Linguistics 472/CSE 472: Introduction to Computational Linguistics
(5 credits)

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 Emily M. BenderDavid Goss-Grubbs
Office Hours: T 10-12 & By appt
Padelford B-201
Th 9-11 & By appt
Padelford B-203
Email:ebender at udavidgg at u



Goals: By the end of this course, you will:

Computational linguistics is a broad field incorporating research and techniques for processing language with computers at all levels of linguistic structure. Students are expected to have a background in either computer science or linguistics, but not necessarily both. Expect this class to be difficult at times and easy at others. We hope to offer something new and interesting for everyone.

Note: To request academic accommodations due to a disability, please contact Disabled Student Services, 448 Schmitz, 206-543-8924 (V/TTY). If you have a letter from Disabled Student Services indicating that you have a disability which requires academic accommodations, please present the letter to the instructor so we can discuss the accommodations you might need in this class.


Students are expected to complete the assigned readings before each lecture. Lecture and lab will connect with the readings, but not everything in the readings will be covered in lecture. Homework assignments and exams may nonetheless cover material in the readings not gone over in class.

Grades will be based on homework assignments (45%), the midterm (20%), the final (30%) and class participation (lecture, section and the EPost board) (5%). There will be three options for the final: an exam, a paper, and a project.

Schedule of Topics and Assignments (May be updated)

9/30 Introduction & overview Ch 1 First week survey
10/1 Lab: Regular expression exercises    
10/5 Reg exps; FSA Ch 2  
10/7 Morphology & FST Ch 3.1-3.2  
10/8 Lab    
s1 s2
Morphology & FST Ch 3.3-3.6 Assignment 1
10/14 CFG; Parsing Ch 10.1-10.2 Preliminary choice of final type
10/15 Lab    
10/19 Parsing Ch 10.3-10.6  
10/21 Feature Structures Ch 11.1-11.3 Assignment 2
Answer Key
10/22 Lab    
10/26 Unification Ch 11.4-11.7  
10/28 Catch-up/review  Assignment 3
Answer Key
10/29 Lab    
11/2 Midterm  Midterm WebQ (non-anonymous)
11/4 Probabilistic Parsing Ch 12  
11/5 Lab    
11/9 Probabilistic Parsing Ch 12 Final paper or project topic
11/11 Veteran's Day -- no class   
11/12 Lab    
11/16Computational Phonology
Ch 4.1-4.4  
11/18Text-to-Speech Ch 4.5-4.9 Assignment 4
Answer Key
11/19 Lab    
11/23 Reference Resolution Ch 18.1  
11/25 Thanksgiving -- no class   
11/26 Thanksgiving -- no lab   
11/30 Text Coherence Ch 18.2-18.5 Assignment 5
Answer Key
XFST script
12/2 Lexical Semantics Ch 16  
12/3 Lab    
12/7Dialogue & Conversation Agents
Course evaluations
Ch 19  
12/9 Catch-up/review
  Assignment 6
Answer Key
12/10 Lab    
12/17 Final exam 2:30-4:20pm  Final papers/Final projects due 10:00 am