MFL Services

The Male Fertility Lab offers these tests and procedures:

Semen Analysis                                                  Sperm Cryopreservation (Freezing)                  

Post Vasectomy Semen Analysis                       Directed Donor Sperm Cryopreservation 

Motility Analysis by Computer                            Swim-out & Density Gradient Sperm Purification 

Motility Enhancement                                         Testicular / Epididymal Sperm Recovery

Hyperactivation Analysis                                    Sperm Identification and Testicular Mapping

Acrosome Reaction Assay

Reactive Oxygen Species                                 Antioxidant Assay

Diagnostic IUI (Recovery & Survival)                Retrograde Urine Analysis

Sperm DNA Fragmentation                               Anti-Sperm Antibodies

Other Specialized Assays: Fructose, Sperm Molecules, Electron Microscopy


Please call the Lab to discuss scheduling, tests and prices:  206-598-1001

Why choose MFL for your basic Semen Analysis? You can order a less expensive semen analysis at a local lab, but what do you get?  We are experts at male infertility laboratory evaluation; it is all we do. And, we have the computerized analyzers, advanced protocols, and experience to give you a detailed result to help with your diagnosis and treatment plan. 

If you need a physician and clinic specializing in Male Infertility, we are part of the UWMC Men’s Health Center where you will find the best in care for you. Or, as a Regional Reference Lab, we assist other clinicians by performing these tests for them. 

How do we meet our goal of being the best in Client Service? Visit this page: Why Choose MFL

Thank you for considering us. We look forward to assisting you!