Undergraduate Research Projects

The following projects were done as Ch.E. 499 projects at the University of Washington, under the supervision of Professor Bruce A. Finlayson. Over 100 undergraduates did these projects from Spring, 2001 through Spring, 2009.

Spring, 2001
•  Suwimol Kunaridtipol, Sp, 01, “Pressure Drop in Microdevice
•  Inga Sellien, Sp, 01, “Simulation of laminar ferrofluid pipe flow in an oscillating magnetic field”

Autumn, 2001
•  Albert Witarsa, A, 01, “Resistance Coefficients (K) for Sudden Contraction and Expansion
•  Marlina Lukman with Suzanne Snyder (Neah Power), A, 01, “Predicting Pressure Drop in Microfluidic Device"

Winter, 2002
•  Marlina Lukman with Suzanne Snyder (Neah Power), W, 02, “Predicting Pressure Drop in Microfluidic Device
•  Albert Witarsa, W, 02, “Resistance Coefficients (K) for Sudden Contraction and Expansion (Cont’d)
•  Trevor Plaisted, W, 02, “Calculating Entry Length Effects of Sudden Contractions in Cylindrical and Planar Geometry

Spring, 2002
•  Zachary Tyree, Sp, 02, “Mixing in a Microfluidic Chip”
•  Marlina Lukman, Sp, 02, “Mixing of Miscible Fluids in Microdevices
•  Albert Witarsa (Dow Chemical), Sp, 02, “Study of Mixing in Dow Microreactor
•  Won Ng, Sp, 02, “Pressure Drop Coefficients in a T-sensor
•  Febe Kusmanto, Sp, 02, “Effect of Orifice Width on Pressure Drop in Microfluidic Orifices

Autumn, 2002
•  Kusmanto, A, 02, “Pressure Drop in Small Orifices
•  Michael Harrison, A, 02, “Pressure Drop in Microfluidic Devices
•  Colin Reese, A, 02, “Flow of a Ferrofluid in a Linearly Polarized Magnetic Field

Winter, 2003
•  Zachary Tyree, W & Sp, 03, (with Bioengineering Post-doc), “Mixing in a Microfluidic Chip”
•  Malia Akana (with Neah Power), W, 03, “Effect of Pore Geometry on the Diffusion Reaction Rate in a Fuel Cell
•  Michael Harrison, W, 03, “Laminar Flow of Two Immiscible Fluids Through a Square Duct
•  Febe Kusmanto with Elena Garcia (Bioengineering graduate student), W, 03, “Dissolution from a Cavity

Spring, 2003
•  Kaarin E. Dawes, Sp, 03, “Pressure Drop of Gases in Contractions and Expansions in Microchannels
•  Dewi L. Kauw, Sp, 03, “Use of MATLAB m-files in FEMLAB
•  Pawel W. Drapala, Sp, 03, "Miscible Fluid Flow Past a Knife Edge"
•  Zachary Tyree, W & Sp, 03, (with Bioengineering Post-doc), “Mixing in a Microfluidic Chip”
•  Febe Kusmanto, Sp, 03, “Effect of Domain Length on Orifice Pressure Drops
•  Malia L. Akana (Neah Power), Sp, 03, "Silicon Etching Related to Fuel Cells"
•  Michael D. Harrison, Sp, 03, "Modeling Convective Instability In FEMLAB"

Autumn, 2003
•  Ha Tran, A, 03, “Analysis of Flow Containing Charged Particles Through Pipes”
•  Richard Yasin, A, 03, “Mixing concentration in pipes with indentations and oscillating pressures
•  Pawel Drapala, A, 03, “Trapping of DNA by Thermophoretic Depletion and Convection in MATLAB

Spring, 2004
•  Pawel Drapala, Sp, 04, “Trapping of DNA by Thermophoretic Depletion and Convection in MATLAB
•  Pawel Drapala, Sp, 04, “Thermophoretic Trapping of DNA: Youtube movie of concentration
•  Pawel Drapala, Sp, 04, “Development of Velocity Profile: Youtube movie of velocity profile
•  Bryan Johnson, Sp, 04, “Pressure Losses for Fluid Flow Through Abrupt Area Contraction in Compact Heat Exchangers
•  Jeremy VanBuren, Sp, 04, “Pressure Loss due to Sudden Contraction in Rectangular Ducts”
•  Matt Gebhardt, Sp, 04, “Pressure Drop Correlations in Tapered Contractions and Expansions for Laminar Flow
•  Yuli Tan, Sp, 04, “Heat Transfer Effects in Small Orifices”
•  Richard Yasin (Dow Chemical), Sp, 04, “Characterization of the Dow Reactor

