Fabio Ghironi


Monument Valley, Arizona/Utah, June 1995




Department of Economics

University of Washington

Savery Hall, Box 353330

Seattle, WA 98195, U.S.A.


Phone: 1-206-543-5795

Fax: 1-206-685-7477

E-mail: ghiro@uw.edu



On Twitter @FabioGhironi




I am Paul F. Glaser Professor of Economics at the University of Washington.  I am also a Research Associate in the International Finance and Macroeconomics Program of the National Bureau of Economic Research, a Research Fellow in the International Macroeconomics and Finance Programme of the Centre for Economic Policy Research, a Fellow of the Euro Area Business Cycle Network, and an Officer of the Central Bank Research Association (CEBRA).  I am the Director of CEBRA’s International Trade and Macroeconomics Program.  I serve as U.S. Associate Editor of International Finance, Co-Editor of εconomics, Associate Editor of the Journal of International Economics, and Editorial Board Member of the Review of International Economics.




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