Patient Info

For your appointment, please follow these steps.                               

Obtain a REQUISITION from your doctor.  We can also accept self-referred patients for some tests.

REGISTER - Call UW Medicine pre-registration at 206-598-4388 before making an appointment. This is free, and is necessary to bill you correctly. Be prepared to give the registrar your name, birthdate, address, phone, and insurance information. Unless you know for sure that your insurance company is going to pay for the test, please ask to set up an “ELECTIVE SELF PAY” account. If you need an Elective account, do this even if you have previously registered, since you likely have only an insurance account set up.

Note: Many insurance policies in Washington State pay for fertility testing, but not fertility treatments.  You must check with your insurance carrier to determine your coverage.  They will need a diagnosis, if available (such as N46.9, Male Infertility), otherwise Z31.41, Fertility Testing, and a test code (89322 Semen Analysis).
Our Financial Counsellor will contact you prior to your appointment to let you know how your test wil be covered.

SCHEDULE - Call for an appointment: 206-598-1001. Having your UWMC “U number” is required. If you know if your insurance company will pay, please let us know. Our usual appointment times for semen analyses are M-F at 8:30, 9:30,10:30 AM and 1, 2, 3PM. Special procedures are performed at other times and days. Please take into account that appointment slots for the current week and possibly the following week or two may already be filled. 

PRE-VISIT - We ask that you refrain from ejaculation for 3 or 4 days (acceptable range is 2-5 days, unless otherwise directed by your doctor) prior to your appointment. 

VISIT - Men’s Health Center, 3rd floor, UWMC Roosevelt at 4245 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle WA 98105.  There is parking in the underground garage.  Please be on time; you will have to re-schedule if you are too late. Check-in at the 3rd floor Mens Health Center. If your insurance isn’t paying, we require a credit card deposit to cover the test cost. This is an estimate of the cost, and other charges or refunds may apply. There will be a short health questionnaire to fill in, and a Cryopreservation Agreement if needed.

We provide a private secure room for sample collection, and your partner may accompany you. We restrict the use of lubricants. Due to sperm toxicity, we limit lubricants to those provided by the lab or clinic.  DO NOT use saliva or vaginal secretions, these can lead to a poor semen analysis and bacterial contamination. 

FOLLOW UP VISITS - You only need to make sure your doctor has ordered the test (if required), and make another appointment. This is common when the Semen Analysis is abnormal, when more frozen samples are needed, or when follow-up testing is indicated or desired.

FORMS to DOWNLOAD:  Download our Cryopreservation Agreement and Legal Statement, and Consents to Ship Sperm on the Forms Downloads Page