Sverdrup page

Some Sverdrup work

  1. Curl and Sverdrup transport streamfunctions (link to C.R. dome work):
    FSU winds (1961-96)    ECMWF (1985-96)    FSU (1985-96)    ERS (1991-97)

  2. Work with ERS winds (Aug 1991 - Jul 2000)
    1. Comparison with Quikscat: ERS mean curl (record-length and Quikscat period)   ERS and Quikscat mean curl (Quikscat period)  
    2. Comparison with FSU:
      1. Tau-x  (Near-Eq)
      2. Vector Tau  (Near-Eq)  (With stress magnitude)
      3. Curl  (Near-Eq)
      4. Streamfunction  (Near-Eq)
      5. Sverdrup U  (Near-Eq)
      6. Sverdrup P  (Near-Eq)
    3. Compare other curls: ERS - ECMWF - H+R - FSU  Add NCEP (same as H+R?)  Check ECMRA, too
    4. Another way to look at ECMRA curl (winds across the front): Tau-x  Tau-y
    5. Cold and warm season ERS curl  Detail 10°S-10°N, 150°W-70°W
    6. ERS and Quikscat Windspeed    
    7. ERS Sverdrup Streamfunction: 30°S-30°N  10°S-20°N  (extra contours)  Sverdrup zonal transport  
    8. Sverdrup zonal current (USv, Ug, UEk30°S-30°N  (Near Eq)
    9. Sverdrup transport maxima in the NECC and NEC (ERS and FSU)
    10. Zonal transport: Sverdrup, ADCP, Ug
    11. Transport integrated over individual currents: All  Omit NEC and SEC(S)  SEC(N) only
    12. Zonal momentum balance along the equator:
      1. Compare dP/dx = Tau-x along equator (Johnson CTD P)   Overlay model dP/dx
      2. dP/dx as a function of Depth: dP/dx  d(DH)/dx
      3. Tau-x: Yearly means  Yearly anomalies
      4. Zonal mean zonal wind (time series)
    13. Annual cycles: 
          Curl  (Near-Eq)  Streamfunction  (Near-Eq)  Usv  (Near-Eq)  Bimonthly Curl: Curl  (Near-Eq)
          Sverdrup Transports: 150°E  180°  150°W  120°W
          Sverdrup Currents: SEC(S)  Eq(Positive)  SEC(N)  NECC  NEC

  3. Work with Quikscat winds
    1. Comparing Sverdrup stuff: FSU and Quikscat:
      Tau-x   Tau-y   Curl   d/dy(Curl)   Curl(Tau/f)   Vg=(f/B)Curl(Tau/f)   Streamfunction   dP/dx   P   Ug   Ug at 150°E
      With difference maps:
      Tau-x   Tau-y   Curl   Curl(Tau/f)   Vg=(f/B)Curl(Tau/f)   (f/B)Curl(Tau)   Streamfunction  Vectors   dP/dx   P   Ug   Usv   Uek
      Terms of dP/dx:Pacific  Detail near Equator
      Sverdrup zonal current (Usv, Ug, Uek):Pacific  Detail near Equator
    2. Compare Sverdrup stuff, Wind and XBT: 
      Meridional section of Ug, 140°E-170°E: 10°S-20°N  With Smoothed Quikscat  10°S-30°N
      Maps of zonal geostrophic transport: FSU-Quikscat-XBT  Same but with FSU during Quikscat year
    3. Sverdrup streamfunction and Integrated Pressure (Quikscat)
    4. Compare Quikscat (1 year mean) with ERS (1991-97 mean): Sverdrup pressure
          Zonal Transport: Pacific  N Pacific  145°E
    5. Sverdrup zonal geostrophic transport at 145°E  Compare XBT integrated geostrophic transport
    6. Check Quikscat year: compare with FSU winds that year only
    7. Compare Sverdrup P with obs (W Pacific) P from IFREMER XBTs

  4. Work with the Gent/Cane model

    The pressure gradient in sigma coordinates is rather complicated.
    See /h/p/k/pacs/inverse/ers/pgfk.jnlb for the correct implementation of Gent/Cane (1989) eqn (55)!

    1. Mean currents at 180°-140°W: FSU winds: u  v  ERS winds: u  v
    2. Surface zonal current (ERS winds)
    3. Mean surface dp/dy (gd(sealevel)/dy)

      Looking at the nonlinear terms ...

    4. Compare total u and ug160°E  180°  160°W  140°W  120°W  100°W   Surface layer
    5. Also show advective u:  160°E  180°  160°W  140°W  120°W  100°W   
    6. dP/dx and Tau-x (ERS winds, Johnson CTD, GC model)
    7. Sverdrup balance comparison (BV=Curl(Tau): 25°S-25°N  15°S-15°N
    8. Sverdrup and non-Sverdrup transport: Sverdrup  non-Sverdrup  Check the sum against total (u)
    9. Mean zonal transports: utotal, ug, uadv
    10. Compare full winds with Tau/10 ("linear") run: dP/dx and Tau-x  Sea level along the Equator  EUC (x,z)
    11. Check the computation of vuy and vvy using mean or time-dependent u and v
    12. Mean vuy and vvy:  Surface values: uux  vuy  uvx  vvy   (y,z) section: (180°-140°W)
    13. Surface layer (uTotal-ug) and -vvy/f  

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