Stefan Steinerberger

I am an Associate Professor in the Math Department at the University of Washington, Seattle.
I can be reached via [first 8 letters of last name]

My main field of research is Analysis. I like questions combining PDEs, Spectral Theory, Harmonic Analysis
and all sorts of applications. CV

List of open problems


Fall 2023: Math 381 (Discrete Mathematical Modeling)
Winter 2024: Math 180 (A Walk in the Garden of Mathematics)
Spring 2024: Math 563A (Graduate Graph Theory)

Recent publications (full list) (sorted by topic)  

Some slides  

Curvature on Combinatorial Graphs (2023)
Growth of Laplacian Eigenfunctions (2022)
Five Short Stories about Optimal Transport (2022)
Nonlinear Fourier series (2021)
Random Walks on the Sphere and Linear Systems of Equations (2021)
Parabolic Techniques for Elliptic PDEs in Mathematical Physics (2021)
Exact Sparse Recovery via Refined Least Squares (2021)
Mean-Value Inequalities for Harmonic Functions (2021)
A PDE describing Roots of Polynomials under Differentiation (2021)
Optimal Coffee Shops, Numerical Integration and Kantorovich-Rubinstein Duality (2021)
The Hot Spots Conjecture on Graphs (2020)
Solving Linear Systems of Equations via Random Kaczmarz/Stochastic Gradient Descent (2020)
Nodal Sets of Eigenfunctions: Progress via Optimal Transport (2020)
Designs on Graphs (2020)
Dimension Reduction via t-SNE: Theory and Challenges (2020)
New Interactions between Analysis and Number Theory (2017)