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CLRP: Keyword
Biophysical Parameters  (or sample input files)

    CLRP: A0={} B0={} PHI={} RHT={} LAM={} ETA={} GAM={}


    CLRP: LAM=2.0 ETA=2.75E-04 GAM=1.0 A0=0.25       !LPL model
CLRP: RHT=0.346 ETA=2.75E-04 B0=0.75 PHI= 0.01   !RMR model
CLRP: RHT=HT4R ETA=2.75E-04 PHI=0.33 A0=AAA    !TLK model

    !Data arrays used to specify TLK model inputs
    HT4R = 0.25 7 /          !Half-times for DSB repair
    AAA = 0.85 0.15 /       !Probability a DSB is repaired incorrectly

Tip: In Virtual Cell input files, all parameters must appear to the right of the CLRP: keyword (i.e., on the same line in the input file).  In TLK-model input files, the LAM, RHT, A0, and B0 parameters should point to a data array (e.g., the HT4R and AAA arrays in the above example).

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Last updated: 10 June, 2011