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* Selected Abstracts and Demo/Poster Sessions
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* Invited Papers
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* Invited Talks
  1. Current and Emerging Trends in Computer Security. Washington Defense Trial Lawyers Annual Insurance Law Update, April 2016.
  2. On-Demand Generation of Virtual Laboratories for Cyber Security Education. Research-In-Progress Speaker Series. University of Washington Bothell, May 2015.
  3. Careers in Cyber Security. CSS Speaker Series. University of Washington Bothell, November 2014.
  4. Distributed Trust in Pervasive Systems. PLSE Research Seminar. University of Washington, February 2014.
  5. Security in Emerging Environments. CSS Speaker Series. University of Washington Bothell, February 2014.
  6. Challenges in Securing Pervasive Systems. ECE Research Seminar. Illinois Institute of Technology, November 2010.