Programa NW Cádiz 2013-2014

UW Spanish & Portuguese Studies - Cádiz, España

Cádiz sunset

    See General Information page for 2013-14 Brochure, Application Form, Housing Preference Form.

    How to reach us: Phones/ addresses in Cádiz  

    Google map: (add your street address after "Cadiz" in Search Maps).

    Maps of where we meet on arrival day and Map where you live (Casco Viejo sólo) and (número 60 en este mapa indica la misma Plaza de España que los otros dos mapas)    

    2013-2014 Academic Calendar (key Program dates).

    Program Activities Calendar ( our excursions, free weekends, etc. will be added late Aug./early Sept.)

    Nov. 2013 en Salamanca (Great pic with some of our girls.)


Rita Serghini, Resident Director          Rita Serghini, DirectorJuan Felipe Arroyave, Assist. Dir.

Juan Felipe Arroyave, Assist. Director

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