11/26/19 - My work in Germany has been covered in the following news article

7/1/19 - I have been awarded the Johann-von-Spix Guest Professorship at the University of Bamberg

5/23/19 - Our work in detecting hidden cameras was mentioned in Communications of the ACM

5/22/19 - Our paper on Design Patterns for Compensating Controls for Securing Financial Sessions has been accepted at the 2019 International Workshop on Security Measurements of Cyber Networks (SMCN-2019).

3/10/19 - I have been awarded a $300k grant from the NSF to develop security mechanisms and privacy enhancing technology for smart city applications that utilize crowdsensing.

1/14/19 - I will be giving a talk at PNNL on 25 January.

1/1/19 - Abirami Narayanan's paper, iService: A Cloud-based Scheduling Service for Efficient Usage of IoT Resources was accepted at IEEE Pervasive Living Spaces (PerLS).

12/11/2018 - Kevin Wu's paper, Do You See What I See? Detecting Hidden Streaming Cameras Through Similarity of Simultaneous Observation was accepted at IEEE Pervasive Computing and Communications (Percom) 2019.

4/18/2018 - I will be giving talks at Northwestern, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, and Nokia Bell Labs this summer.

3/18/2018 - I have been notified that I will be promoted to Associate Professor with tenure.

12/23/2017 - Our paper on Detecting Spies in IoT Systems using Cyber-Physical Correlation has been accepted at IEEE PerIoT. We also had 2 demo papers accepted at the IEEE Percom Demo Session. One on enabling crowd sensing for non-experts and another on automated hidden sensor detection in sensor-rich spaces.

6/1/2017 - Our paper on Living Lab Bamberg: An infrastructure to explore smart city research challenges in the wild was accepted by Künstliche Intelligenz

3/8/2017 - I received a Fulbright Cyber Security Award for research at the University of Cambridge in security and privacy in crowd sensing in 2018.

1/12/2017 - Cody Burkard's paper on the Analysis of Causative attacks against SVMs Learning from Data Streams was accepted at IWSPA.

1/7/2017 - Ruth Ogunnaike's paper on Consumer Friendly IoT Security was accepted at IEEE SPT-IOT.

12/5/2016 - Gautam Kumar's paper on Limited Use Cryptographic Tokens for Securing Ephemeral Cloud Servers was accepted at ICISSP

5/13/2016 - I received the Chancellor’s Distinguished Undergraduate Research and Creative Practice Mentor Award

5/4/2016 - We released a special issue on “Internet of Things: Research challenges and Solutions” in Elsevier's Computer Communications journal

2/15/2016 - Cody Burkard and Julio Perez received an NSF Travel Grant to attend IEEE Percom 2016

1/5/2016 - Cody Burkard and Julio Perez had a paper accepted at the IEEE Percom 2016 Work-In-Progress session.

8/16/2015 - Steven Morgan had a paper accepted at ICCSM 2015 and will be presenting a work in progress poster at the conference on Oct 22-23.

8/4/2015 - I was awarded a $300k grant from the NSA for developing security mechanisms for machine learning algorithms

5/8/2015 - Two students, Julio Perez and Zealous Zhu, were awarded NASA Summer Undergraduate Research Program grants to participate in research in my lab

8/21/2014 - I was awarded a $300k grant from the NSF for dynamic generation of virtual laboratories for cyber security education

My primary research interest is security in emerging environments. I am currently exploring topics such as secure machine learning in smart spaces and privacy in sensor-rich environments. I am on sabbatical during the 2019-2020 academic year. As a result, responses to emails may be delayed due to an increase in time spent traveling for collaborations.

If you want to meet with me outside of my office hours, email me to set up a time. Also include an agenda for the meeting.

If you are interested in taking CSS497 with me, see my Guidelines. For CSS595 or CSS700 see these Guidelines. Contact me and begin this process as early as possible in order to have the best opportunity to succeed.

I am currently looking for students at all levels to work with me on my research. Funding may be available for some projects. Send me an email (see contact information above) if you are interested. Do not include an unsolicited copy of your CV/Resume. I will ignore any emails with attachments. Do not ask me to help you get admitted to the program.