Sperm Freezing

Sperm Freezing (Cryopreservation)


Sperm or semen freezing is done for men or boys facing sterilization or impaired reproductive function from chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, or other treatments. Testicular tissue retrieved by a surgeon to preserve sperm stem cells, including from pre-pubertal boys, is an experimental process which we perform. We work closely with oncologists and fertility specialists in UWMC clinics, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center (Seattle Cancer Care Alliance), Seattle Children’s, and individuals and clinics throughout the Northwest. 

For information about cancer and fertility, visit the American Cancer Society’s page about how different cancer treatments may affect your fertility.

Reduced Cost Sperm Cryopreservation for Cancer Patients. We are able in some circumstances to provide lower-cost freezing services to young men with cancer.


We assist husbands, partners, directed donors, and individuals wishing to freeze sperm for other fertility reasons. Please contact us to begin this process. Directed donation to a known but not sexually intimate partner requires extensive FDA-regulated protocols; please allow two weeks to a month to complete this process.

Testicular sperm freezing from a surgical retrieval is a routine clinical process for men. 

INDIVIDUALIZED.  Special attention is given to achieve the best possible freezing result for the individual patient’s reproductive needs.  We tailor our methods to provide you the best outcome.

HOW MANY VIALS ARE NEEDED? Allow for the possible necessity of more than one visit for sperm freezing. We recommend 20-40 million motile sperm post-thaw be available per desired pregnancy by intrauterine insemination; fewer are needed for IVF. We typically perform a test-freeze and -thaw to estimate how many sperm retain good motility through this procedure.

Read Details by downloading this document: Cryo Sperm Methods and Uses

Samples can be stored by us long term on-site, or shipped to another facility. Our fee for freezing includes the first year of storage on-site. Subsequent years of storage are billed at each anniversary of the initial service date.  Our fee is per patient, regardless of number of visits or vials.

FORMS  Please visit our Patient Forms Download Page to obtain the required forms before your visit, if you wish.