Andrea Ottolini

I am a Postdoc in the Math Department at the University of Washington, Seattle.

I graduated from Stanford, where I was fortunate to be advised by Persi Diaconis.
Before that, I obtained a Master at S.I.S.S.A. under the supervision of Alessandro Michelangeli.
You can find my curriculum here, and reach me by email at [lastname]

My current interests are probability theory, optimal transport and mathematical physics.


Spring 2024: Math 209 (Linear Analysis), Math 395 (Probability II).


  • Hitting times in the stochastic block model, arxiv.
  • (with R. Tripathi et al.) On the image of graph distance matrices, arxiv.
  • (with S. Steinerberger) Greedy Matching in Optimal Transport with concave cost, arxiv.
  • (with B. Gerencsér) Cutoff for a class of auto-regressive models with vanishing additive noise, arxiv.

    Accepted papers  

  • (with S. Steinerberger) Concentration of Hitting Times in Erdös-Rényi graphs, arxiv. Journal of Graph Theory , accepted.
  • (with K. Devriendt, S. Steinerberger) Graph curvature via resistance distance, arxiv. Discrete Applied Mathematics , accepted.
  • (with R. Tripathi) Central limit theorem in complete feedback games, arxiv. Journal of Applied Probability, accepted.
  • (with J. He) Card guessing and the birthday problem for sampling without replacement, arxiv. The Annals of Applied Probability 33 (6B), 5208-5232.
  • (with B. Gerencsér) Rates of convergence for Gibbs sampling in the analysis of almost exchangeable data, arxiv. Stochastic Processes and their Applications, 165, 440-464, 2023.
  • (with N. A. Caruso, A. Michelangeli) On a comparison between absolute and relative self-adjoint extension schemes, arxiv. Quaestiones Mathematicae, pages 1-19, 2023.
  • (with S. Steinerberger) Guessing cards with complete feedback, arxiv. Advances in Applied Mathematics, 150, p. 102569, 2023.
  • Spectral properties of point interactions with fermionic symmetries, link, Mathematical Challenges of Zero-Range Physics, pp. 163-176, 2021
  • (with M. Gallone, A. Michelangeli) Krein-Visik-Birman self-adjoint extension theory revisited, link, Mathematical Challenges of Zero-Range Physics, pp. 239-304, 2021
  • Oscillations for order statistics of some discrete processes, arxiv, Journal of Applied Probability, 57(3), pp.703-719, 2020.
  • (with S. Becker, A. Michelangeli) Spectral analysis of the 2+1 fermionic trimer with contact interactions, arxiv, Mathematical Physics, Analysis and Geometry, 21(4), p.35, 2018.
  • (with A. Michelangeli, R. Scandone) Fractional powers and singular perturbations of quantum differential Hamiltonians, arxiv, Journal of Mathematical Physics, 59(7), p.072106, 2018.
  • (with A. Michelangeli) Multiplicity of self-adjoint realisations of the (2+1)-fermionic model of Ter-Martirosyan-- Skornyakov type, arxiv, Reports on Mathematical Physics, 81(1), pp.1-38, 2018.
  • (with A. Michelangeli) On point interactions realised as Ter-Martirosyan-- Skornyakov hamiltonians, arxiv, Reports on Mathematical Physics, 79(2), pp.215-260, 2018.