Clinic Information

We are look forward to serving you and your patients. Here is what you need to do to order a test with us.

 Choose a test. Call the Lab if you have questions about test details, price, schedule.

 Fill in a requisition, order, or prescription form
   Or, download this form: MFL Order Form 2022
   Include on the requisition:

    Patient’s full name and date of birth
    Patient contact info (phone or address) 
    ICD10-CM diagnosis code (REQUIRED)  

    Physician’s and your names, phone, FAX, address for results
    Clinician signature (REQUIRED)

   Specific test requested.   Any other information relevant to this patient’s test

FAX or mail the order to us.  FAX: 206-598-2807
                                  Male Fertility Lab
                                  UWMC Roosevelt Clinic E-179
                                  4245 Roosevelt Way NE
                                  Seattle, WA 98105  USA

Instruct your patient to call us for an appointment at 206-598-1001.  If preferred, we will call your patient if you ask us to do so.

Results will be mailed or faxed to you and uploaded to UWMC EPIC / Mindscape / ORCA within 5-14 days depending on the test  (or sooner if required - let us know)

MFL Reference Range Values are based on WHO 2021 ranges and our own studies. Download the Semen Analysis and Diagnostic IUI Ranges here.

Lab consult:           Charles H Muller PhD HCLD 206-598-1018 (office);  598-1001 (lab)
Clinical consult:    Thomas J Walsh MD, Men’s Health Center 206-598-6358