4/18/2018 - I will be giving talks at Northwestern, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, and Nokia Bell Labs this summer.

3/18/2018 - I have been notified that I will be promoted to Associate Professor with tenure.

12/23/2017 - Our paper on Detecting Spies in IoT Systems using Cyber-Physical Correlation has been accepted at IEEE PerIoT. We also had 2 demo papers accepted at the IEEE Percom Demo Session. One on enabling crowd sensing for non-experts and another on automated hidden sensor detection in sensor-rich spaces.

6/1/2017 - Our paper on Living Lab Bamberg: An infrastructure to explore smart city research challenges in the wild was accepted by Künstliche Intelligenz

3/8/2017 - I received a Fulbright Cyber Security Award for research at the University of Cambridge in security and privacy in crowd sensing in 2018.

1/12/2017 - Cody Burkard's paper on the Analysis of Causative attacks against SVMs Learning from Data Streams was accepted at IWSPA.

1/7/2017 - Ruth Ogunnaike's paper on Consumer Friendly IoT Security was accepted at IEEE SPT-IOT.

12/5/2016 - Gautam Kumar's paper on Limited Use Cryptographic Tokens for Securing Ephemeral Cloud Servers was accepted at ICISSP

5/13/2016 - I received the Chancellor’s Distinguished Undergraduate Research and Creative Practice Mentor Award

5/4/2016 - We released a special issue on “Internet of Things: Research challenges and Solutions” in Elsevier's Computer Communications journal

2/15/2016 - Cody Burkard and Julio Perez received an NSF Travel Grant to attend IEEE Percom 2016

1/5/2016 - Cody Burkard and Julio Perez had a paper accepted at the IEEE Percom 2016 Work-In-Progress session.

8/16/2015 - Steven Morgan had a paper accepted at ICCSM 2015 and will be presenting a work in progress poster at the conference on Oct 22-23.

8/4/2015 - I was awarded a $300k grant from the NSA for developing security mechanisms for machine learning algorithms

5/8/2015 - Two students, Julio Perez and Zealous Zhu, were awarded NASA Summer Undergraduate Research Program grants to participate in research in my lab

8/21/2014 - I was awarded a $300k grant from the NSF for dynamic generation of virtual laboratories for cyber security education