves due to meridional wind forcing in the western edge of a basin. The forcing is weak Tau-y, turned on at t=0 and remaining steady thereafter, uniform in y over a region 26° longitude wide along the western boundary of the model. The model v-field is projected onto vertical modes (see vertical baroclinic mode figures below), and then onto the Yanai wave meridional structure function. The figures below show some comparisons between the model and theoretical solutions.

Read the abstract: Moore, Kloosterziel and Kessler (1997).
Figures showing the projection of the model zonal and meridional current fields onto vertical modes. Hofmuller diagram of the theoretical and model Yanai wave vertical mode 1 solutions. The following figures are time series comparisons at several longitudes east of the forcing region (vertical slices through the Hofmuller diagram above).
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