Programa NW Cádiz 2011-2012

(Cádiz 1812-2012: Bicentennial of the Spanish Constitution!)

UW Spanish & Portuguese Studies - Cádiz, España


    See General Information page for 2011-2012 Brochure, Application Form, Housing Preference Form.

    How to reach us: Phones/ addresses in Cádiz.  

    Clickable map of Cádiz;   Google map: (add your street address after "Cadiz" in Search Maps).

    Map: where you live, where we meet up on arrival day (número 60 en el mapa).    

    2011-2012 Academic Calendar (key Program dates).

    Program Activities Calendar (our excursions, free weekends, etc. will be added late Aug./early Sept.).

Rita Serghini, Resident Director          Rita Serghini, DirectorVanessa San Román, Assist. Dir.

Vanessa San Román, Assist. Director