Why Choose MFL

How can we help you?  Client service is our #1 priority.  To meet this goal, we offer:

    Professional service dedicated to male fertility testing.  This is all we do. 
We are the sperm experts.

    A staff who understand your concerns, and are the most highly trained Clinical Laboratory Andrologists in the region.

    Individualized, state-of-the-art procedures for sperm freezing and sperm recovery. We don’t do high-production sperm processing like a sperm bank. Not everyone is the same, so we tailor our procedures to achieve the best outcome for you. Patient-centered care is not always the easiest or least expensive, just the best.

    The most advanced testing, at reasonable prices. Tests you won’t find elsewhere, such as computerized sperm analysis, Comet assay for sperm DNA fragmentation, hyperactivation, acrosome reaction and other sperm function tests, electron microscopy, reactive oxygen species and more.  

    Tests and procedures are backed up by published studies, so you’re getting validated, meaningful results.

    We’re part of the UW Medicine team; bringing basic research to the clinical lab and great clinical care to you.

The Male Fertility Lab was established at the University of Washington in 1979 and moved to its new location at the UWMC Roosevelt clinic building in 2015. The Lab Director has over 35 years experience in male reproductive physiology and clinical lab testing for human sperm function. Our Clinical Director was voted one of US News’ and Seattle’s Top Docs. The Lab is CLIA-certified, an authorized State of Washington Medical Test Site, and registered with the FDA for our donor program for semen, sperm and testicular tissue.

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