Winter, 2005
•  Zudtky Wisecarver, W, 05, “Modeling Turbulent Flow Past a Hole

Spring, 2005
•  Wastewater treatment, Sp, 05, Steve Huang, Toai Nguyen, Sheena Cruz, Albert Change, Angelo Ambion, Dan Ho, Joanne Crompton, Thin Thin Swe, Diana Chung, Nicholas Tapias.
•  Megan McCauley, "FEMLAB Models Used to Test Correlations of Evaporation from Surfaces"
•  Zudtky Wisecarver (Alcoa), Sp, 05, “3-Dimensional Cryolite Flow

Spring, 2006
•  Thin Thin Swe, Sp, 06, "Pressure Drop in Expansion Flow"
•  Jeremy Vanburen, Sp, 06, “Recirculation length and recovery length for expansion flow
•  Steve Tian Huang, Sp, 06, "Pressure Drop Study of a Micro-jet Device"
•  Dan Yates, Sp, 06, "Flow Modeling of Swagelok Modular Platform Components"
•  Karl Fincken, Sp, 06, "Fluid Dynamics Analysis of a Modified Venturi Model"
•  Nick Tapias, Sp, 06, “Effect of 2D velocity profiles on optical measurements
•  Abhi Banerjee, Sp, 06, "Mesh Refinement Analysis for a Standard 3:1 Contraction"

Autumn, 2006
•  Won Choe, A, 06, “How the Permeability and Concentration Profile Changes with Void Fraction
•  Rachel Freeman, A, 06, “Velocity and Concentration Profiles in Microfluidic Device
•  Shawn Lillie, A, 06, “Two-Dimensional Orbital Mixing for a Fluid
•  Nicholas Cox, A, 06, “Microwell Mixing Via Jet Injection and Removal

Winter, 2007
•  Nicholas Cox,, W, 07, “Computational Exploration of Thermal Flow Field Fractionation as a Technique for Separating Polymers
•  Andrew Griffith, W, 07, “Phan-Thien-Tanner Modeling of a Viscoelastic Fluid in the Stick-Slip Scenario
•  Hannah Wong, W, 07, “Modeling viscoelastic Flow Through a Quarter Circle Contraction
•  Jonathan Lundt, W, 07, “High Gradient Magnetic Separation as a Means of Water Purification”

Spring, 2007
•  Stephanie Yuen, Sp, 07, “Calculation of Hole Pressure for Newtonian Fluids
•  Anna Moon, Sp, 07, “Flow of Water in Partially-saturated Soils
•  Daniel Kress, Sp, 07, “Mixing Properties of a Microfluidic Device
•  Nick Cox, Sp, 07, “Part 1: Microwell mixing with surface tension, Part 2: The effect of entry region on thermal field flow fractionation”
•  Shawn Lillie, Sp, 07, “Orbital Mixing in Comsol using Coriolis and Centrifugal Forces
•  Karen Pukalo, Sp, 07, “Prediction of the Vortex Viscosity of a Ferrofluid
•  Yusyani Setyono, Sp, 07 “Perturbation Method applied to Pipe Flow of a Ferrofluid in an Oscillating Magnetic Field

Autumn, 2007
•  Lisa Dahl and Ha Dinh, A, 07, “Pressure Drop in Fittings
•  Nhu-Chi Ha, A, 07, “Pressure drop for ejectors
•  Ho Hack Song, A, 07, “Pressure drop for multiple flows in and out
•  Aaron Lee, A, 07, "Electrochemical Printer Modeling"
•  Mankit Yuen, A, 07, “Modeling an Electrochemical Printer
•  Paul Roeter, A, 07, “Modeling an Electrochemical Printer with a Moving Boundary
•  Jacob Harding, A, 07, “Modeling a Catalytic Converter
•  Anna Moon, A, 07, “Mixing and Pressure Drop in Serpentine Mixers

Winter, 2008
•  Brendan Mercer, W, 08, “Surface Tension of Bubbles

Spring, 2008
•  Cindy Yuen, Jordan Flynn, Vann Brasher, Lisa Dahl,Ha Dinh, Ho Hack Song, Francis Ninh, Curtis Jenssen, Andi Aditya, Adam Field, Andrew Nordmeier, Sp, 08, "Mixing in Different Devices"
•  Aaron Lee, Sp, 08, “Modeling an Electrochemical Printer”

Spring, 2009
•  Jordan Flynn, Sp, 09, “Pressure Drop in Microchannels with Slip
•  Francis Ninh, Sp, 09, “Maximum Adsorption in Microchannels
•  Curtis Jenssen, Sp, 09, “Modeling a Micromixer as a Tesla mixer, straight channel, and cross