Fritz Scholz

Affiliate Professor
Department of Statistics
Office: Padelford C-310
Office Phone: 206-543-3866
Phone for messages: 206-543-7237
e-mail: fritz at stat dot washington dot edu
or fscholz at u dot washington dot edu
Short Vita
Vordiplom (pre-diploma) in Mathematics and Physics (1965) University of Göttingen, Germany.
Ph.D. in Statistics (1971), Department of Statistics, University of California, Berkeley,
with thesis on Comparison of Optimal Location Estimators.
Assistant Professor at the UW Mathematics Department 1972-78.
Joined the Applied Statistics Group at Boeing in 1978
Boeing Technical Fellow (1991), retired from Boeing, September 2006.
Fellow of the American Statistical Association (1997).
Work and research interest while at Boeing:
Bootstrap methods, reliability theory, Weibull analysis, software reliability, statistical tolerancing,
extreme value analysis, quality control.

Some reports/papers:
  • The Bootstrap Small Sample Properties.
  • Unified Confidence Bounds for Censored Weibull Data With Covariates.
  • Tolerance Bounds and Cpk Confidence Bounds under Batch effects.
  • Hole Pinning Clearance.
  • Hole Alignment Tolerance Stacking Issues.
  • Tolerance Stack Analysis Methods.
  • Small Sample Uni- and Multivariate Control Charts for Means.
  • Applications of the Noncentral t-Distribution.
  • Nonparametric Tail Extrapolation.
  • Etymology of Terms in Statistics and Probability .
    Recent Presentations:
  • Statistics in Aviation, Celebrating 100 Years of Flight,
    Keynote address at the Spring Research Conference in Dayton 2003.
  • A Career in Statistics , Thursday, February 23, 2006,
  • Undergraduate Mathematical Sciences Seminar at the University of Washington,
    Thursday, Feb. 3, 2011.
    Brass Grain Probes (Triers):
    I ran across the following sampling devices at the Museum of the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) and on the web.
    Exhibit Label, Probe 1 , Probe 2 , Probe 3 , Probe 4 , Probe 5
    Presumably there is a strong connection to the German term "Stichprobe" for sample.
    I have transcribed to LaTeX the unpublished Bell Labroratories Memorandum The Infinitesimal Jackknife by Louis Jaeckel.