Programa NW Cádiz 2001-2002

UW Spanish & Portuguese Studies - Cádiz, España

Plaza de Mina

See General Information Page for the 2001-2002 Brochure, Application Form, Housing
Preference Form, and 2001-2002 Academic Calendar (key dates).

    How to reach us in Cádiz: Phones/ addresses:   Arrival instructions (general). Housing map for 2001-02.  Coming soon: key to numbers on map to locate families.

    Map: where you arrive, where you live, where we meet, etc.   
    Program Calendar (our excursions, free weekends, etc. Available in September.)    

Anthony Geist Anthony Geist, director
Micah , TA

Micah Orr, TA   

      Plaza de Mina
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