TIW figures

TIW figures ...

    A summary showing the annual cycle of 21-day (15 to 36-day half-power band) energy at each TAO buoy.
  1. Tropical Instability Wave Variability Observed by TAO Buoys

    TIW variability south of the equator (?).
    These examples at 5°S and 5°N, 125°W show 20-30 day temperature variability, and surprisingly(?) it is quite prominent at the 300m level. Why is it there???

  2. Temperature at 5°S, 125°W (TAO)
  3. Temperature at 5°N, 125°W (TAO)
  4. Dynamic Ht and T(120m) and T(300m) at 5°S, 125°W (TAO)
  5. Dynamic Ht and T(120m) and T(300m) at 5°N, 125°W (TAO)

  6. Meridional currents at 0°, 140°W during 1996-98 (TAO VACM)