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Josi’s paper on multi-omics analysis of benzalkonium chloride was accepted to Toxicological Sciences and Selected as Cover Art!

In this work, we used a combination of sterolomics, lipidomics, and transcriptomics to investigate the consequences of sterol and lipid homeostasis in neonatal brains after in utero exposure. Check out the paper here. Update on 09/10/19, the paper was highlighted in Tox Spotlight and selected as a cover art of the issue!

Our collaborative project on antibiotic resistance was awarded an NIH R01 grant!

Our collaborative project with the Werth lab in the Department of Pharmacy, entitled: “Contribution of altered lipid metabolism to resistance to cell envelope-targeting antimicrobials in MRSA”, was recently awarded a 4-year R01 grant by NIH/NIAID! Congrats to our team members who are key contributors to this project, Kelly Hines, Hideaki Tomita, and Tianwei Shen! We also appreciate earlier support from the School of Pharmacy Faculty Innovation Fund and UW Royalty Research Fund!