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Spring 2014:

Office Hours:         By appointment.  E-mail me to schedule an appointment.


Economics 575, International Trade and Macroeconomics, Graduate

Monday and Wednesday, 10:30 – 11:50 am, Savery Hall, Room 158.



Other Teaching Experience:

Graduate-level mini-course on Heterogeneous Firms and Producer Entry in International Macroeconomics: sample syllabus and slides. (Taught at Central European University, University of Zurich, and ZEW Mannheim.)

Here you can access sample syllabi of other courses I taught in the past.  In all cases, I am posting the most recent version.  You find also links to lecture notes or slides for some courses.

University of Washington (Autumn 2013-Present):

Economics 425, Topics in Monetary Economics: The International Monetary System from the Gold Standard to Globalization, Undergraduate


Notes and Slides

Economics 574, International Macroeconomics, Graduate



Boston College (Spring 2001-Spring 2013):

Economics 377.01, The World Economy: From the Gold Standard to Globalization, Undergraduate


Notes and Slides

Economics 295.01, International Economic Policy and Political Economy (IEPPE) Seminar, Undergraduate


IEPPE seminar schedules with links to speakers’ information and presentation materials are available here.

IEPPE in the BC Media:   The IEPPE seminar was covered in Boston College’s 2011 Annual Report to Trustees and Major Donors (“Economic Stimulation”; click here for the full report) and in the Fall 2011 issue of the Boston College Magazine (Linden Lane section, “Visitors Days”; click here for the full issue, and here for the online version of the article).  IEPPE made the front page of the print version of “The Heights” (the Independent Student Newspaper of Boston College) on January 26, 2012, and was the top story in the News section of the online version: “Presidential Hopeful Visits BC for Lecture.”  IEPPE was again covered in “The Heights” in three occasions: September 19, 2012: “Bini Smaghi Putting Euro Crisis in Perspective”; January 31, 2013: “MIT Lecturer Discusses Euro Crisis and the Future of Euro Area”; and February 20, 2013: “Cottarelli Discusses Fiscal Accounts.”

Economics 202.01/02, Macroeconomic Theory, Undergraduate


Lecture Notes

Economics 874.01, Topics in International Macroeconomics, Graduate



Economics 861.01, Monetary Theory I, Monetary Policy, Graduate


Economics 862.01, Monetary Theory II, Part II: Monetary Policy, Graduate


Economics 873.01, Macroeconomic Policy in Closed and Open Economies, Graduate


Web Page on "Macroeconomic Policy in Closed and Open Economies"

Economics 751.01, Macroeconomic Theory II, Graduate

Part I: Asset Markets and Business Cycle Models


Lecture Notes

Part II: Money and Monetary Policy


Princeton (Spring 2005):

ECO 301, Macroeconomics, Undergraduate


WWS 512b, Macroeconomic Analysis (Basic), Master


Former Graduate Students:

Following are links to the web pages of some of the former graduate students on whose Dissertation Committee I served.  I include the year of Ph.D. Defense and the initial job market placement.  (See my CV for a complete list.  If I served on your Dissertation Committee and you have a web page that I could not locate, e-mail me, and I will be delighted to include a link to your page below.) You can also visit my RePEc Genealogy page here.

Committee Chair or Co-Chair:

Boston College:

Alessandro Barattieri (2011, Université du Québec à Montréal);

Isabella Blengini (2011, Université de Lausanne);

Matteo Cacciatore (2010, HEC Montréal);

Marketa Halova (2012, Washington State University);

Emmanuel Lartey (2006, California State University, Fullerton);

Federico Mandelman (2006, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta);

Madhavi Pundit (2011, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, New Delhi);

Maria Teresa Punzi (2007, University of Alicante);

Margarita Rubio (2008, Bank of Spain);

Dessislava Slavtcheva (2011, Clark University);

Viktors Stebunovs (2007, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System);

Pinar Uysal (2009, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne);

Andrei Zlate   (2009, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System).

Committee Member:

Boston College:

Giuseppe Fiori (2009, Bank of Italy);

Kólver Hernández (2005, University of Delaware);

Asli Leblebicioğlu (2005, North Carolina State University);

Niki Papadopoulou (2002, University of Cyprus);

Mirco Soffritti (2003, Suffolk University);

Bedri Tas (2005, TOBB Economics and Technology University);

Francesco Zanetti (2004, Bank of England).

External Committee Member:

Carlos Yepez (2012, University of Manitoba)




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