TMATH 124, Winter 2011



SLN 19423/19463
4:15pm-6:20pm Tuesday & Thursday
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The Class Syllabus answers most policy questions.
WeBAssign will be used for the online homework and to record grades.
MyUW allows you to register for classes and change grading options.

Some extra study or prep materials, depending on who you are:

Old Course Websites Worksheets .tex files
UW Seattle Website limits wks source
limit laws wks source
Quizzes .tex files continuity wks source
quiz 1 (solutions) source limit/derivative source
quiz 2 (solutions) source derivatives source
quiz 3 (solutions) source nice derivatives source
quiz 4 (solutions) source products, quotients, & trig source
quiz 5 (solutions) source chain rule source
quiz 6 (solutions) source implicit differentiation (solutions) source
related rates source
optimization part 1 (solutions) source
optimization part 2 (solutions) source
l'hospital's rule source
EC problems source

Practice Exams .tex files Exams .tex files
exam 1 practice (solutions) source exam 1 (solutions) source
exam 2 practice (solutions) source exam 2 (solutions) source
final practice (solutions) source