Catedral de Cádiz

Cádiz, Spain  

  PROGRAM BROCHURE 2016-17. A must read for all students admitted to the program. Fall 2016 application deadline extended to April 11.

  SPANISH DEPT. NW CÁDIZ PROGRAM APPLICATION FORM  (1 page; required; drop off or send to PDL C-104)
        TWO LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION must be uploaded to the IPE Cadiz application; one must be from a college Spanish instructor, any rank. See Recommendations tab in your IPE application.
  HOUSING PREFERENCE FORM (Do not submit until AFTER fall or spring semester orientation meetings). Options: 1) highlight, copy & paste the htm form into a blank doc file, fill out and save or 2) download, fill out and save as a doc or docx file or 3) fill in the online pdf and save. Send as an email attachment to

  NW Cádiz Program information on the University of Cádiz's  FACULTAD DE FILOSOFÍA & LETRAS Web site
      (2015-16 faculty, course descriptions, class schedule, "intercambio" schedule, videos, photos, facebook. "Like" us!)

  Students' Memories:
      SPRING 2014 Video: "".
      Our Video of life in Cádiz.  (3 min.), courtesy of Akel Hashim, 2010-2011;
      Student slideshow presented to Spring 2011 host families.
      December, 2011: Reflections on leaving Cádiz. Hadley Gunnell's thoughts on the eve of departing for home.

  Student visa. All required forms & instructions will be provided at our 1st orientation meeting, Requirements change frequently; the director will have the latest information and will deliver all passports and visa applications to the Consulate in Nov. and May).

The home page for each academic year provides limited information specific to that year:   .  .  . 2006-07   2007-08   2008-09   2009-10   2010-11   2011-12   2012-13   2013-14   2014-15   2015-16   2016-17   2017-18.
See the Program Brochure and Univ. of Cadiz links (above) for in depth, updated information on the Program.

Questions? See FAQ for answers to common student concerns or visit us on FACEBOOK and pose a question to students currently in Cádiz.

Other WEB sites for general information on studying abroad:
  1. Complete Guide for Your International Study Ambitions
  2. Study Abroad Resources Guide ( finding funding, budgeting, planning, etc.)
Other Spanish WEB sites for information and points of interest in Cádiz (province), Andalucía, and Spain:
  1. Visit the University of Cádiz Web site for a tour of the campus, its facilities, academic programs, the library and other services, local attractions, etc.
  2. Clickable map of Cádiz of Cadiz.
  3. Explore Cádiz Province Active tourism. Nature Hikes, mountain bike trails, excursions on horse back, canoeing, 4x4 routes, and more. See also, Turismo activo y deportes as well as Descover the South.
  4. Los pueblos blancos de Cádiz Easiest to get to for a day or weekend trip: Arcos de la Frontera, Medina-Sidonia y Vejer de la Frontera (itinerario 1)
  5. Todo lo gaditano: su arte, monumentos, historia, y su habla (dichos populares), etc.
  6. Para el tiempo en Cádiz (scroll down to graph)
  7. Conil de la Frontera (pueblo blanco costero a unos 40 km de Cádiz; playa preciosa)
  8. Jerez: the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art (classical riding academy, dancing horses, shows, visits) . y
  9. Visitas a las bodegas de Jerez y el contorno (wine tasting)
  10. Parques Naturales de la provincia de Cádiz. Véase también del mismo autor: las playas de la provincia y la ruta de los pueblos blancos.
  11. Map of Spain (physical and political)
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