Quynh Do

Quynh Do graduated from UW in June 2017 with dual BS degrees in both chemistry and biochemistry. During her time at UW, Quynh was working with Professor Christine Luscombe (Department of Materials Science & Engineering) to develop new compounds used for the synthesis of organic solar cell materials through C-H activation. In the summer of 2016, Quynh also worked in the research group of Professor Kenichiro Itami at Nagoya University, Japan, to maximize a reaction for the one-step synthesis of indolizine. Quynh is currently a graduate student in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry at UW. She has decided to join the lab of Assistant Professor Libin Xu, where she will be measuring the rate constant of lipid peroxidation using the radical clock method. Outside of academics, Quynh enjoys hiking with her little dog Genji as well as cooking, especially Vietnamese food.