Sperm Preparation

The Male Fertility Lab teams with Reproductive Endocrinologists and Urologists specializing in male reproduction for these procedures:

Swim-out and Density Gradient Sperm Purification.
        Diagnostic tests to determine the best sperm preparation method (see Sperm Recovery & Survival).
        Sperm preparation for insemination procedures (Intra-Uterine Insemination or In Vitro Fertilization).
        Specialized purification techniques for special problems (fragmented sperm DNA, viral infection)

Sperm Identification and Preparation from Surgical Specimens.
        Intra-operative assistance in sperm identification and collection.
        Testicular, epididymal or vas deferens sperm ID, quantification, preparation, freezing.

    We process sperm obtained by surgical retrieval from the testis by aspiration (TESA), wedge biopsy (TESE), or microsurgical extraction (microTESE); from the epididymis by microscopic (MESA) or percutaneous (PESA) aspiration; or from the vas deferens by aspiration or during vasectomy.

    Sperm obtained by these purification or surgical methods may be used immediately for insemination (IUI, IVF, or IVF-ICSI), or may be frozen (cryopreserved) for future use.