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Not Identified Shoulder Prostheses


Common US Shoulder Prostheses

Acumed Prostheses

Biomet Prostheses

Cofield (Smith and Nephew) Prostheses

DePuy Prostheses

Encore Prostheses

Exactech Prostheses

Neer Prostheses

Stryker Solar Prostheses

Tornier Prostheses

Zimmer Prostheses


Resurfacing Caps


Reverse/Inverted Shoulder Systems

DePuy Delta Systems


Elbow Prostheses




Odd, Uncommon, Discontinued, European Only and Experimental Systems


List of Implants and Manufactures and Distributors


Not Identified



Unknown Prostheses

Reimplantation of a Glenoid Component Following Component Removal and Allogenic Bone-Grafting


Loose Metal Backed Glenoid

Current Concepts Review - Complications of Total Shoulder-Replacement Arthroplasty

superior displacement of the humeral head component from glenoid component

Current Concepts Review - Complications of Total Shoulder-Replacement Arthroplasty

Appears to be a Biomet Biomodular



~August, 2005


oncologic prosthesis doen ~2004












January 2002, hemiarthroplasty done at outside institution - Possible Arthrex



Thomas H Berquist.  Imaging atlas of orthopedic appliances and prostheses. New York : Raven Press, 1995.

Bipolar implant shoulder arthoplasty. Clin Orthop 1989; 249:227-247.


Seen in clinic 5 Oct 07 - Believe that this is an early Neer prosthesis