TCSS 321, Winter 2013


Discrete Structures 1

SLN 19757
4:15am-6:20 Monday & Wednesday
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Some extra study or prep materials, depending on who you are:

Relavent videos and comics Old Course Websites
Context for Booth video Worksheets source
Booth @ the End (15:47-17:11) logic wks source
learning Python logic2 wks source
Extra Credit 1 source
argument intro source
Examples during lecture proof intro source
Sage Examples set intro source
Argument Names source cardinality source
Set Names source functions source
Sage Lab Materials matrices source
Sage Instructions mod intro source
Intro to Sage relations source
Lab 1 (Logic) relations again source
Lab 2 (Sets) induction intro (partial key) source
Lab 3 (Mod) Extra Credit 2 source

Homework Quizzes & Exams .tex files
Homework 1 quiz 1 (solutions) source
Homework 2 Exam 1 (solutions) source
Homework 3 quiz 2 (solutions) source
Homework 4 Exam 2 (solutions) source
Homework 5 quiz 3 (solutions) source
fall '12 final (solutions) source