Figures from KRC 1997

Figures from Kessler, Rothstein and Chen (1997)

Abstract of paper

Figure list

  1. Mean observed and modeled SST.
  2. Annual cycle of SST. Observed and modeled.
  3. Annual cycle of observed zonal and meridional winds and SST in the eastern equatorial Pacific.
  4. Observed and modeled mixed layer depth at 110°W.
  5. Mean currents and temperature at 110°W. Obs and model.
  6. Model mean meridional circulation.
  7. Model mean w and surface u,v vectors.
  8. Observed and modeled annual cycles of U, V, T at 0°, 110°W
  9. V at 0°, 110°W. Observed and modeled.
  10. Eddy and low-frequency SST advection.
  11. Upper layer model SST balance at 2°S-2°N, 120°W-90°W.
  12. Annual cycle solar radiation and clouds in the eastern tropical Pacific.
  13. Zonal wind and model vertical velocity.
  14. SST and eddy velocity on 15 September.
  15. Demeaned heat balance terms: Air-sea and total ocean.
  16. Comparison of SST for the standard run and three altered-forcing experiments.