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John G. Cramer
Professor of Physics
Department of Physics
University of Washington
P.O. Box 351560
Seattle, WA 98195-1560

Tel: (206) 543-9194
FAX: (206) 685-0635


  • Professor: Department of Physics, University of Washington, Seattle.


  • Teaching: Winter Quarter, 2005; Physics 122C - Electricity & Magnetism.


  • Experimental Physicist: Research in Ultra-Relativistic Heavy Ion Physics at CERN and Brookhaven.


  • Theoretical Physicist: Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, Bose-Einstein Interferometry, etc.


  • Videos:  YouTube Videos with John Cramer.


  • Recent Talks:  Recent talks by John Cramer in MS PowerPoint (.ppt) format.


  • Science Columnist: "The Alternate View" published in Analog Magazine.


  • The Sound of the Big Bang: Audio simulation of the sound waves present in the first 760,000 years of the birth of the universe, based on WMAP data.


  • Novelist: Science Fiction Novels Twistor and Einstein's Bridge. [Note: The 22 page Afterword and the Glossary for Einstein's Bridge is available at a simulation of the old Avon/Eos Web site.]


  • Radio Personality: Hear John discuss "The Science in Science Fiction" on Ira Flatow's Talk of the Nation: Science Friday with Leonard Nimoy and Rob Sawyer (11/20/98). (Needs RealAudio player).


  • Photo Collector: Pictures from everywhere (preliminary, not much here yet).


  • Links of Interest: Other SF writers, physics sites, etc.


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