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1. Addresses an acknowledged deficiency in the paper "Near-optimal Location of Two Landings on Flat, Uniform Terrain". Formulas and procedures are presented to determine the optimal yarding distances and access road network for two alternative landings on a harvest unit.

Greulich, F.E. (2014). " An Economic Model for Integrated Roading, Yarding and Hauling Operations on Two Alternative Harvest Unit Landings.  Can. J. For. Res. XX(X):xxx-xxx."

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2. The problem of optimally locating two facilities in response to the continuous uniform distribution of demand points across a complex polygonal region is addressed in this paper. The region may be partitioned into subregions each of which display different intensities of demand. Expected total transportation cost, which is to be minimized, is expressed as a quadratic function of travel distance. Two examples are presented, a simple illustrative example of the basic solution procedure being applied, and a complex example more representative of conditions surrounding a forestry related problem. Results are verified with a separately developed program and future research opportunities are explored.

Greulich, F.E. (2012). "Near-optimal Location of Two Landings on Flat, Uniform Terrain" Can. J. For. Res. 42(2):227-237. See also: CJFR.

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INFORMS 2007 Presentation

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Other Publication Outlets

Government Agencies

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Greulich, F.E. 2003. "Transportation Networks in Forest Harvesting: Early Development of the Theory" In Proceedings of: S3.04/3.06/3.07 Subject Area, IUFRO International Seminar, Tokyo, Japan. September 28 - October 5, 2002.

IUFRO 2002 Presentation: Research Communication in Network Theory - Some observations and thoughts about its uneven history.

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