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Biomet Shoulder Prostheses


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Biomet Prostheses

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Biomet Bio-Modular Choice Shoulder System

Biomet Bio Modular with Offset Head  


This system has a unique extraction tool that fits into the Morse Taper of the humeral component.  Use an instrument such as the Kocker clamp to advance the screw into the device so that expands and locks into the hole (finger tightness is not enough).  Then attach the Biomet slap hammer and slap away.


The head can be removed with the Biomet pickle which is in a different (humeral head box) box than the stem extractor.  The DePuy Pickle fork for the pre Advantage heads seems to also work fine for head separation.




  posterior subluxation

Prosthesis Not Confirmed

Complications of Total Shoulder Arthroplasty



Cofield (Smith and Nephew), Neer (3M) or Bio-Modular (Biomet)
Instability After Shoulder Arthroplasty: Results of Surgical Treatment


Prosthesis Not Confirmed

erosion of glenoid

Arthroplasty of the shoulder


Prosthesis Not Confirmed

loose glenoid followed by arthroscopic glenoid removal

Arthroscopic Removal of the Glenoid Component for Failed Total Shoulder Arthroplasty


Prosthesis Not Confirmed

Modular Hemiarthroplasty
for Fractures of the Proximal Part of the Humerus


Prosthesis Not Confirmed

posterior subluxation/dislocation of the humeral head

Current Concepts Review - Complications of Total Shoulder-Replacement Arthroplasty

















Offset Head




BiPolar Head

Biomet Modular Bi-Polar Head Bi-Polar Head

Aktueller Entwicklungsstand und Perspektiven der Schulterendoprothetik



Extended Articular Surface Head (EAS)

Extended Articular Surface Head



Extended Articular Surface Head - Prosthesis in Varus



Biomet Integrated Shoulder System

  Biomet Integrate Offset Head       Biomet Fracture

The Biomet Integrated Shoulder System includes the Atlas Modular line as well as the Neer humeral components originally made by Kirschner Medical Corporation which as been bought out by Biomet.


The Neer II - a monoblock stem.

Kirschner II-C added proximal q porous coating.

Kirschner Modular II-C is identical to Kirschner II-C but with a modular head.  These were made by a different company than the 3M Neer prostheses and are not designed to be interchangeable.

Kirschner/Biomet Modular II-CX are still available through Biomet.

Mod II Plus-C -

Atlas- Modular - choices in head thickness, proximal and distal stem diameters, stem lengths and proximal surface finish

Atlas-C - Modular



Biomet Upper Extremity Modular-II-C Biomet ATLAS

Treatment of malignant tumors of the proximal humerus with allograft-prosthesis composite reconstruction



Biomet Bi-Angular/Bi-Polar Shoulder System

  Biomet Bi-Angular Biomet Bi-Polar





Biomet Comprehensive System - See Biomet Prostheses for more images

Biomet Comprehensive Standard Stem Mini Stem Revision Length Humeral Stem  


  Pegged Glenoids with two options for bony ingrowth central peg - also in Keel


Biomet Comprehensive Fracture System

Biomet Comprehensive Fracture
Note Double dorsal fines with 3 holes


Note oval ventral suture hole which is sometime present.  A round hole is also seen on some glamour shots published by Biomet.


Note oblique dorsal fin with three holes and mid shaft lucency (plastic centering guide)



Biomet Mosaic Humeral Replacement System




Biomet Nottingham

Improvements in survival of the uncemented Nottingham Total Shoulder prosthesis: a prospective comparative study