The SEE Lab conducts research in Security of Emerging Environments. We are working to develop both practical technologies and theoretical results that enhance the security currently emerging systems and future systems that have not yet full been deployed. The software we develop is available on GitHub.
Some of our research interests include:
  • Secure machine learning
  • Utilizing cloud computing to enhance system security
  • Distributed trust in pervasive computing environments
  • Security mechanisms for resource constrained networks and systems
  • Host-based security mechanisms in cellular networks
  • Formal methods for developing secure systems
  • Cyber Security Education

Brent Lagesse

Current Students
Steve Morgan
Cody Burkard
Rahul Bapat
Gautam Kumar
Ruth Ogunnaike
Pankaj Maheshwari

Kevin Sutanto, (BSCSS, 2013)
John Paul Quicksall (BSCSS, 2014), currently employed at EMC
Jacky Wong (BSCSS, 2014)
Paul Pierot (BSCSS, 2014)
Steve Morgan (BSCSS, 2014), currently enrolled in the MSCSE program at UWB
Julio Perez (BSCSS, 2016)
Interested in joining? Contact Brent Lagesse -- lagesse [at] uw [dot] edu