Stefan Steinerberger

I am an Assistant Professor in the Math Department at the University of Washington, Seattle.
I can be reached via [first 8 letters of last name]

My main field of research is Analysis. I like questions combining PDEs, Spectral Theory, Harmonic Analysis
and all sorts of applications. My research is supported by NSF DMS-2123224 and the Sloan Foundation. CV

Some Open Problems


Some Slides  

Optimal Coffee Shops, Numerical Integration and Kantorovich-Rubinstein Duality (2021)
The Hot Spots Conjecture on Graphs (2020)
Solving Linear Systems of Equations via Random Kaczmarz/Stochastic Gradient Descent (2020)
Nodal Sets of Eigenfunctions: Progress via Optimal Transport (2020)
Designs on Graphs (2020)
Dimension Reduction via t-SNE: Theory and Challenges (2020)
Dynamics of Roots of Polynomials (2019)
Nonlinear Phase Unwinding of Functions (2019)
Tax Mechanisms and Gradient Flows (2019)
Parabolic Techniques for Elliptic Problems (2017)
New Interactions between Analysis and Number Theory (2017)

Travel/Events 2021  

Analysis Seminar, Erlangen (Jan 13)
Probability Seminar, UW (Jan 25)
Pacific Inderdisciplinary Hub on Optimal Transport (Jan 30)
38th Western States Meeting (Feb 21-22)
Uniform Distribution Theory, JKU Linz (Feb 22-26)
Trends in Mathematical Modelling, Simulation and Optimisation: Theory and Applications, Erlangen (Mar 2-3)
Applied PDE Seminar, UW (April 1)
Probabilistic Operator Algebra Seminar, UC Berkeley (April 12)
Optimal Transport, INRIA Paris (April 14)
33th Brazilian Mathematical Colloquium, (Aug 2-6)