There are many ways to reach me:

A photograph of my office.
Office hoursโ€” If you're a current UW student, contact me via one of the channels below to see if a meeting makes sense. If you're in one my classes, see the syllabus for my course office hours. If you're not a UW student, write me an email; we'll meet if appropriate.
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Emailโ€” I primarily use email to communicate with people I don't know and occasionally with collaborators who refuse to use anything else. If you're a student, a potential collaborator, or anyone else, write me an email to connect. I read email once in the morning each weekday. I don't read on weekends unless I'm super engaged on a project.
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Slackโ€” Slack is my preferred medium for collaboration with my Ph.D. students and other collaborators at UW and beyond. During the work day I treat Slack like instant messaging, and after hours I treat it like email, reading it in the morning. If you're at UW, join one of the Slacks and DM me. I'm usually pretty responsive throughout the day.
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Twitterโ€” I used to be fairly active on Twitter, but mostly left in June 2022. I still broadcast writing, amplify others, and respond to DMs, but I'm generally not posting otherwise. You can also find me on Mastodon or Threads @amyjensenko.
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GitHubโ€” I host a lot of my content and software projects on GitHub. Feel free to submit issues and pull requests to my various repositories.
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LinkedInโ€” I use LinkedIn as my primary contact manager. I usually only accept connections from people I've met IRL and have a professional relationship with (students, collaborators, professional colleagues). I read my LinkedIn messages as part of my morning email routine.
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Facebookโ€” I primarily use Facebook for non-work relationships (though that boundary is blurry). I usually only accept connections from people I've met IRL and have a social relationship with, so if I have a purely professional relationship with you, please don't be offended if I decline your friend request. Add me on LinkedIn instead.
A telephone.
Phoneโ€” Don't call me on the phone. They never come at the right time, I'm rarely in my office when you want to reach me. Write me on one of the platforms above first and we can schedule a call if necessary. If you leave a voicemail, I will get it eventually.

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