Fabio Ghironi

IEPPE Seminar Archive

Fall 2010

October 4

Guillermo Calvo

Columbia University

“Looking at Financial Crises in the Eye”

October 18

David Cameron

Yale University

The Eurozone Crisis and the EU's Elusive Quest for Economic Governance”

October 25

Jeffry Frieden

Harvard University

“The Political Economy of Global Crisis and Recovery”

November 8

Lawrence Schembri

Bank of Canada

“A Brave New International Monetary System”

November 22

Ila Patnaik

National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, New Delhi

"In the Eye of the Storm: Exchange Rate Policy and Emerging Market Responses to U.S. Policy"

November 29

Ricardo Caballero


“Thoughts about the Global Economy and Its Imbalances”

Spring 2011

February 11

Francesco Giavazzi

Bocconi University, Milan

“Why the Current Account May Matter in a Monetary Union: Lessons from the Financial Crisis in the Euro Area”

February 28

William Grimes

Boston University

Financial Regionalism in East Asia in the Wake of the Global Financial Crisis”

March 21

William Clark

University of Michigan

“The Fed May Be Politically Independent, But It Is Not Politically Indifferent”

March 28

Jeffrey Frankel

Harvard University

After Copenhagen & Cancun: What is the Politically Feasible Path to Comprehensive Targets for Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

March 30

Ayhan Kose

International Monetary Fund

"Emerging Markets: Resilience and Growth Amid Global Turmoil"

April 11

Frank Smets

European Central Bank

Monetary Policy Strategy, Non-Standard Measures and the Lower Bound on Interest Rates”

April 29

Jeffrey Fuhrer

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

"Inflation, Expectations, and the Fed's Exit Strategy from Post-Crisis Expansion

May 2

Martin Feldstein

Harvard University

"What's Next for the American Economy?”

Fall 2011

September 26

Col. Michael J. Meese

United States Military Academy at West Point

“Economics in Conflicts: The Case of Afghanistan”

October 17

David Cameron

Yale University

The Eurozone Crisis: Stumbling Toward Economic Government”

October 24

N. Gregory Mankiw

Harvard University

“The Challenges Facing Monetary and Fiscal Policy”

November 2

Vivien Schmidt

Boston University

"The European Union's Eurozone Crisis: A Failure of Economics or of Leadership?

November 7

George Akerlof

University of California, Berkeley and International Monetary Fund

"Phishing Phor Phools"

November 14

Takeo Hoshi

University of California, San Diego

Post 3/11 Japanese Economy

November 21

Jorge Braga de Macedo

Nova University, Lisbon

"Euro Zone, North Atlantic, G20: Together Alone?

November 28

Luis Felipe Cespedes

Universidad Adolfo Ibanez, Santiago

“Macroeconomic Policy in Emerging Market Economies: The Case of Chile”

December 5

Giovanni Peri

University of California, Davis

"International Migrations in the Last 30 Years: Economic Effects and Policy Concerns

Spring 2012

January 23

Laurence Kotlikoff

Boston University

“Fixing America”

February 20

Joseph Joyce

Wellesley College

The IMF and the Global Financial Crisis: Phoenix Rising?

February 27

Daniel Sargent

University of California, Berkeley

“The End of Bretton Woods Revisited”

March 19

Francesco Giavazzi

Bocconi University, Milan

"The Euro Area Crisis and Its Policy Implications

March 26

Anton Korinek

University of Maryland

"The New Economics of Prudential Capital Controls"

April 2

Andrew Rose

University of California, Berkeley

Protectionism Isn’t Counter-Cyclic (Anymore)

April 3

Andrew Ross Sorkin

New York Times and CNBC

Debate, joint with the Clough Colloquium Series

April 18

John Perkins

New York Times Bestselling Author

“Hoodwinked! What Wrecked Our Economy? How to Fix It,” jointly sponsored with the Office of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, the Institute for the Liberal Arts, and the International Studies Program

April 23

Lisa Lynch

Brandeis University

"The Ongoing Employment Crisis: Its Nature and Policy Responses

April 30

James Alt

Harvard University

“The Politics and Economics of Fiscal Gimmickry in Europe”

Fall 2012

September 17

Lorenzo Bini Smaghi

Harvard University

“The European Crisis in Perspective”

October 4

James Poterba


Economic Policy Challenges of Aging Populations”

October 15

Michael Klein

Tufts University

“Capital Controls: Gates versus Walls”

November 5

David Cameron

Yale University

The Eurozone Debt Crisis: Stumbling Toward a ‘Genuine’ EMU

November 12

Laura Alfaro

Harvard University

"Selection, Reallocation, and Spillover: Identifying the Sources of Gains from Multinational Production"

November 16

Nazli Choucri


Cyberspace and Sustainability

December 4

Hyun Song Shin

Princeton University

"The Euro Crisis through the Lens of Capital Flow Reversals

December 10

Claudia Buch

University of Tübingen

"The European Debt Crisis and the Banking Union Proposal”

Spring 2013

January 28

Athanasios Orphanides


“Politics, Economics, and the Euro Area Crisis”

February 7

Rony Hamaui

Mediofactoring (Intesa Sanpaolo)

Desperate for Democracy”

February 18

Carlo Cottarelli

International Monetary Fund

Mountains of Debt: The Cliffs, Slopes and Uncharted Territories of Today's Public Finances in Advanced Economies

February 25

Raymond Duch

University of Oxford

Insights into Responsibility Attribution for Macroeconomic Outcomes

March 11

Sergio Schmukler

World Bank

"Challenges in Financial Development and International Financial Integration"

March 18

David Cutler

Harvard University

The Coming Revolution in Health Care

March 25

Alberto Alesina

Harvard University

"Fiscal Policy after the Great Recession

April 8

Cathie Jo Martin

Boston University

"Social Solidarity after the Crisis of Finance Capitalism”

April 22

Joseph Felter

Stanford University

“Aid Under Fire: Economic Assistance and Counterinsurgency”






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