These are open source projects I maintain.

I enjoy creating and maintaining software projects that serve my research, teaching, and academic service, and engaging communities and students in evolving them.

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Wordplay is a free platform for creative expression with text and typography; it aspires to radically center accessibility, language, and culture, and to support youth learning in families and classrooms. It is also a playground for many of my ongoing research questions about power, governance, and programming language justice in computing education.
The word Bookish is a platform for publishing accessible online multi-chapter books for the web. I use it to maintain and publish the textbooks I've written for my teaching.
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Reciprocal Reviews is a platform for enabling peer review volunteering and review activity tracking, to enable more sustainable and equitable peer review in conferences and journals.
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Adminima is a platform for improving organization's onboarding, transparency, and agility by defining work processes and managing requests for change. I designed it because I couldn't find anything that was simple and not designed for very large enterprises. I think it would work well for not-for-profits and small orgs of < 100 people trying to define roles and responsibilities.

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