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The Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

"Symmetry, Transactions, and the Mechanism of Wave Function Collapse," John Gleason Cramer, Carver Andress Mead, Symmetry 12 (2020) 8, 1373, DOI: 10.3390/sym12081373.

"The Quantum Handshake Explored", paper based on one- hour talk given at Technical Workshop on Advanced Propulsion, Nov. 2, 2017, Aerospace Corp., El Segundo, CA, to be published in Journal of the British Interplanetary Society;  Slides from the talk available here.

"Quantifying Absorption in the Transactional Interpretation", R. E. Kastner and John G. Cramer, (2017); submitted to Foundations of Physics, November-2017, (arXiv:1711.04501).

"The Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Nonlocality", John G. Cramer, (2015); book chapter for Open Academic Press book: The Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics, submitted 2/29/2015; arXiv: 1503.00039 [quant-ph].

"Why Everettians Should Appreciate the Transactional Interpretation", R. E. Kastner and John G. Cramer, (2010); submitted to Foundations of Physics, January-2010, (arXiv:quant-ph/1001.2867).

"A Transactional Analysis of Interaction Free Measurements", Foundations of Physics Letters 19, 63-73, (2006),  (arXiv:quant-ph/0508102),

"The Plane of the Present and the New Transactional Paradigm of Time" (arXiv:quant-ph/0507089This is Chapter 9 of the book Time and the Instant, Robin Drurie, ed., Clinamen Press, UK (2001), ISBN: 1903083222 The book is a collection of essays by philosophers and physicists on the nature of time. 

"Quantum Nonlocality and the Possibility of Superluminal Effects" (a paper presented at the NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Workshop, Cleveland, OH, August 12-14, 1997).

"Velocity Reversal and the Arrows of Time", Foundations of Physics, 18, 1205 (1988).

"An Overview of the Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics", International Journal of Theoretical Physics 27, 227 (1988);

*** PDF version of paper.***

"The Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics", Reviews of Modern Physics 58, 647 (1986);

*** PDF version of paper.***

"The Arrow of Electromagnetic Time and Generalized Absorber Theory", Foundations of Physics 13, 887 (1983).

"Generalized Absorber Theory and the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Paradox", Phys. Rev. D22, 362 (1980).

*** PDF version of paper.***


Nonlocal Quantum Communication?

"An Inquiry into the Possibility of Nonlocal Quantum Communication", John G. Cramer and Nick Herbert (2014); submitted to Foundations of Physics, September-2014, arXiv: 1409.5098 [quant-ph].


Bose-Einstein Interferometry

"Cumulants, Coherence, and Contamination in Multiparticle Bose-Einstein Interferometry", J. G. Cramer and K. Kadija, Physical Review C53 908-917 (1996).

"Analysis of multiparticle Bose-Einstein correlations in ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions", Physical Review C 43, 2798 (1991).


Heavy Ion Physics

"The Radial Sensitivity of Elastic Scattering", Phys. Rev. C22, 91 (1980).

"Application of the Austern-Blair Theory to the Interference between Coulomb and Nuclear Excitation in the Inelastic Scattering of Heavy Ions", Phys. Rev. C14, 1048, (1976).

"Effects of Non-Local Potentials in Heavy Ion Reactions", Phys. Rev. C14, 122, (1976).

"Importance of Coulomb Interaction Potentials in Heavy-Ion Distorted Wave Born Approximation Calculations", Phys. Rev. Letters 32, 1377 (1974).

"Spin Determination with Alpha + Heavy-Ion Angular Correlations", Phys. Rev. Letters 31, 401 (1973).



"Natural Wormholes as Gravitational Lenses", J. G. Cramer, R. W. Forward, M. S. Morris, M. Visser, G. Benford, and G. A. Landis, Phys. Rev. D, Physical Review D51 3117-3120 (1995).

A 1995 Univ. of California at Irvine press release about the above "Natural Wormholes ..." paper.

"A Possible Photon-Detection Method for Distinguishing between Stars and Galaxies Composed of Matter and Antimatter", Phys. Rev. Letters 39, 1104, (1977).


Computational Physics

"LYRAN: A Program for the Analysis of Linac Beam Dynamics", Nuclear Instruments and Methods A262, 200 (1987).

"The Reduced Rotation Matrix: Plots and Zeros", Nuclear Data Tables 10, 469 (1972).

"The Reduced Rotation Matrix", Computer Physics Comm. 3, 318 (1972).

"A Computer Program for the Calculation of Tandem Accelerator Beam Tube Optics", Nuclear Instruments & Methods 62, 205 (1968).

"The Correction of Resolution Distortion in Continuous Pulse-Height Spectra", Nuclear Instruments & Methods 26, 257 (1964).

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